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30 Nov 2016 Reino Unido Barry Oliver 2008 - with authentication

Beautiful Barry Oliver Violin with a deep rich tone. Made with a grafted neck and styled on a Testore. Open to offers for this beautiful violin.

Certification: Certificate of authentication written and signef by Barry Oliver.

Price: £4,500
Elaine Binney
Tel: 07954375056
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28 Nov 2016 Reino Unido Italian Milanese Violin made in 1750, printed label of Carlos Lamdolphi

Antique, full 4/4 violin , very elegant, with an exceptional sound.Mid-18th century , Italian, Milanese instrument . Very good condition, strong and vivid sound, muscular and beautiful tone and timbre. Good for a professional career. The musician who played with this instrument won 16 international competitions. The violin has a facsimile printed label of Carlos Ferdinando Landolphi.

Certification: certificate of authenticity and insurance issued Blackburn's Stringed instruments, London, UK

Price: £20.000
Tel: 07816816112
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27 Nov 2016 Reino Unido Alexander Accessories John Dunn

Alexander Accessories John Dunne Standard for the violin AA39572 Brand New with Tags This was named after John Dunne, a violin teacher in London in the 1920s. It is an unusual design – side mounted with a “beak” over the tailpiece. Although it appears a most beautiful delicate design, the use of properly seasoned, genuine boxwood and the careful design make it an extremely practical chinrest. Height: 21.0mm Dimensions: 116 x 62mm Weight: 56g

Certification: Receipt Using only the highest quality seasoned, fine grained hardwoods that are available; all of our boxwood accessories are stained and finished using the traditional methods.

Price: 150 GBP
Shir Levy
Tel: +44(0)7920201881
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24 Nov 2016 Reino Unido Violin by Antonio Capela made in 1978

Warm, round and powerful sounding instrument that has been used for many years in a leading London orchestra. It is in a near perfect condition and have been set up and adjusted recently. Available for viewing in London. Price negotiable

Certification: Sold with certificate of authenticity

Price: £7500
Tel: +44 7877426513
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15 Nov 2016 Israel Enrico Oselli

Enrico Oselli (1979) modern Italian master full size niolin. THE VIOLIN HAS THE CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITYFROM AESTRO ENRICO OSELLI. very elegant,nicely cut, good sounding violin . Original oil varnish. The violins has a bright even sound of clarity, warmth and texture, colors, maturity and beautiful sustain.


Price: 5200
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08 Nov 2016 Francia VIOLON FIN XIXème mirecourt

Violon d'étude fin XIXème qualité supérieure, fabrication MIRECOURT. Entièrement révisé (et estimé) par C. HOMMEL Luthier à Marseille (chevalet neuf + cordes - facture) Archet d'origine crin naturel reméché avec pièces ivoire +archet récent synthétique. Mentonnière en olivier. Vendu dans étui rigide avec hygromètre. Excellente sonorité essai possible sur RDV à mon domicile ou en ville (Proche DIGNE LES BAINS 04000)


Price: 1200 €
Tel: 0650602523
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04 Nov 2016 Estados Unidos Mittenwald, Germany, Label: "Giuseppe Guarnerius fecit Cremona 1710 J H S"

"This violin is in excellent condition". From Germany. Label has not been verified. Beautiful deep sound on the G & D strings. Back is formed by 2 pieces of maple from the center-joints to flanks, sides maple, table is cut from a single piece of spruce, scroll is maple. Motif on back in triple cross hatch pattern. Has been in an Australian family since the 19th Century. Length of body 14 1/4", Upper bouts 6 9/16", Middle 4 15/32" Lower bouts 8 1/8". Owner USA. Phone calls for enquirers

Certification: Appraisal by Hans Weisshaar, Margaret Shipman, Rare Violins, Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, USA. August 2000. $3,500 US.

