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04 Feb 2016 Italie "SIMMAN" VIOLIN, 1790 - Cremona Violin Museum Certificate

A great and old 18th Century Tyrolean violin with reach and deep tone. Has two piece wonderfull back and it comes in great shape. Label "Johann Michael Simman in Mittenwald, 1790". The condition is astounding. The violin has been completely reviewed by Italian luthier (Milan, June 2015), so is in an excellent state of restoration.

Certification: Cremona Violin Museum Certificate released in July 2015.

Price: 3.500 Euro
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01 Feb 2016 Royaume-Uni Believed Mittenwald, Germany Circa 1870 made

Fully restored in 2013. L.O.B. 14" the varnish is reddish brown in colour. Beautiful warm tone, lovely instrument. Many more photos available. The case is tatty but functions. Lovely bow with mother of pearl or Paua shell but needs restringing.

Certification: Woodbridge Violins valuation and Ingles & Hayday inspection

Price: £2250 negotiable
Katherine Lowe
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01 Feb 2016 Suède Giuseppe Presbler in Milano nella Contrada della Dogana all’ insegna del Sole 1799

Maggini model violin with brilliant, even, warm and projecting sound. Compared on stage with Stradivarius and Guadagnini. The only difference - level of "velvet", "golden" color. Sound sample available. The instrument has some historical, well fixed cracks on the top. Why on sale? I am not a violinist.

Certification: No certificate. Compare visually with Presbler offered by Gengakki-Nishi store in Tokyo:

Price: 21.000 Euro
Lukasz Lisowski
Tel: +46733726725
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01 Feb 2016 Royaume-Uni Richard Duke (senior)

A beautiful example of this finest of British makers with a sweet, sonorous tone. Violin comes with complete Beares papers and has been loved & cherished for last 25 years in the heart of the London music profession. Fabulous, rich colour and in immaculate condition.

Certification: Full Beares papers

Price: 18,000 ONO
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01 Feb 2016 Royaume-Uni George Wulme Hudson, UK, 1930

In very good condition, with an incredibly warm and vibrant tone, this violin has been played professionally for many years and can be used as an excellent orchestral, chamber or even solo instrument. Back - 355mm Upper Bouts - 167mm Middle Bouts - 118mm Lower Bouts - 206mm

Certification: Bears a Nicolaus Gagliano 1730 label and is stamped Gio Caressi, internally on the top block; frequently used by Hudson. It has a two piece front of fine to medium grain, two piece back of medium curl

Price: £13,000
Eliot Short
Tel: +447758150497
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29 Jan 2016 Royaume-Uni Fine English Violin, 2009

This exquisite violin with an elegant one-piece back has a full bodied rich tone, powerful projection and is quick to respond. With a sweet higher register and a complex sound this violin is mature beyond its years and a delight to play. The violin itself is a work of art and I will be very sad to part with it. I am a professional violinist working in London and would welcome a trial period.

Certification: Upon request

Price: £9,000
T Garrod
Tel: 07929 528390
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28 Jan 2016 Italie Cristiano Ferrazzi, Verona, Italy

Violin from 1996, made and signed by C. Ferrazzi, played up until just a few months ago. The instrument has a one-piece back and a great personality which the maker defined as 'crisp' on account of its bright sound. Its red varnish has developed over the years into sophisticated amber shades. It is perfect for students who are looking to go professional. Along with the violin I am selling a bow made by maestro C. Righetti (1996) and a Riboni case.

Certification: Guarantee certificate available on request.

