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24 May 2016 Hong Kong An Italian Violin, Fabio Ramella, 2007

Here is an nicely handmade Italian violin labeled Fabio Ramella, Fecit in Cremona, anno 2007. It is a full size violin with reddish vanish. The craftsmanship is in very nice and clean work. The top is made of fine grained spruce and the back is made of highly flamed two-piece maple. The scroll is very nicely made, and the four concerns are excellent. It has been setup with Bogaro & Clemente violin fittings, an Aubert Deluxe violin bridge.

Certification: No Certification provided

Price: 9500USD
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19 May 2016 Espagne España Barcelona


Certification: Not available

Price: 350 EUROS
Tel: 663094066
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18 May 2016 Hongrie Fine violin from Carlo Gaspar (made in Cremona, 2015)

Beautiful violin in perfect condition from Carlo Gaspar. It was made in Cremona, Italy, 2015. The violin was copied from an Andrea Amati piece. It is ready to play with solistic voice.

Certification: Certification from the maestro.

Price: € 2700
William Kiss
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07 May 2016 Royaume-Uni Full size French violin by Nicolas Duchene of Mirecourt with German bow and case

Circa 1890 full size French violin made in Mirecourt, France by Nicolas Duchene. Stamped on the inside: A LA VILLE DE PADOUE NICOLAS DUCHENE valued at £2,000 for insurance. The violin is ready to play with no defects, just some light scuffs. A German bow, violin case (with some stains) and a padded chin rest are included. Payment by Bank transfer or Paypal ("Send To Friend). Delivery: Local collection (Kent, UK, BR7)) or by hand within a 1 hour drive or shipped with insurance for £45.

Certification: Valued professionally May 2016 by the renowned Central London violin dealer, J P Guivier. Insurance value £2000, private sale £1400-£1500. The written valuation will be supplied to the buyer.

Price: £995
David Leslie
Tel: 07852556450
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06 May 2016 Liban Gold mounted W.E hill & sons made by Edgar Bishop 1920

W.E hill & sons violin bow made by Edgar Bishop circa 1920 ,branded on the handle w.e hill & sons The octagonal stick of an excellent red brown pernambuco wood ,length 73,2 cm The gold mounted tortoiseshell frog with fleur de lys inlay ,the ebony adjuster with two gold bands & and mother pearl inlay . The bow is in very good condition & is original in all principle parts

Certification: Certificate of Authencity of Tim toft violins ltd ,England & valuation for insurance purposes (value :10000£ )

Price: 8000£
Michel El Murr
Tel: +96178850809
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06 May 2016 Royaume-Uni Violin by Lorenzo Bergonzi of Mantova, 1996

Italian violin. Bright and singing sound. Suitable for conservatoire student. Available to view in London.

Certification: Valuation from JP Guivier, London.

Price: £4,500
Emma Fry
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26 Apr 2016 Royaume-Uni Violin by W. E. Hill and Sons, 1900

An attractive example of a W. E. Hill and Sons violin in very good condition. This violin is owned by an ex-professional violinist. It is very responsive and easy to play, with a pure, sweet tone. Available to view in London or Liverpool.

Certification: Insurance valuation by Colin Nicholls for £18,000

Price: £15,000
Catherine Lindley
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23 Apr 2016 États-Unis Domenic Fasso baroque violin, 2015

Easy to play, this Fasso instrument is set up by a professional baroque violinist for the best sound and playability. It's responsive, has a bright upper end and great depth on the lower strings. It comes with three plain gut strings and a wound gut G, all chosen specifically for the instrument. It has already been used professionally in concerto appearances, and will only get better with time.

Certification: Receipt from maker

Price: $3200 USD
Adam LaMotte
Tel: 5037308809
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20 Apr 2016 Royaume-Uni Heritage Stradivari Style Violin with Siqueira Bow and Hindersine Case - Selling complete

Hand carved in maple & spruce with premium quality bridge, ebony & rosewood fittings, and hand applied spirit varnish. Fitted with Thomastik Dominant strings which, combined with the R. Siqueira bow, produces a wonderfully mature, tonally rich sound. Very well looked after. Selling as a complete outfit with Brazilian Siqueira Atelier bow, Hidersine hard case, and Kun shoulder rest. Viewings most welcome. Numerous full sized images have been uploaded to

Certification: Purchased March 2011 from JP Guivier, London, at a price of £1957 complete. Receipt availiable for inspection.