Price: $3,500 US
Christine McClure
Tel: 1-323-516-4759
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27 Oct 2016 Francia Bruno Dreux d'Orléans, 1989

Beautiful violin made by Bruno Dreux in 1989

Certification: Not available

Price: 9000
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27 Oct 2016 Estados Unidos Great violin by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume

Special violin by Jean- Baptiste Vuillaume, 1858 Labelled "Rue Croix des Petits Champs" One piece back, beautiful orange-red varnish. This violin has been my instrument of choice for many years, and it has been played in competitions, recitals and concertos with orchestra in Europe and the United States. The sound is full and mellow, with enough brilliance and overtones to fill a large concert hall. Available to be played in NY / NJ. Photos upon request.

Certification: J.J. Rampal

Price: Upon request
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26 Oct 2016 Francia Violin in perfect condition by Jean-François Aldric 1829 with cert. Boyer

Violin by Jean-François Aldric, made in Paris in 1829. Magnificent instrument, in perfect condition. 360 mm on the back. Very beautiful red varnish on a gold base typical of 19th c. French violins. Back in one piece from very choice wood. Original label and neck. Available for viewing and playing in Nice.

Certification: Certificate of authenticity and attestation of value both signed by Serge Boyer in February 2016.

Price: 40 000 €
Robert Adelson
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25 Oct 2016 Reino Unido Vuillaume a Paris Rue Croix des Petits Champs 46 c.1900

4/4 Full size violin labeled - Vuillaume a Paris Rue Croix des Petits Champs 46. Violin dates back to c.1900 Warm mellow sound suitable for a young student. Comes with case, bow and shoulder rest. Excellent condition

Certification: Not available

Price: £700
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23 Oct 2016 Bielorrusia Master violin Ladislav F. Prokop 1939

Master violin Ladislav F. Prokop 1939 4/4 from my private collection. Ladislav Prokop - one of the best Czech artists of the past century. Dynasty Prokop still make violins. Inside label - Ladislav F.Procop - 1939 It is a professional violin, very easy to use, responds well, sounds great. This tool is the same wizard you can watch and listen here:

Certification: Not available

Price: €700
Barys Miahkou
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21 Oct 2016 Bélgica French(Mirecourt)beginning 20th century.Violon 1/10

Violon 1/10.Etiquette Compagnon.Original case with 2 bows. Very good condition. Long.corps 265mm. Larg.sup. 121mm Larg.centr.83mm sur vôute Larg.inf.156mm. Dos d'une pièce.Ondes moyennes horizontales très légères.Table d'une pièce aux ondes moyennes assez régulières. Vernis:vieil orange sur fond or.

Certification: Certificate by Atelier de Lutherie Gram in Brussels.

Price: €900
Erwin Veermeer
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13 Oct 2016 Suiza Magnificient and rare violin by Giovanni Battista Gabrielli, Florence 1754

This one of the most magnificient and best preserved old italian violins in existence, made by Giovanni Battista Gabrielli in 1754 bearing its original label.This stunningly beautiful instrument has no cracks and retains a good amount of its original golden varnish.It plays with a powerful, deep and most colourful sound for which violins of that time are most famous and sought after for.This is a very rare opportunity to own a piece of violin history made by the most famous maker of Florence

Certification: Eric Blot

Price: On demand
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11 Oct 2016 Austria Sale of a violin by Paul Blanchard & Georg Winterling !!

I want to sell these violins: Paul Blanchard,Lyon 1907 cert. from London Georg Winterling,Hamburg 1912 cert. from Ulm Both violins are in very good condition and can be played at the violinshop of Mr. Peter Svatek,Paris-Lodron-Strasse 5 in Salzburg. contact: +43 662 882261

Certification: cert . from London ( Mr. Marc Butterlin) cert. from Ulm ( Geigenbauatelier Ulm)

Price: on demand
Gerhard Hammerl
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09 Oct 2016 Reino Unido Italian Violin by Luigi Mozzani, Cento, 1921

A fine example of the work of the innovative luthier and guitarist Luigi Mozzani, this violin possesses a very powerful and bright sound with rich tones allowing for a wide expressive range. Its lovely golden colour, beautiful one-piece bird's-eye maple back, bird's-eye maple ribs and ivory endpin mark it out as an instrument of quality. It has been played for the last 11 years and is in great condition. Available for viewing in London

Certification: Not available

Price: £12,000 - £15,000
Tom Newell
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07 Oct 2016 Estados Unidos Contemporary American Violins Several fine and interesting violins for sale by contemporary american maker John Simpson. Exceptional choice of wood. Playable and viewable in Rhode Island.

