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24 June 2017 Reino Unido French Violin for Sale

A Marcel Cyrano violin, copy of an Amati, made in 1929. In perfect condition and plays beautifully. Available to try in London. Recently valued by Guiviers of London and Tim Wright Fine Violins.

Certification: Not available

Price: £5000
Penny Smith
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21 June 2017 Suiza Superb old italian Violin, Naples ca.1900, Postiglione influence

This beautiful and outstanding violin possesses a powerful, deep,warm sound with great overtones well suited for soloist work.The instrument is in very good condition and is sold with a certificate of authenticity by Florian Leonhard who states the Influence of Vincenzo Postiglione.

Certification: Florian Leonhard

Price: On demand
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Wonderful modern bow by master bow JOSEF P.GABRIEL Great shape, 2500 CHF

Certification: Certificate of authenticity

Price: 2500 CHF
Matthias F
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06 June 2017 Francia FABIEN GRAM VIOLIN

Very nice violin from Belgian violin maker Fabien Gram Perfect condition, great for advanced students and professionals, Located in East France or Switzerland

Certification: Certificate of authenticity

Price: 3450 CHF
Tel: 0033643471407
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31 May 2017 Estados Unidos Douglas Cox

Beautiful violin, played by Award winning soloist, made in 2003. Beautiful sound quality, gorgeous tone, immediate response.

Certification: Certified by Douglas Cox

Price: 20,000 USD
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21 May 2017 Reino Unido Antique German Violin possibly Dresden circa 1900's

Very nice, high end quality German violin, possibly Dresden. Circa 1900's. Has been used at professional level. Excellent projection and lovely rich tone across all strings. Nice looking instrument. Please contact for more information.

Certification: Valuation / receipts available.

Price: 1600
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21 May 2017 Reino Unido Antique Handmade Violin labelled "Guiseppe Fiorini" 1923



Price: £2500.00
J Alonzi
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01 May 2017 Reino Unido unnamed violin: provenance German c.1900, possibly originating in Markneukirchen

Exceptional full-size violin with outstanding sound. Two-piece pine back 13.7/8th inches.The condition is excellent. Recently set up (new bridge, new pegs, new tail-piece, new dominant strings etc) and restored to playing condition in London at a top violin workshop. There is no identifying label but it is probable that the provenance is German c.1900, possibly originating in Markneukirchen. This violin would suit a good student. A bow stamped DRGM at the tip,not in playing condition is included

Certification: No documentation available but verbal opinion as to provenance and value given by 2 dealers in London which can be checked.

Price: £2000
Jonathan Evans-Jones
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01 May 2017 Reino Unido German 4/4 Violin circa 1910 bearing Paganini Violin on the Scroll

German 4/4 Violin circa 1910 bearing Paganini Violin on the Scroll. Condition: The violin is in a good state of preservation.

Certification: Insurance valuation from Stringers London (Dealers in stringed instruments) dated 25th November 2016

Price: £2500.00
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25 Apr 2017 Italia Giancarlo Guicciardi

Violino del 1968, uno dei primi capolavori del Maestro Guicciardi quando era ancora allievo di Poggi

Certification: Not available

Price: on enquiry
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24 Apr 2017 Reino Unido Postacchini, Italy, 1840

Fine violin by Andreas Postacchini, 1840. In excellent condition, used in concerto work as well as orchestra leading, chamber playing. Fine warm tone with good projection. View and listen here on website player: Contents, video of the Elements by Peter White. Instrument can be viewed and tried in London UK

Certification: Certificate by Eric Blot.

Price: On application
Sophie Langdon
Tel: 44 7880550782
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19 Apr 2017 España J.M. Cantos, 2014 Málaga (Spain)

Violin 'Lady Laura' (Guarneri del Gesù inspired) One of my handmade violins on special offer. Great projection, sweet, powerful, balanced, easy response, great low frequencies. The violin 'Lady Laura' is a very interesting option for any violinist, in which very old wood and artisan varnish have been used. Made in Aug/Sept. 2014. Comfortable set-up. Perfect as soloist instrument.