Price: £999
Tony Bricknell
Tel: 07931 311425
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19 Apr 2016 Royaume-Uni Lovely Scottish violin made by Steve Burnett

Recently made by Scottish maker Steve Burnett, this attractive violin has a two piece back and sides of lightly figured Sycamore. The front is of Dolomite Spruce with F holes loosely modelled on G.B. Guadagnini. This violin possesses real character, both in looks with it's worn orange/red varnish over a golden ground and its full bodied, mature tone. The violin responds easily to light and heavy bow pressure evenly across the range and has plenty of power when required.

Certification: Makers Certificate available

Price: £5000
Steve Burnett
Tel: 07812855103
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19 Apr 2016 Royaume-Uni A fine Scottish violin made by Steve Burnett

A fine Scottish Violin made by renowned Edinburgh luthier Steve Burnett. Made recently, it has a lovely two piece back & sides of figured Sycamore from a tree that grew until the 1980's in Kyle of Lochalsh (near to the Isle of Skye, Scotland). Covered with a Golden Italian ground, it has a warn orange oil resin Varnish, which makes for an attractive effect. The Violin possesses a full bodied, mature & powerful tone and would make an excellent solo instrument.

Certification: Makers Certificate available

Price: £5000
Steve Burnett
Tel: 07812855103
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19 Apr 2016 Hong Kong A very fine French violin bow by Jerome Thibouville-Lamy, 1950.

A fine French violin bow made by Jerome Thibouville-Lamy ca. 1950, branded " NICOLAS DUCHENE ". This is a GOOD, STRONG, FINE SOUNDING PROFESSIONAL bow. The stick is red brown pernambuco, round, strong with a good balance, excellent sound and handling. The length of the stick is 72.2 cm and the weight of the bow is 60 g. It comes with a new hair, ready to play.

Certification: A. Gartsman certificate.

Price: 2150 USD
Niccolò. T
Tel: +85266893941
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19 Apr 2016 Hong Kong A very fine French violin bow by Laberte, 1950.

A fine French violin bow made by Laberte ca. 1950, branded " V.J. FERELLI ". This is EXCELLENT EXAMPLE of the maker's work, also STRONG & FINE SOUNDING PROFESSIONAL BOW in a very fine state of preservation. The stick is SUPERB red brown pernambuco, round, strong with nice balance and very beautiful, powerful sound. The length of the stick is 73.1 cm and the weight of the bow is 61 g with an original winding and grip. It comes with new hair, ready to play.

Certification: A. Gartsman certificate.

Price: 4950 USD
Niccolò. T
Tel: +85266893941
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19 Apr 2016 Hong Kong A fine French violin bow by Louis Morizot Fr.

A very fine authentic French master violin bow made by Louis Morizot frères - (branded in the stick) and certified by J.F. Raffin in Paris. The stick is orange brown pernambuco, round, strong and flexible. The length of the stick is around 72.9 cm and the weight of the bow is around 60 gr. The bow without hair, winding and leather grip. (little original repair done in the workshops of Morizot, not cracked) Ebony frog , with pearl eyes and three part original adjuster.

Certification: J.F. Raffin certificate.

Price: 2500 USD
Niccolò. T
Tel: +85266893941
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19 Apr 2016 Hong Kong A fine French violin bow by Laberte, ca. 1950

A fine French violin bow made by Laberte ca. 1950. This is EXCELLENT SOUNDING AND HANDLING example in a very fine state of preservation. The stick is orange brown pernambuco, round, strong with a nice balance, very beautiful, elegant sound and excellent handling. The length of the stick is 73 cm and the weight of the bow is 59 g. It comes with new hair, silver winding and fine leather grip, ready to play.

Certification: Not available

Price: 4900 USD
Niccolò. T
Tel: +85266893941
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15 Apr 2016 Royaume-Uni Rod Ward, Cambridge, England, UK, year 2000

Beautiful evenly toned violin by Rod Ward. One owner since 2000 -well played in. I am selling for £6,000. Based Guarneri del Gesu model.