Certification: Provided by maker.

Price: $14000-19000
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02 Oct 2016 Reino Unido 3/4 size violin of German origin circa 1890

A 3/4 size violin of German (origin circa 1890) that has been played and enjoyed for the past two years. It was repaired in January 2014 by Bridgewood & Neitzert Ltd London N16 - new bridge, new nut, fingerboard shoot, refitted sound post, new chin rest and checked over for gluing integrity (all fine). Comes in black wooden coffin case. More photos available at:

Certification: It has an insurance valuation from JP Guivier in June 2014 for £1,200.

Price: £1050
Jonathan Haine
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29 Sept 2016 España Italian Violin by Antonius Comuni 1857

In excellent condition. A powerful sound and with a beautiful warm tone, variety of overtones. In the last ten years the instrument has been played by profesional violinist at the most prestigious venues as a soloist and as a concertmaster as well ! The violín has all the characteristics of the famous old Italian violín school ! The violin can be viewed and tried in Madrid Please, get in touch for more details

Certification: email for more details

Price: 40.000€
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28 Sept 2016 Estados Unidos Michael Gene Scoggins, 1985, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

This is an incredibly sturdy, well built violin. It has a bright tone, and is able to produce a wide variety of tones and colors. It has been played and studied on consistently since 2003. Stands up well to changes in humidity and climates. Never has had any major work done on it or seams repaired. Bridge has been replaced. This is a great instrument for the very serious young violin student or pre professional.

Certification: Appraised by Robertson and Son's Violin Shop in New Mexico

Price: $14,000 USD
Melanie Riordan
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27 Sept 2016 Estados Unidos Private Bow Collection, well certified

I am a former violinist selling a variety of fine bows: W.E. Hill - Otto Hoyer - Jean Joseph Martin - E.A. Ouchard (fils) - Francois Nicolas Voirin - Pierre Simon / All are in good to excellent condition and for sale at slightly below-market prices. They can be viewed and played in New York.

Certification: They are certified by either B. Millant, J.F. Raffin, or I. Salchow.

Price: From $4000 and above
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24 Sept 2016 Reino Unido Jan Pawlikowski, Cracow, Poland, 2005

This beautiful Strad model has been played for the last 11 years by a professional violinist based in London. Built in Poland in 2005, with an original maker's tag inside. Powerful, bright, rich tone, in excellent condition. It's perfect for a professional or a music student looking for a world class instrument. The violin can be viewed and tried in London. Please get in touch for more details, photographs or to arrange a meeting.

Certification: available on request.

Price: £3900
Barbara Dziewiecka
Tel: 07892698977
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22 Sept 2016 Bélgica Violin bow Vigneron

Violin bow by Joseph Arthur Vigneron ‘Père’ - Made in Paris c. 1900. In a perfect state. Weighs 61g. Octagonal stick (pernambuco) with its original stamp ‘A. Vigneron a Paris’. Silver mounted and ebony frog. New hair.

Certification: Not available

Price: € 12000
Ivo Dobrev
Tel: +32477656217
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19 Sept 2016 Reino Unido Violin - 1773, Austrian. Fabulous for small handed player!

This lovely violin has been played by a music school student who found large modern instruments too big and chunky. It plays beautifully with a deep chocolatey low end and sweet rich high notes. It projects superbly (sound files available of solo performances) but also blends well in chamber groups and orchestras (daughter plays in NYO GB). (Made by Jan Baptiste Havelkas in Linz)

Certification: Yes.

Price: £13,500 ono
Tel: 07999507627
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16 Sept 2016 España Karl Höfner, Germany, 1982.

