Stolen Instrument

掲載日: 15 Nov 2012

Handmade bamboo piccolo, D major, last seen in Kelso, Washington

Stolen: 10 Nov 2012 - Late afternoon/early evening - Kelso/Longview, Washington

Went away after our car broke down, possibly at the train station where we were getting a train north back home. We were being hauled about in a tow truck. Driver says it isn't in his truck; I can't rule out that it was left on the flatbed and fell off in transit between the train station and Carl's Towing, or the Sears and the train station in Kelso.
About 25cm/10" long, spotted dark brown on light (bamboo) brown (via a decorative burning technique), bound in dark brown nylon. 45-degree angled head. It was in a red-rose-ribbon-with-green-backing sleeve, inside a red and grey backpack with brown straps (also went missing). Finger and breath holes are black, made also by burning. It was the first bamboo piccolo I ever successfully built, I've had it 15 years, wrote a lot of music on it, and it's just _gone_.
Dara Korra'ti

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