Certification: Not available

Price: on demand
Louise Jones
Tel: 07401 451515
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13 Apr 2016 Royaume-Uni Late 19th Century French Violin

Lovely example of late 19th century instrument maker - Jerome Thibouville-Lamy - with a warm and open sound. Labelled "medio-fino". One piece back, plain. Ribs and head similar. Top of broad grain. Varnish of a deep red/brown colour. Length of back 358mm. In lovely condition. Comes with case. If you have any questions then please ask. Based in Surrey

Certification: Original receipt available showing value at £1300 in 2009 from Restalls violin makers/restorers/dealers, England

Price: £1550
Neil Reynolds
Tel: 07985901080
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13 Apr 2016 Royaume-Uni August Gemunder - New York, 1893

Well played late 19th Century violin by August Gemunder and Sons, beautiful red varnish colours and warm tone. Inside reads "Gemunder Art Violin Makers,...13 East 16th., St., New York 1893." Length of back 355mm (14in). Beautiful red/orange colours. More photos/information/viewings on request. Please email me or call me.

Certification: Purchased from Bonhams in 2004. Original Bonhams documentation of authenticity and sale price at auction.

Price: £2200
Martin Wray
Tel: +447789298479
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09 Apr 2016 Suisse Excellent and rare italian violin by Luigi Bajoni, Milan 1868

This very fine example of the work of this rare maker is in excellent condition, posessing most of its beautiful, original red oil varnish and produces a powerful sound with a nice variety of overtones, suitable for orchestra or soloist work.

Certification: Claude Lebet

Price: On demand
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04 Apr 2016 Royaume-Uni Violin by Alessandro Ciciliati

A wonderful Alessandro Ciciliati violin in deep amber varnish from 2008. Violin has been played professionally. Information about maker can be found here: Please email for more details/viewing.

Certification: Alessandro Ciciliati

Price: Please email
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04 Apr 2016 Royaume-Uni GERMAN VIOLIN c. 1900

This is a full sized German violin in excellent condition , and has a clear , warm tone. This has been played by my daughter,( who is an advanced player) , for many hours a day in the last 5 years.

Certification: This violin has recently been valued at Stringers of Edinburgh, and a copy of this certificate is available.

Price: £2000
jane Baird
Tel: 07929179802
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04 Apr 2016 Allemagne Fine violin bow Johann Wilhelm Knopf Dresden

Very fine violin bow Johann Wilhelm Knopf Dresden to sell.Made 1890 in Dresden,silver monted,round stick,Mauritiusebony-frog,59,5g,good condition,with certificate from Hans Karl Schmidt/Dresden. A very fine example of this master.

Certification: Certifikate of Hans Karl Schmidt /Dresden

Price: 8000
H. Scheer
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02 Apr 2016 Autriche Alfredo Galea fecit 1956 (Cape Town)

Beautiful Italian violin. One piece back and decorative purfling inlay. Light golden honey-coloured varnish with its high transparency is characteristic of many of Galea's instruments. Built during Galea's time in Cape Town in 1956. Please enquire for more info or pictures.

Certification: Valuation certificate renewed this year (2016) in Vienna by Peter Tunkowitsch.

Price: Eu 8000
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29 Mar 2016 Royaume-Uni Beautiful antique Violin for sale

I am selling this fine instrument which I purchased many years ago from a retired professional Violinist. Although it has no label inside, it is stamped on the back with "Duke, London". This handsome Violin is very old and like most aged instruments has had minor damage along the way which has been well repaired. It possesses a gorgeous, full bodied, lyrical tone & is even across the range. It is an absolute joy to play and although not a soloist instrument, would suit many other genres.

Certification: No certificate

Price: £9000
Steven Burnett
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28 Mar 2016 Royaume-Uni German violin circa 1870

A full sized German violin circa 1870 labelled Carlo Fernando Landolfi. This violin has a clear and warm tone and has recently been professionally set up with a new sound post, new bridge and refitting of the pegs and is in completely working order. The varnish is also of immaculate quality! Would make an ideal instrument for an advanced student, perhaps about to start university or music college. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions!

