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Stati Uniti
Pubb: 18 Dec 2012

Sebastian Gotz, Gaspar da Salo copy

Stolen: - New Mexico State University

Descrizione dello strumento:
The violin is labeled "Sebastian Götz Copy Gaspar da Salo." The two-piece maple back is marked by a prominent medium width figure descending from the center joint. The ribs are of similar maple. The neck and scroll are of plainer maple. the two-piece spruce top has narrow width grain in the center, widening to the flanks. The top and back plates are double purfled. The varnish is red-brown on golden ground. The violin is red-brown, with worn varnish and was in a black plastic shaped case. It can be identified by two separate sets of purfling (the two thin black lines that run around the edges of the front and back), rather than the normal one set. The back side of the scroll is carved with a designed, the center of which is stamped "Gaspar da Salo". Measurements: body length: 14 3/16" upper bout: 6 6/16" middle bout: 4 1/4" lower bout: 7 7/8"
H Throop

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