Certification: Violín 'Lady Laura' (inspirado en el Guarneri del Gesù) Uno de mis violines hechos a mano en 2014, dispongo de certificado de autenticidad.

Price: 3000
José María Cantos
Tel: +34 634957819
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14 Apr 2017 Reino Unido Violin Bow by A. R. Bultitude

Gold mounted with Tortoishell and 64g. VGC and balance

Certification: Not available

Price: £4800
Wendy Talbot
Tel: 07949494568
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11 Apr 2017 Reino Unido French Violin made in Mirecourt circa 1930

The two piece back of faint figure, the ribs and head of similar wood.The table of medium grained spruce , the varnish of a pale red colour. Labelled on the inner back with a facsimile label "Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis faciebat anno 1721" Length of back 356mm I am selling with bow and fabric emerald green case with backpack straps.

Certification: Valued at £850

Price: £900.00 with bow and case
Elizabeth Snow
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06 Apr 2017 Reino Unido Guaneri copy, circa 1900, probably Czechslovakian

This violin is in excellent condition and would suit an advanced student. It has been played by violinists studying up to and beyond Grade 8 ABRSM.

Certification: Insurance valuation from previous seller dated December 2013

Price: £2500
Sarah Phillips
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04 Apr 2017 España Gasparri Mario 1957

Full size violin. Labeled and branded 0207 inside (I guess it is the production number) Please see photos. Nice orange transparent varnish. Please ask for more photos if needed.

Certification: Not available

Price: 8000 euro
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03 Apr 2017 Estados Unidos Violin bow collection, well certified

Hello, I am a former professional violinist selling a variety of fine violin bows: Otto Hoyer Jean Joseph Martin Francois Nicolas Voirin Pierre Simon They are being sold at fair prices. Should you be available or travelling to New York City, feel free to contact me to view and play the bows. Thank you.

Certification: B. Millant, J. F. Raffin, I. Salchow

Price: $4000 and above
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03 Apr 2017 Estados Unidos Kurt Gutter in Makneukirchen c. 1925

It is a German violin, per original invoice, made c. 1925. The instrument is in great condition.

Certification: Upon request, I can provide receipt from reliable violin house in the USA, which states the information provided on listing.

Price: 7,500.00 - USD
Rosevarte DeSouza
Tel: 5086150335
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31 Mar 2017 Suecia M. Hornsteiner ll 1802

Hi, my grandfather bought this beautiful violin in Gothenburg in 1945, and it has been mine for almost 20 years. I used it during my studies to become a violinist, but now I work as a violaplayer and need some money to buy a new viola. It is in perfect condition, without any cracks, and the varnish looks absolutley wonderful. I do not know what its worth now but I have a valuationpaper from mid 1990, that says aprox €13000. I imagine that the price has gone up since than.

Certification: The violin were sold 1945 by Weidele musicstore to my grandfather (believe its possible to get the cataloge to confirm it. Also have a valuationpaper.

Price: Best offer
Fredrik Hulthe
Tel: 0046709326443
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31 Mar 2017 Sudáfrica Joachim Gräbner, South Africa, 1979

This instrument is currently residing in Germany. The violin, dated 1979, is made of beautiful and well-chosen tone materials. The one thing Gräbner understood was tone and how to achieve it in all his instruments. And this violin is no exception - it was made deep into his working life, when his knowledge of his craft was at a peak. In keeping with his norms, this violin has good tone from every perspective.

Certification: assessed by The Violin Connection of Southern Africa

Price: 3500 - 4000 Euro
Andreas Furtner
Tel: +27834191656
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29 Mar 2017 Reino Unido Two Full size 4/4 German Workshop Violins

Two full sized German workshop instruments. Both have been professionally set up with new bridges, sound posts and re-fitting of pegs and are in perfect working order and ready to play. These two instruments possess clear and warm tones and are easy to play. They would make ideal instruments for an advanced student. The violin with the lighter, yellow varnish - £1,000, the violin with the darker, red varnish - £1,500 Looking for quick sale. Please message me for enquires. Thank you.