Price: 7.800 EUR
Michele Battistoni
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25 Jan 2016 Royaume-Uni Antique violin by J.Schult, Lubeck, Germany 1892

This is one of the finest example made by Johann Schult in 1892 in Lubeck, Germany. It has a very sweet and balanced sound. Johann Schult was appointed court violin maker to the Duke of Mecklenburg in 1907. A similar violin by this maker(1932) is selling in Martin Swan Violin for 6000 pounds Phone: +44 7448 817 615 Email:

Certification: Original Purchase Receipt in 2009

Price: POR
chun kit lau
Tel: +447448817615
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19 Jan 2016 Espagne Salvador Bofill violin wanted

Looking for a Salvador Bofill violin

Certification: Not available

Price: let's discuss about the price
Tel: +34654045036
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16 Jan 2016 France Violon ancien, BRETON Paris, bonne sonorité authentique (19éme Siècle)

Très bel instrument ancien de bonne sonorité ... 19éme Siècle ... joué par moi même en concert dans toute l'Europe ... 59cm (23,23 pouces) ... révision récente chez le luthier ... photos supplémentaires sur demande ... Verry good sound for this old beautiful violin ...19th century ... played in concerts all around Europe by myself ...23,23 pouces (59cm) ... has been recently checked at the luthier ... other photos on demand.

Certification: Héritage de famille ... Inherited from family.

Price: 125000€
Tel: +33 6 95970159
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16 Jan 2016 Allemagne Amati Mangenot 1928

On offer a beautiful violin by Amati Mangenot from 1928. Lanel reads Fait par Amati Mangentot Eleve de Emile Laureant a Bordeaux l'an 1928 No repairs, beautiful varnish.

Certification: Not available

Price: 12000 €
Tobias Poehling
Tel: 004921623689022
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14 Jan 2016 Royaume-Uni Chinese made violin and gold/ivory mounted bow

Chinese made violin finished by Colin Irvine in 2005, beautiful playing tone, in excellent condition, see photos attached £2,500. Gold and ivory mounted violin bow stamped Rudolf Neudorfer, for sale within the UK only, see photo attached £1,500.

Price: £2,500 / £1,500
David Hirschman
Tel: +447970210499
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13 Jan 2016 Autriche Violin by Francois Pillement, Mirecourt ca. 1800, 25 % OFF

BEAUTIFUL FRENCH VIOLIN in excellent condition.This instrument possesses a powerful, colourful complex sound suitable for a professional violinist. Comes with an Appraisal for 15.000 € by Marcel Richters from Vienna and is being sold with a 25 % discount! It has been played professionally, has new pegs and pegholes and has been recently checked at the luthier. No additional costs to be expected, ready to be played immediately!

Price: 11.500 €
Viktor Petek
Tel: +4369910039580
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09 Jan 2016 Italie Violino Sandro Soldi 2002

Violin 4/4, Sandro Soldi 2002, in perfect condition, played regularly and held with great care. Excellent sounding instrument, created by the well known violin maker Sandro Soldi on specific request, very good quality material and of excellent manufacture. Precious violin that belonged to famous Italian violinist with certificate of authenticity.

Price: 14.000 Euro
Tel: 3479696744
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09 Jan 2016 États-Unis Jean Mathurin Remy, Paris, 1794

Violin (4/4), Albert Schubert Brazil wood (needs rehaired), & lined wooden case. Tonality: warm & sweet. Good resonance. Materials: medium flamed maple, single-piece back; highly flamed maple for scroll & neck; face- fine spruce. Known modifications: Pegs have been replaced and peg holes have been plugged and redrilled. Beautifully grafted wood added to scroll to strengthen when redrilling peg holes to replace pegs. Neck may have been expertly and precisely reset. Violin appraised at $12,000.

Price: $10,000 US
Sharon M. Cain
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07 Jan 2016 Royaume-Uni William Taylor, London, circa 1800

A very fine Violin made by William Taylor. This Violin produces a beautiful sweet tone and has been played in some of the worlds leading chamber music venues as part of the Doric String Quartet. The Violin comes with receipt of purchase from J&A Beare.

Price: £20,000
Alex Redington
Tel: 447811898403
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04 Jan 2016 États-Unis Handcrafted Czech violin made of authentic wood. Well preserved, maintained and played regularly.

