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Pubb: 24 Apr 2012

7/8 Carlo Micelli 1922

Stolen: - Bar Harbor, Maine

Descrizione dello strumento:
Stolen in Bar Harbor, Maine, USA Description: One fine violin (7/8), of German craft, bearing the label of the maker: Carlo Micelli. Violin is crafted of medium grain spruce (top plate). Back plate is of moderately-figured single piece maple (back plate). Violin is varnished in a dark-amber color, fully antiqued. Violin is in pristine condition. Label: Carlo Micelli Anno 1922 Measurements: Rear center seam : 345mm Upper bout: 157mm C-bout: 105mm Lower bout: 191mm Also stolen was a 4/4 sized violin bow crafted in Brazil bearing the maker’s brand H. J. Buffon. Bow is crafted of Pernambuco wood of octagonal carve, mounted with nickel fittings on an ebony frog inlaid with a Parisian eye. Winder is of three pieces. Weight at time of sale (6/2006) was 60.5 grams.
Andrea Rhodes
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