Certification: Not available

Price: £1,000 - £1,500
Charlie Brookes
Tel: 07725698308
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22 Mar 2017 Francia Archet classique Solange Chivas 2011

Je vends mon archet classique de Solange Chivas de 2011, fabriqué pour moi. La baguette est en féréol, la hausse et bouton en ivoire de mammouth. Il fait 54g et une longueur totale de 71,2. Très bel archet, parfait pour le répertoire classique, facile à jouer.

Certification: Facture d'achat

Price: 1100€
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22 Mar 2017 Francia Magnifique violon baroque/classique École Klotz 18e

Je vends à regret mon magnifique violon baroque, monté classique avec chevalet classique, touche classique, magnifique cordier. Le vernis est splendide, la tête très fine, en parfait état. Il peut autant fonctionner pour le baroque que le classique et permet une grande variété de jeu. Sonorité très timbrée.

Certification: Not available

Price: 7000
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20 Mar 2017 Reino Unido W. E. Hill and Sons Violin, 1900

This is an attractive example of a violin by the London-based firm W. E. Hill & Sons, made in 1900 and in very good condition. This violin is easy to play with a quick response, and the tone is clear and carries well. Owned by an ex-professional violinist it has been played professionally. Available to view in London or Liverpool.

Certification: Recent insurance certificate by Colin Nicholls of £18,000.

Price: £15,000
Catherine Lindley
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17 Mar 2017 Alemania James Tubbs violin bow

Nice violin bow by James Tubbs. Stamped Jas Tubbs, very good condition, no repairs or damage. Silver mounted all pieces original. 62 grams, 726mm without screw.

Certification: Not available

Price: 12000€ ono
Tobias Pöhling
Tel: +4921623689022
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17 Mar 2017 Estados Unidos Robert D. Kimble Violin 2007 #79

Branded R.D. Kimble on top and back plates. Labelled #79 and dated 2007. I have played this violin for many symphony performances throughout the southeast. Wonderful instrument with elegant, clear tone. One piece back with prominent flaming. In excellent, mint condition. Golden varnish.

Certification: Purchased directly from maker. I have been the sole owner of the instrument. Maker's appraisal comes with violin.

Price: Available upon request. Will consider best offers.
Courtney Daglis
Tel: 6784629691
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15 Mar 2017 Suiza Superb violin by Nicolo Gagliano

This violin by this famous neapolitan maker is in excellent condition.The instrument possesses an enormous,powerful and noble sound suited for the most demanding of soloists.The scroll is not original which makes no difference in sound but is reflected in the price of sale.This is a great opportunity for someone to own an outstanding violin for less than full value.

Certification: Eric Blot

Price: On demand
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10 Mar 2017 Austria Sale of a collection of fine violins !!!

I want to sell these violin: Bernardel pere,Paris 1862 cert. Rampal Gand pere,Paris 1844 3 cert.(Graff,Silvestre-Maucotel,Hamma) Paul Blanchard,Lyon 1899 cert. from Basel All violins are in very condition & can be played at the violinshop of Mr. Ramsaier-Gorbach,Canovag.4a in Vienna. +43 1 5042269

Certification: certifications of the violins see description !

