Stolen Instrument

Pubb: 24 May 2012

European Boxwood, Medium brown stain, no keywork, brand new, A=415, serial number 11699

Stolen: - Stockstadt Musiktage, Stockstadt am Rhein, Germany

Descrizione dello strumento:
This instrument was taken from Patrick von Huene's display table at the Stockstadt Musiktage in Stockstadt, Germany on May 18th. We think it was taken by a potential customer who was unhappy about the price. It is similar to the one on this page: The serial number can be found stamped on the back of all three pieces. Above the serial number on the back of the head joint there is a triangular stamp under which it says "F. von Huene / Boston". All three pieces are stamped with "Bressan" on the front.
Von Huene "Bressan" Voiceflute #11699
Tel: 6172778690

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