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Regno Unito
Regno Unito
Pubb: 23 Mar 2015

Pair of RC Buffet Clarinets (5 and 32 years old, A and Bb) plus case, music and accessories

Stolen: 22 Mar 2015 - Mid-Morning, between 10 and 11am - Train between Milton Keynes and Manchester

Instruments stolen on journey from London to Manchester (via Milton Keynes, Stafford, Crewe) on 22/03/15. Reported to British Transport Police on the same day.
Descrizione dello strumento:
Bb: #236045 – 1983 model, 32 years old. Clarinet looks warn and plenty of keywork looking a little tarnished. Manufacturer logos all but gone on body of instrument. A: #616112 – 2010 model, 5 years old. Slight wear to buffet logos on body of instrument but otherwise looks in very good condition. Unique point: Metal ring on bell of instrument is loose and will twist easily around. Unusually both instruments have a short leather strip inserted behind the thumb rest for use with a sling. This is quite uncommon for adult clarinettists and on more professional instruments. Both stored in a BAM Trekking double clarinet backpack case with a silver/carbon front. Also held: 1 Selmer and 1 Vandoren mouthpiece, 2x Backun barrels, 2 K&M folding clarinet stands, Various sheet music (Stravinsky, Horovitz, Sutermeister), cleaning accessories, reeds and r
Jack Fearn

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