Stolen Instrument

掲載日: 18 Aug 2012

Haynes Solid Silver Low "B" foot with a custom Powell Head Joint

Stolen: 17 Aug 2012 - 4 pm - Huntington, NY

I made a big mistake today and may have lost my Haynes flute in the process. It’s a silver open hole flute with a Powell head joint in a black case approximately 14”x 5”x 2” with a thick rubber band holding the case closed. My Dad would always say not to put anything on the roof of the car because I’d forget it there and drive off….I was packing for a gig and realized I didn't need my flute last night so I took it from my bag and placed it "temporarily" on the roof of my car all the while thinking of Dad saying what he would say…I drove off only to remember and hour and half later that I had put it there. It had to have fallen off between Brookside Dr, Mechanic St, Clinton Ave or West Neck Rd in Huntington, NY and that's why I'm writing hoping that one of my friends on the block saw it or heard that someone may have picked it up….Please, if you found it or know someone who may have picked it up and doesn’t know what to do with it reach out to me at 917-847-6138….Thanks
Solid Silver Haynes Flute with a Low "B" foot. Also in the case is a Powell Custom head joint. The serial numbers are 35962 for te flute and 2100Q for the head joint.
John Scarpulla
Tel: 9178476138

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