Handcrafted Czech violin made of authentic wood. Well preserved, maintained and played regularly. Has a bright angelic sound. Wood is a lighter blonde hue. Comes with a higher quality shelled bow for an intermediate to advanced player. I purchased this violin about 4 years ago from a small violin business in Wisconsin. It has been well maintained to stay in its mint condition. Please inquire if interested ;-)

Price: $2,500 US
Monique V. Hieserich
Tel: 320-980-6029
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04 Jan 2016 Royaume-Uni Labelled Carlo Storioni

4/4 Violin .Labelled Carlo Storioni, Cremonisis Faciebat, 1890. Beautiful Violin in good condition and playing order. Lovely quilted/ flamed maple back and sides amber coloured varnish. Rich, powerful tone.

Price: £1200.00
David Sutherland
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01 Jan 2016 Royaume-Uni Full-size violin, Samuel Ouyang 2002

Recently refurbished by Philip Solomon (new bridge, new sound post, pegs adjusted, top nut reshaped and string spacing adjusted, new Corelli Crystal G, D, A and Obligato E strings). Beautiful rich, warm tone. Valued at £1200-1300 by Philip Solomon Violins and by Stringers and Guivier in London. Sold complete with bow and lightweight, sturdy oblong case with large accessory compartment and sheet music storage (all in excellent condition). North London/Hertfordshire location.

Price: £1300 (GBP)
Meira Ben-Gad
Tel: +447950212698
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30 Dec 2015 États-Unis Johannes Finkel Violin Bow

Round stick, strong, flexible, responsive. Used in graduate school and professionally for several years. New hair, stick, frog, and winding in excellent condition. Silver mountings, silver tip, leather and metal winding. Stamped J. S. Finkel on left side of stick. New at Shar Music for $2,500 USD. Asking $1,800 USD. More information:

Price: $1,800 USD
Tel: +1-970-209-9532
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30 Dec 2015 États-Unis John Norwood Lee Violin Bow

This bow has been used professionally for six years in the United States. The stick is firm yet flexible and responsive, with a wide color palate and good control with all strokes. Very mild wear on the thumb leather, stick, frog, and winding in excellent condition. Bone tip, silver frog, octagonal stick. Maker's name stamped on the left edge of the stick (photo 3). Appraised at $4,000 USD in 2009. Please email for more photos. Maker's site:

Price: 4000 UDS, negotiable
Alejandro Gomez Guillen
Tel: +1-303-883-7818
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17 Dec 2015 Royaume-Uni James Tubbs violin bow silver mounted.

In excellent condition. Perfectly balanced at 62g the Sound is warm and clear. Complete with recent independent professional valuation certificate.

Price: £8,500
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15 Dec 2015 Royaume-Uni Affordable German professional Violin + bow

Violin labeled "The Nicolaus Bernhardt Violin fecit Saxony, fil anno." circa 1900. Recently restored in Germany and in immaculate condition. Warm, powerful tone perfect for serious intermediate and young professional violinists. Bow included, a J P Gerard violin bow. Welcome to try - in Manchester (or elsewhere by arrangement*)

Price: GBP £2000
Yasmin Rowe
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11 Dec 2015 Canada Heberlein and Mirecourt

I have 2 violins for sale, the first is a Heinrich Th. Heberlein, Imitation G. Guarnarius (1890). It has a two piece back, beautiful markings and a gorgeous sound. Asking price is $8000, or £4000. The second violin is a L.E.J.T. L'Incomparable Mirecourt (1894), a great transition instrument with a bright and very even sound. I am asking $2000 or £1000.

