Strumento Rubato

Pubb: 31 May 2015

Marked inside KLOTZ LUFF

Stolen: 14 Mar 2015 - afternoon/evening - Le Reveillon Jazz Cafe, Reveillon 61400

This violin was stolen during our holiday and the theft was discovered some days after our return at the end of March 2015. The Gendarmerie at Mortagne au Perche have what details we could furnish them with but being absent at the time there has been a lot of speculation.
Descrizione dello strumento:
This dark wood violin was built by KLOTZ in about 1750. It was damaged in 1990 and completely re-built by Willian Luff in 1992 and is hence marked inside left with the name KLOTZ LUFF. The violin has been stolen from a hotel room at LE REVEILLON JAZZ CAFE in a small French village called REVEILLON in Basse Normandie, post code 61400. There is a professional bow with the instrument and it was in either a brown oblong case or a blue violin shaped case…the thief/thieves took two cases! There is a fine-tuning screw on the first E-string. The theft took place on or about 15th march 2015 and must be found due to its fine quality and sentimental value.
Shirley Smith
Tel: 0033233250467

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