Price: on demand
Gerhard Hammerl
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05 Mar 2017 Italia Gagliano 1792

Italian Violin by Josef Gagliano Filius In excellent condition, powerful sound, beautiful warm tone, variety of overtones. Played by professional violinist as a soloist .The violin can be viewed and tried in Cremona Please, get in touch for more details Certification: email for more details Price: upon request

Certification: Certified by Bruce Carlson - Cremona - Italy

Price: upon request
Mrs Arnaboldi
Tel: +39 335 5210019
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02 Mar 2017 Estados Unidos Michael Koberling Violin Made in Germany. $14,500usd

Michael Koberling 2013 Violin is modeled after Giovanni Paolo Maggini, Brescia,1600. Renowned for his work, his customers include artists like Elmar Olivera, who recorded albums on his violins. Length of Back: 36.7 -Upper Bout: 17.6 -Lower Bout: 21.2cm -Two Piece Back of maple with medium broad flames running diagonal -Ribs and Scroll from the same wood. -Spruce with middle wide growth rings -Reddish Brown, Varnish Antiqued. Recently adjusted.

Certification: Certified documents included. His exlusive dealers in Atlanta and Toronto, value his instruments at $20,000.

Price: 14,500usd
Tel: 2082585316
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21 Feb 2017 ARY Macedonia Svetozar Bogdanoski 2004

The instrument is made from best quality materials ,very well maintained and regulary checked by the maker. the violin is in mint condition no cracks ,worms etc.Very easy to play, the tone quality is excelent, very warm and sonorous. the violin has been played both solo and in orchestra by a professional musician for 10 years

Certification: the violin has certificate from the maker. The instrument is valued 10 000 eur

Price: 6000 eur
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17 Feb 2017 Estados Unidos My grandpas violin,about 100 years old. Comes with original case.

I have pictures, I don't play, but I tried. All I know is violin teacher said it had a better sound than hers. Was appraised a few years ago for around 3,000. Will let it go for a lot less to a good home only.

Certification: It's been in my family for years, I'm not sure what you need.

Price: 2,000.
Nancy Lyon
Tel: 5082749031
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15 Feb 2017 Estados Unidos 19th century German Violin

full size violin without bow or case, may have been used in the 1920s in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra; maker: Friedrich A Glass

Certification: verbal history from family, appraisal from Heaney Music, Los Altos, CA, USA

Price: $1000.00 US dollars, best offer
Barbara Carmody
Tel: 408 394 2275
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07 Feb 2017 Austria Dinko Dinev, Bulgaria, 2001

Awards and Honors: At the 7th International Violinmaking Triennal “A. Stradivari” heid in Cremona, October 1994 he was placed 12th with viola. At the 9th International Violinmaking Triennal “A. Stradivari” heid in Cremona, October 2000 he entered the great final with violino and viola. At the 2nd International competition heid in Nachod Czech Republic 2004 his violin was placed 4th for Acoustic qualities.

Certification: Maestro liutaio Dinko Dinev, Modello A. Stradivari "Medici" del 1716 Etichetta: Dinko Dinev discipulus scholae Cremonesis anno 2001

Price: 7000
Laurenz Hämmerle
Tel: 0043/6503012363
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06 Feb 2017 Italia Claudio Rampini, Pisa 2007

Beautiful violin made by Claudio Rampini in Pisa (Italy) in 2007 on the model of 'Guarnieri del Gesù'. Beautiful and bright sound, perfect conditions.

Certification: Original certification by the author

Price: 8000 Euro
Laura Picchi
Tel: 3883445944
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04 Feb 2017 Taiwán Ricardo Bergonzi Cremona

Contemperary Italian violin maker Ricardo Bergonzi 2003 made masterpiece Soloist violin With maker's certificate Mint condition

Certification: With maker's certificate and photo of the violin and maker.

Price: USD 25000
Tel: +886920248888
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02 Feb 2017 Reino Unido French violin c1890 by J Thibouville-Lamy

Lovely warm, open sound on this late 19th century violin from the workshop of French violin maker J Thibouville-Lamy. Very good condition. Sale due to switching to 7/8 size instrument. Labelled "Medio-Fino". One piece back, plain. Ribs and Head similar. Top of broad grain. Varnish of a deep red/brown colour. Length of back 358mm. Further photos available - please ask. Viewings welcome - based in Surrey.