Certification: Not available

Price: £1500
Charlie Brookes
Tel: 07725698308
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26 Mar 2016 Suisse Superb violin by Giovanni Battista Gabrielli, Florence ca. 1740

I am selling the most beautiful and best conditioned violin by Giovanni Battista Gabrielli in existence today.The instrument was made ca. 1740 and does not possess a single crack (!).Its magnificent condition is only surpassed by its fantastic, powerful and colourful sound, suited for the most demanding of soloists.This instrument by the most famous of the florentine makers represents a unique opportunity for a player or collector alike.

Certification: Eric Blot

Price: On demand
peter klein
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26 Mar 2016 Suisse Tailpieces by Solist / Sound improvement guaranteed !!!

Join Ilya Gringolts, Daniel Mueller-Schott and many others in improving the sound and playability of your instrument beyond your dreams !

Certification: Not available

Price: On demand
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25 Mar 2016 Qatar Eric Jackson 2011

Professional standard violin. Excellent for orchestral and solo playing with a powerful and exceptionally clear quality of sound. Made in 2011, local persons welcome to visit and play the violin.

Certification: Valuation and insurance certificate available

Price: 47,500 QAR
Katrina Perre
Tel: +97466035539
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19 Mar 2016 Italie Marcello Villa, Cremona, 2012

A very fine Italian Violin by Marcello Villa, Cremona 2012. Strad model.

Certification: Certificate by the author

Price: On demand
Tel: 3339660766
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17 Mar 2016 Royaume-Uni Franz Winkler Violin Bow, Germany

A fine violin bow by Franz Winkler, played by a professional violinist based in London for the last 15 years. Weight: 60 g It's available to view and try in London. Please get in touch for more details.

Certification: available on demand

Price: £1000
Tel: +447892698977
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17 Mar 2016 Royaume-Uni Jan Pawlikowski, Cracow, Poland, 2005

This beautiful Strad model has been played for the last 11 years by a professional violinist based in London. Built in Poland in 2005, with an original maker's tag inside. Powerful, bright, rich tone, in excellent condition. It's perfect for a professional or a music student looking for a world class instrument. The violin can be viewed and tried in London. Please get in touch for more details, photographs or to arrange a meeting.

Certification: available on request.

Price: £3900
Barbara Dziewiecka
Tel: 07892698977
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17 Mar 2016 Royaume-Uni Laberte Humbert, Nicolas Lupot copy

This is a copy of a Nicolas Lupot violin of 1798 from French makers Laberte-Humberte made around 1930. Set up with new Dominant strings and regularly played for the last few years that we've had it. Produces a warm, clean sound and in a good condition apart from a few scratches on the back.

Certification: Sold with a Vatelot-Rampal certificate.

Price: £950
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14 Mar 2016 Royaume-Uni Neil Ertz 1998, UK

The violin, beautifully built, in excellent condition, has benefitted from nearly twenty years regular playing at the high levels demanded by the major UK chamber and symphony orchestras. It works well as a chamber music instrument or as a solo instrument. A very good opportunity to purchase an excellent 'played-in’ violin (it works…) by a highly sought after and established living maker. It would suit a professional player or student looking for a first- class instrument.

Certification: Full certificate of authenticity by Neil Ertz

Price: £11.900
Alun Thomas
Tel: 07817091385
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04 Mar 2016 Royaume-Uni Violin bow by J J Martin

A fine violin bow c.1870, probably by J J Martin, stamped J Thibouville-Lm. Sold with Raffin Certificate. Octagonal pernambuco stick of 72.6cm in length. In good condition. A beautifully round and smooth-sounding bow. Used professionally on a daily basis. Only selling as I need a particularly lightweight bow. Please call or email for further information.

Certification: Jean-Francois Raffin certificate dated July 1999.

Price: Please Telephone or Email
Tel: 07779988634
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02 Mar 2016 Allemagne Gabrielle Yakoub,Cremona, 2002

Amazing work of Gabriele Yakoub, famous violinmaker from Cremona,made in 2002. Violin has a very beautiful sound,warm and natural . His instruments played by world famous musicians.

Certification: Original Certificate of Gabriele Yakoub

Price: 13000
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02 Mar 2016 France Bow - Emile François Ouchard in collaboration with his son.