Price: $8000/£4000; $2000/£1000
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11 Dec 2015 États-Unis A Fine Violin By Karl Eversberg, Wesel (Germany), 1964

This is an exceptionally good-sounding violin, with tonal qualities that are usually not seen in this price range. It can be recommended wholeheartedly for advanced performance due to its outstandingly well-balanced voice, which is bright and clear in the upper registers (without lacking warmth) and quite mellow in the lower ranges. It readily responds across all positions (allowing for effortless playing) and has no wolf tones. The maker’s roots are likely in the Markneukirchen/Klingenthal area

Price: US $ 1900
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30 Nov 2015 Royaume-Uni Jay Haide 4/4 violin 2002 & bow & case

VGC, unused for years, new sound-post & tailpiece, new Dominant strings. Will easily cope with Grade 8 repertoire. Should be insured £1000 violin & £90 bow according to my local British Reserve dealer Try it out near Oxford railway station

Price: £780
Fiona Hedges
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23 Nov 2015 Royaume-Uni Violin bow made by Bultitude

Gold mounted with tortoiseshell, Strong stick, 64g

Price: 5000 GBP
Wendy Talbot
Tel: 07949494568
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23 Nov 2015 Royaume-Uni Gewa Maestro V

Antiqued Maestro V full-sized violin with beautiful, deep rich tone. One-piece back. Would suit advanced student. Bought from Paul Ayres Violins of Didsbury in 2003 for £1,100. Receipt sill available. This violin should be tried to fully appreciate the quality of sound. It is in perfect conditions with no knocks or scratches. More photos can be supplied on request. Located in Plumley, Cheshire, 4 miles from junction 19 on the M6.

Price: £950
Nick O'Brien
Tel: 07551463496
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20 Nov 2015 Royaume-Uni From the workshop of Ludwig Neuner circa 1890

From the workshop of Ludwig Neuner circa 1890, recently rehaired and valued by Bob Grummett at £950

Price: £950
M Evans
Tel: 07932 153284
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19 Nov 2015 Australie 1901 Alex Smillie violin, recently restored. Number 137. Located; Sydney, Australia

1901 Alex Smillie violin, recently restored. Number 137. Located; Sydney, Australia

Price: $18,000
James Hurworth
Tel: 0419263623
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18 Nov 2015 France Jeandel Napoléon 4/4

Beau violon entier, de facture italienne, fait à Rouen au 19e siècle. Date non précisée sauf une mention "Exposition Universelle 1855 / Grande Médaille de 1e classe / Jeandel". Très agréable à jouer, beau son, plusieurs diapasons possibles.

Price: € 12 000
Chloé Parisot
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09 Nov 2015 Royaume-Uni Hill violin bow, English, circa 1900

The stick is the work of W C Retford, the frog is by another hand in the Hill workshop. Good condition with normal wear.

Price: £2,500
Bob Grummitt
Tel: 01883 348095
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08 Nov 2015 Royaume-Uni Hawkes & Son French Violin - The Professor 1930 (with bow)

Hawkes & Son French Violin - The Professor 1930 Originally purchased 20 years ago from Ealing Strings. Lightly used and excellent condition. Bow included - re haired 15 years ago but not used since. Available to View and try - Bromley, Kent

Price: £1195
Karen Bell
Tel: 07733111037
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07 Nov 2015 Italie Johann Michael Simman, Mittenwald (1790)

A great and old 18th Century Tyrolean violin with reach and deep tone. Has two piece wonderfull back and it comes in great shape. Label "Johann Michael Simman in Mittenwald, 1790". Has been serviced by an Italian luthier in June 2015 and it comes with a Cremona Violin Museum Certificate released July 2015.

Price: 12000 Euro
Tel: 00393496471280
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02 Nov 2015 Italie Claudio Amighetti 1983 Cremona

Violin made by Claudio Amighetti 1983 in Cremona, the violin is in wonderfull to play, intuitive and easy. Ideal for a student that whant to improve and became a profesionist. If you need other pictures send e-mail. Thank you.

Price: 15.000 euro
Alex Leonte
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29 Oct 2015 Royaume-Uni Modern Chinese-made violin

An excellent choice for a student moving up to his/her first or second full-size violin.This violin produces a rich, resonant sound for an inexpensive instrument. Carbon-fibre bow and case included (the case is not in perfect condition but it will serve temporarily until you can replace it). North London/Hertfordshire location.