Fine German 4/4 Violin + bow and case, in excellent condition!

Certification: The authenticity is shown by the label in the violin.

Price: 5,300.00€
Vasil Nikolov
Tel: +34654526818
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14 Sept 2016 Italia Johann Michael Simann Mittenwald, Germany 1790

A beautiful antique violin with reach and deep tone. Has two piece wonderfull back and it comes with its original red-brown varnish. The condition is astounding, as the violin has been completely reviewed by Italian luthier. A non-invasive diagnostic analysis of the violin was made last year at the Violin Museum of Cremona. More info and photos on request.

Certification: Non-invasive diagnostic analysis Certificate, Cremona Violin Museum

Price: 5000 Euro
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06 Sept 2016 Reino Unido 3/4 German Violin + bow and case

Violin: MV4/33A - EX MV2/85- Matte Varnish Bow: Concertante brazilwood violin bow 3/4 Case: Primavera Violin Case shaped blue 3/4

Certification: Purchased from Moseley Violins

Price: £420
Morgane Lyko-Edwards
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30 Aug 2016 Letonia Fine antique violins for budget price

Large collection of antique violins for the budget price (1200 - 2500 Eur) you can find in our violin shop where students are selling/exchanging things between themselves. Usually prices are double or triple higher by luthiers.

Certification: Not available

Price: 1200 - 2500
Laura S
Tel: +37125714770
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30 Aug 2016 Reino Unido Rod Ward, Cambridge (UK), 10 years

A Guarneri del Gesù model, this beautiful violin is made by award winning luthier, Rod Ward. "A two piece back of Bosnian maple showing a medium flame descending from the joint, it has a two piece front of French Alpine spruce with a new-brown oil varnish." The violin has been professionally played by a student at the 'Guildhall School of Music and Drama' and has a warm, Cremonese sound which carries virtuoso elegance. Wonderful to play as an ensemble, orchestral or solo instrument.

Certification: The certificate of authenticity copy can be emailed on request.

Price: £8,500
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20 Aug 2016 Reino Unido Violin 4/4 German copy Strad

This is German copy of a Stradivarius with a Paesold Bow, which is round stick 1/2 mounted. Very good condition

Certification: Not available

Price: £1000.00
Martin Bament
Tel: 07960551165
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12 Aug 2016 Reino Unido Circa 1870 French Violin For Sale

An unlabelled but beautiful sounding violin that has been played by my daughter, who is a student at Chethams School of Music. The lower register particularly outclasses other violins in this price range. Would be appropriate for a student of diploma standard and if interested I will forward a copy of an assessment of my daughter's playing which praises the sound the violin produces. Very easily worth in excess of £4000 but priced with a view to a quick sale at £2700.

Certification: Not available

Price: £2700
Julian Wallis
Tel: 07816825550
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12 Aug 2016 Reino Unido H R Pfretzschner violin bow for sale

An extremely high quality violin bow from a very highly regarded maker. Professional quality bow in excellent condition. Recently rehaired. This bow performs however advanced the bowing technique required and would be equally suited to a very advanced or professional player. 58g and 74 cm in length, octagonal pernumbuco stick. Realistically valued at £3000, but priced to sell at £2200.

Certification: Not available

Price: £2200
Julian Wallis
Tel: 07816825550
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28 July 2016 Austria Sale of a collection of violins !

I want to sell a collection of violins: Bernardel pere,Paris 1862 cert. Rampal Gand pere,Paris 1844 3 cert.(Graff,Silvestre-Maucotel,Hamma) Paul Blanchard,Lyon 1899 cert. from Basel All violins are in very good condition and can be played at the violinshop of Mrs.Michael,Hildegardstr.6 in Munich. contact: +49 89 298233

Certification: Not available

Price: on demand
Gerhard Hammerl
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22 July 2016 Reino Unido Dante & Alfredo Guastalla, in Reggiolo Emilia. Italy 1925

Beautiful Italian violin in excellent condition with a lovely warm tone. Played professionally in many orchestras throughout the UK. Would suit a young professional player. Recent maintenance carried out by luthier, Michael Shakespeare.