Certification: Purchased in 2009 from English violin maker/restorer/dealer Restalls for £1300. Receipt available.

Price: £950 or near offer
Neil Reynolds
Tel: 07985901080
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30 Jan 2017 Reino Unido Viotti, Italian

Excellent violin in very good condition. The back is made of two pieces marked with a horizontal flame varnish. It has a clean and clear sound in the upper register with an even tone across all strings and it projects well. Purchased in 2002 at Bristol Violin Shop this beautiful Italian instrument has seen me comfortably through auditions for Music College, Chamber Music Festivals, Masterclasses and into the orchestral profession.

Certification: Not available

Price: 4,500 GBP
Niamh McGowan
Tel: 7956243718
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29 Jan 2017 Suiza 4/4 Violine Roderick Paesold, Bubenreuth, anno 1985 Mod. 806.

An excellent violin. Build with nobel materials by the well none Paesold in Nüremberg, Germany. The violin and the bow, also from Paesold, are in optimal conditions. It has been newly revised by Baumgartner in Basel, Switzerland, and it has new strings on it. You are welcome to try and play it. Basis, EUR 2,400.-

Certification: yes

Price: EUR 2'400
P. Guiraud
Tel: 0041615347992
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27 Jan 2017 Estados Unidos German (Saxony)

Selling a lovely 4/4 violin, circa 1950's. Has a new chinrest, tailpiece, strings. Sweet and mellow tone. Will include used pernambuco bow and oblong case in v good condition.

Certification: yes

Price: $2,000 (USD)
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23 Jan 2017 Italia Mario Capicchioni 2003

Beautiful Mario Capicchioni violin made in 2003. Excellent sound and in perfect condition.

Certification: Certificate by Mario Capicchioni

Price: 24000 Euro
Tel: +39 3922445659 or +31(0)626682148
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22 Jan 2017 Suiza William Forster Junr., 18(90)

Beautiful violin, labeled "William Forster Junr., Violin, Violoncello, Tenor&Bowmaker, 1890, although music seller, Nr.43 to their Royal Heighnesses the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cumberland" Dark varnish, good condition.

Certification: Not available

Price: 6800 Euro
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22 Jan 2017 Rumania German violin,late 19th century

A german experiment from the 19th century.No cracks,new neck graft.Very nice sound.

Certification: Yes

Price: 1400 Euro
Hajnal Laszlo
Tel: +40751884058
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19 Jan 2017 Italia Pierluigi Galetti Cremona 2009

A "Cremonese" Stradivari model built in Cremona by a pupil of Simone Fernando Sacconi.

Certification: Original certification by the author

Price: Upon request
Mardegan Michele
Tel: 331 1080339
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18 Jan 2017 Reino Unido E. Herrmann. Germany. 1920's?

Beautiful silver mounted violin bow by E. Herrmann. Stamped. 59g approx. Round stick. C.1920?

Certification: Not available

Price: £1100 o.n.o.
Helen Rowlands
Tel: 07732362462
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17 Jan 2017 Hungría János Lenhardt, Hungary, made in 1920

All of is parts are related. 4/4 size master violin, made in 1920, Guarnari model. Labelled: " Lenhardt János 1920, Pécs" The sizes of musical instrument are accurate. The two piece back of narrow curl, descending from the joint. The ribs and head of similar wood. The top is well selected, very good quality spurce, Orchestral and solo usage equally suitable. Varnish: golden-brown spirit The violin is in good condition, repaired professionally.

Certification: See in description and photo.

Price: 7000 euro
Balázs Köcsky
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16 Jan 2017 España FINE VIOLIN BOW 1870/80 Ecolle Vuillaume

A very nice violin bow from Vuillaume School, dated around 1870-1880 with certificate from J. J. Rampal.

Certification: Certificate from Jean-Jacques RAMPAL, Paris.

Price: 3000E
Anna Melodia
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