Price: £600
Meira Ben-Gad
Tel: 07950 212698
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25 Oct 2015 Irlande Guarneri Del Gesu

Guarneri Del Gesu Model Violin 2000 . It is in immaculate condition and one of the three made by John Williams in 2000 . It can be viewed and played in Dublin, Ireland. Price: £7,000

Price: 7,000 £
D Rujan
Tel: +353876822817
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23 Oct 2015 Royaume-Uni Quality c1850s German/Austrian FULL SIZE violin....very warm tonal colour

Lovely quality violin, which has seen me through Grade 8 and conservatoire level. It has a lovely warm tone and good level of projection. Bought from a violin dealer in Oxford (Beecher Acoustics) - I have the original invoice and valuation documents. All set up in perfect order, ready to play. If you would like more information or would like to try this out, please feel free to contact me.

Price: £1900.00
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21 Oct 2015 Espagne Saxony Violin 4/4 Markneukirchen, ca.1870

I sell a beautiful violin from Markneukirchen, dated ca.1870. It has been played professionally by me the last 28 years. Golden varnish, one piece back. A great sounding instrument, very good restored condition and perfect setup, ready to be played. Repair label inside reads "GIOVANNI CAPALBO, da Rossano Calabria, riparó in Buenos Aires l´anno 1930 -Alte Onoreficenze- Esposizioni Universali 1904,1906 a 30. Measurements 357-165-107-199. With insurance appraisal by M. Richters, expert in Vienna.

Price: 9500€
Marcos Fernández
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21 Oct 2015 Pays-Bas French violin bow by Dominique Pecatte.

A fine French violin bow by Dominique Pecatte. Frog in collaboration with Francois Pecatte. Button not original. 59 gram. Certificate by Jean-Francois Raffin.

Price: Price on demand
Jeroen van der Wel
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16 Oct 2015 Royaume-Uni 1900 German Full Size (4/4) Violin [copy of 1676 Nicolo Amati) incl. Bow, Case, Accessories

Violin is a perfect condition, third/fourth-hand student violin - ideal for Grade 5 & up learners & music school students. Rich and gorgeous sound. Previously valued at £1500 by Stringers, Edinburgh. Re-bridged by Robin McHugh at Stringers. Accessories included; Bow (2nd hand - very good condition), Case (2nd hand - very good condition), Resin (Hindersine - very good condition), Shoulder-Rest (Wolf Forte Secondo - like new condition), Bridge-Mute (Tourte - like new condition).

Price: £1250
Alexander Palmer
Tel: 07914765124
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14 Oct 2015 Royaume-Uni German Trade Klingental

Full size violin 14 1/2 body - Dated 1905 Ideal for Grade 5 & above. With new case.

Price: £800.00
Michael Flack
Tel: 07802844960
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12 Oct 2015 Espagne MODERN ITALIAN VIOLIN - Wanna Zambelli 1989

A Modern Italian Violin labelled Wanna Zambelli | Cremonesse | fece Cremona 1989 The one-pice back of broad curl, the ribs similar, the scroll of almost plain wood, the table of medium grain, the varnish of an orange colour.

Price: 18.000
Juan Manuel Díaz Rivero
Tel: +34 610884625
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08 Oct 2015 Suisse Andrea Castagneri 1744

Superbe instrument de concert, en parfait état, d'une sonorité ample et profonde, ainsi que d'une très belle brillance. C'est le " Strad du pauvre"...le son porte très loin. Attestation1999 de Jean-Jacques Rampal ( Successeur de Vatelot) à Paris. Longueur 355 mm.

Price: $ 58'000.-
Laurent Hirschi
Tel: ++41 79 628 58 07
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30 Sept 2015 Royaume-Uni Violin of French make circa 1890, from workshop of J. Thibouville-Lamy

Lovely example of late 19th century instrument maker - Jerome Thibouville-Lamy. Labelled "medio-fino". One piece back, plain. Ribs and head similar. Top of broad grain. Varnish of a deep red/brown colour. Length of back 358mm. In lovely condition. Comes with case. If you have any questions then please ask. Based in Surrey.