Certification: Not available

Price: £12,000
David O'Leary
Tel: 07704424289
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20 July 2016 Reino Unido Martin Michalke, German, 2005

Fine German Professional Instrument in excellent condition Has been played a great deal. Modern set-up, modelled on: Giovanni Grancino in Contrada Largha di Milano al segno della corona 1696

Certification: I have requested these from the maker.

Price: 10500
Naomi Burrell
Tel: 00447791381352
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20 July 2016 Reino Unido David Mann, Hexham Violins, UK (made c.2006)

A violin finished in the UK, 10 years old. In excellent condition, with only a very few marks on varnish (visible on photopgraphs). Previously played by myself as a student, and my own pupil.

Certification: Labelled with a Hexham Violin Shop label, signed by David Mann

Price: £1,500 (Insurance value £2,000) GBP
Rebecca Howell
Tel: 07805850631
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20 July 2016 Canadá Gregg Alf violin anno 1992 made in Ann Arbor

Gregg Alf, Violin made in 1992 in Ann Arbor. One piece back, mint condition. Copy of the Booth Stradivari.

Certification: Gregg Alf Certificate 2015 including all measurements and fabrication details.

Price: USD Email for details
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15 July 2016 España Walter Feiler violin - Germany 1936

Dear Sirs , We have for sell a Walter Feiler violin labeled - Radiumbad Brambach gebaut nach Michele Deconet Anno 1936 nr. 4 which we have from the year 2005 in our deposit. The violin we was buy from a German owner . The violin is in perfect condition,no damages,no scratches ,very nice sound. The violin was valuated from Auctionata experts and Mr. Janos Markus Barbarosa from Dorotheum at the value of up to 4.500 EUR .

Certification: We have Auctionata evaluation from Germany will be presented by photo.

Price: 3000 EURO
Tel: 0040745865322
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27 June 2016 Reino Unido Charles Nicholas Bazin Violin Bow

A superb example of CN Bazin’s work, this strong, perfectly weighted bow has a bright and open sound, and an ideal blend of warmth and projection. Being right in the middle of the range for both strength and flexibility, chords are easily controlled and spiccato is perfect. Articulation with bite requires more effort, but the bow springs back to shape very quickly. Well suited to a violin set up that allows very close to the bridge playing.

Certification: Millant Certificate, stating the bow to be made c.1890

Price: £6000
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20 June 2016 Reino Unido German Violin c.1870

Two piece belly of narrow grained pine; two piece back of lightly figured medium flamed maple, ribs of similar wood, neck & scroll plain. Length of back 14-1/8". The varnish of a medium brown colour. Very good condition. Valued by Milner & Hallows, Richmond in 2002 for insurance purposes: £700.

Certification: Milner & Hallows 2002 (for insurance)

Price: £500 ono
Jacqueline Baily
Tel: 07974 142484
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20 June 2016 Reino Unido German Violin c.1870 bearing the label 'Copy of Nikolaus Amati, made in Germany'

Two piece belly of narrow grained pine; one piece back of strongly figure wide flamed maple, ribs of similar wood, neck & scroll of strongly figured narrow flamed maple. Length of back 14-5/16". The varnish of a dark red/brown colour. Good condition. Valued by Milner & Hallows, Richmond in 2002 for insurance purposes: £900.

Certification: Milner & Hallows 2002 (for insurance)

Price: £600 ono
Jacqueline Baily
Tel: 07974 142484
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17 June 2016 Estados Unidos A.W. VanDorston, US made, 1911

A fine violin made my A.W. VanDorston in 1911. It is in excellent condition but will need 1 or 2 new strings. Comes complete with German made H.R. Pfretzschner bow of the same era.

Certification: The authenticity is shown by the label in the violin.

Price: US$ 1,200
Steve Swenson
Tel: 860-748-9608
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42 Instrumentos en Venta - Violín

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