Price: £1650
Neil Reynolds
Tel: 07985 901080
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30 Sept 2015 Royaume-Uni New Westbury 4/4 violin outfit with extras.

This is a lovely Westbury 4/4 violin made by US Eastman Strings. It's made of maple and spruce with inlay purfling, fitted with ebony nut, pegs, fingerboard and chinrest, Despiau bridge, and Helicore medium tention steel strings. Comes with octagonal brazilwood horsehair bow with ebony frog, lockable case with detachable adjustable straps and accessory pockets, protective blanket black 100% Chinese silk drawstring violin cover, black rubber mute and rosin.

Price: £300 GBP
Angela Purll
Tel: 07717186435
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27 Sept 2015 Italie Pietro Borghi 1915

Violino Pietro Borghi del 1915 con certificazione di Eric Blot. Pubblicato sul libro "Liuteria Italiana da scoprire" di Artemio Versari. Link quotazione Bonhams:

Price: 20.000
Carlo Granillo
Tel: 335 5977331
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25 Sept 2015 Australie Exquisite New Violin Made of European Wood

Available for sale is a violin that has been made of European maple and spruce woods. The wood has been hand selected, milled and seasoned by Brisbane violinmaker John Simmers, and has been finished and varnished by Mr. Simmers. Featuring quality fittings such as an ebony fingerboard, rosewood tailpiece and pegs and complimented with a Wittner chinrest and Obligato Tonica Strings, this violin is powerful and delivers a strong tone. It was made in June 2015.

Price: 11000
Madeline Procopio
Tel: 0401762721
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21 Sept 2015 Royaume-Uni Guarneri model (the Kochanski, 1741) from the year 2000. It is in immaculate condition, and is an ou

A Guarneri model (the Kochanski, 1741) from the year 2000. The violin is in immaculate condition, and is an outstanding example of John's work. It can be viewed and played in London.

Price: £9,500
Alastair Mitchell
Tel: +447980597264
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12 Sept 2015 Suède Classical bow made by Bryan Tunicliffe in 2005. The bow works excellently, is very well balanced and

Classical bow made by Bryan Tunicliffe in 2005. The bow works excellently, is very well balanced and very nice to play with. Suitable for repertoire from the early to the late classical periods, and for both orchestral and solo performance. The bow has a hammer head and ivory frog. Weight 50 grams. The bow is available for trying in London, or can be sent by post.

Price: £ 850 or EUR 1150
Katarina Bengtson Dennis
Tel: 0046 709 526189
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08 Sept 2015 Royaume-Uni A fine English Violin By James Delarre 2013, Full Size

Professionally Set up and ready to be played. This Violin would suit a student to advancing Violinist. English violin, modelled on an Amati. It has a crisp clear tone with plenty of projection, it has not been played very much and is still developing its tone, although it promises to be warm and full bodied. The varnish is red amber in colour with plenty of depth. There is no bow or case included in the sale.

Price: £2000 ONO
James Delarre
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05 Sept 2015 Royaume-Uni Fine English Violin by Cyril William Jacklin 1934

Full-sized violin, professionally set-up and ready to play. Maker listed in Mary Anne Alberger's book, 'The Violin Makers'. Powerful and resonant sound, with a beautiful clear tone. Varnish in fantastic condition. Offers considered. Please contact for further details and to view. Based in Bournemouth UK.

Price: £8000
Tel: 07525262861
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02 Sept 2015 Suisse Excellent french violin ca. 1860

This is an excellent sounding french violin made ca 1860 in very good condition, a fully set up and great sounding instrument.

Price: 4500
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27 Aug 2015 Pays-Bas aligator skin leather violin case

Exceptional antique alligator skin leather violin case. USA ± 1920 Leather in very fine condition. Closing a bit difficult but sold with it's original key!

Price: € 800,-
Jeroen van der Wel
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26 Aug 2015 Suède Violin bow, Louis BAZIN (1881-1953)

Louis BAZIN ( 1881-1953 ) A highly technical bow, very well balanced and good sound. Round stick of very nice Pernambucco wood, round head. Ebony frog silver mounted with Parisian eyes two parts back with two pins, button one piece with one pin. Very nice sample in very good state done in Mirecourt France. Made for the French Violinmaker of Lyon Paul Blanchard who stamped it Paul Blanchard à Lyon Certificate from Jacques Poullot

Price: On demand
Jonas Dahlman
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22 Aug 2015 États-Unis handmade (D.Albert of Markneukirchen) Germany and Finished by A.Stuart

In theyear 2010, lebeled as 1,350.00 $ Pernambuco violin bow,350 $ Shaped violin case !00.00$

Price: Aproximadly 900$
Juan Pieresko
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21 Aug 2015 Royaume-Uni Excellent modern violin by Jan Pawlikowski, Cracow 2005

Beautiful Polish violin made by Jan Pawlikowski in 2005 with a powerful, clear and rich tone. Built as a Stradivari copy. It has been played by a professional violinist, former student of the Royal College of Music in London, for the last 10 years and has been appreciated on various competitions, auditions and performances. In excellent condition. It will be sold to a professional musician or a music student, only serious enquiries please.

Price: on demand
Tel: 07892698977
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19 Aug 2015 Royaume-Uni Wolff Bros, Kreuznach, 1892

Wolff Bros violin, 1892, class 5B. In excellent condition. Recently refurbished by Ealing Strings, including a new fingerboard and bridge. Excellent sounding instrument, would suit an advanced student or keen adult amateur. Available to try in West London. Currently insured through Ealing Strings for £2500.

Price: £2200 GBP
Allan Herron
Tel: +447772657785
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18 Aug 2015 Royaume-Uni J. Didelot, France, c.1920

Full size violin by J. Didelot c. 1920. This instrument has a good even tone and is in excellent condition with no cracks. Mother of pearl detailing on the tailpiece. Recently set up. Ideal for students of advanced grades and up to music college standard. The violin is available for viewing/trying in Hertfordshire.

Price: £1450
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12 Aug 2015 Allemagne Violin "Leonidas Rafaelian", Cremona 2010

I sell my "Leonidas Rafaelian" violin built in Cremona in 2010. 
 It is an exact copy of Stradivari "Kreutzer 1727" owned by M. Vengerov, who tested and approved my instrument.
 It has the certificate of authenticity. Ask me for other photos, infos, views and test.

Price: 10.000 €
Susy Riminucci
Tel: +4915154066174
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10 Aug 2015 Royaume-Uni Beautiful violin by Charles Thouvenot (1910, London)

Full-sized violin modelled on the work of G B Guadagnini. Thouvenot trained in Mirecourt, France before moving to the UK to work for W E Hill & Sons and later for J & A Beare. Oustanding student/early professional instrument in excellent condition with beautifully warm but clear sound.

Price: POA
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10 Aug 2015 Royaume-Uni Hopf School violin

Sweet toned. Not a huge sound; suit student. I'm selling this for the same price I paid 15 years ago (for a quick sale). Based in North London if you would like to try it .

Price: £850
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07 Aug 2015 Royaume-Uni Cerin, Venice, 1808

A rare and beautiful Italian violin by Marc Antonio Cerin, Venice, 1808, with J&A Beare certificate. It is an instrument with power, luminosity and openness of sound, very responsive to the player. Delivers impact as a solo instrument and, with its wide range and subtlety of colour and shading, is also a wonderful chamber music as well as orchestral instrument. It is in pristine condition, superbly set up, and ready to take onto the concert platform. Price and photos on application.

Price: POA
Ron Colyer
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63 Instruments à Vendre - Violon

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