Bow : Round, pernambouco red/brown wood, 72,6cm long. Frog : Ebony, monted Maillechort, plain silver button. Very fine specimen of the great French masters, in good condition and made around 1930. Nice strong, focused and precise sound. About me : Permanent violinist at Lille National Orchestra.

Certification: Official Certificate from Bow specialist, Jean-François Raffin, expert at the Paris Court of Appeal. Made in october 2009.

Price: 8500 €
Tel: F.(33) 6 60 08 08 92
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26 Feb 2016 Royaume-Uni W.E. Hill Bow (Johnston)

W.E. Hill Bow, by Johnston (ca. 1920) A wonderfully kept and recently re-haired, silver mounted W.E. Hill bow by Johnston. Stamped and with Johnson's mark under the frog, 58g. Insurance valuation by London dealer provided with the sale. Also, I have a Mirecourt bow, in the style of Tourte, 56g, in great conditions. If I can find it, insurance valuation shall be provided too. This would be a freebie. I am based in London.

Certification: Not available

Price: GBP 4,000
Tel: +44 (0)7554 543910
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21 Feb 2016 États-Unis Ernst Heinrich Roth

Ernst Heinrich Roth full size violin copy of Stradivarius 1714

Certification: clear label, can request appraisal from luthier upon request

Price: USD 3500
Alexandra Birch
Tel: 5209825507
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21 Feb 2016 Suisse Superb old italian violin ca. 1840

This instrument was made in northern Italy ca. 1840 and plays with a beautiful, warm and powerful sound suited for orchestral and soloist work.

Certification: Evaluated by Eric Blot

Price: On demand
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20 Feb 2016 Royaume-Uni Violin by Neil Ertz, whose violins are highly sought after. Expert craftsman - long commission waits

Bespoke Scottish, handmade violin. One piece back. Mint condition This violin has performed many concertos, competitions and concerts and has taken my daughter on to win many prizes and awards in UK/Europe. It has a warm, rich and powerful sound. Well balanced across all strings, quick to respond, offering a great range of tone colour and variety of sounds. It sounds equally great when played in classical, jazz or traditional styles, solo, orchestra. Sound files/video available

Certification: The violin is labelled, dated and comes with a valuation letter from Neil Ertz himself.

Price: £8,900 GBP ono
S Mannion
Tel: 07999507627
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17 Feb 2016 Italie Old Violin Caccia Andrea (pupil e grandson Mario Gadda)

Violino by Andrea Caccia fecit anno 2009 MANTOVA. Ottime condizioni ,modello ff Scarampela. Legno molto vecchio, oltre 80 anni,Fondo unico,certificato del autore.

Certification: certificato del autore 2009

Price: 7000 Eur
Tel: +393494621476
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17 Feb 2016 Italie Old violin by DEL BROCCO AUSONIA Year 1988 (Bologna)

Violino in ottime condizioni,con certificato. Modello SGARABOTO 1941.Suono da solista ,veramente potentissimo e caldo ,tipico italiano,scuola Bologna. Pupil Contavalli Primo.

Certification: Certificato del autore. Autentico 100%.

Price: 9.000 euro
nicola hortopan
Tel: +393494621476
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12 Feb 2016 Royaume-Uni circa 1880-1890 French, probably Mirecort

Very good condition ideal for keen amateur. Bought 1988 from Potters Music (receipt available) and described as "French". Shown to well-known strings workshop Newbury, who said it is Mirecourt in good condition. I played it regularly until recently when arthritis stopped me. Comes in beautiful, velvet lined wooden case with custom made outer zip cover. Label inside violin is printed "B Ruggerius Cremonensis anno 1617"!

Certification: Receipt for £1200, dated 14/6/88 from Potters Music, Merstham, Sy.

Price: £1400.00
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11 Feb 2016 Royaume-Uni French Mirecourt Violin by Nicolas Morlot

4/4 Violin by Nicolas Morlot, Mirecourt. Beautiful sound, some old repairs to top. Good playing order.

Certification: Not available

Price: £1800
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09 Feb 2016 Royaume-Uni Karel Vavra violin, Prague

I am selling my 1963 Karel Vavra violin. It has a beautiful amber varnish, a one piece back and is in great condition. It has served me well throughout my time as an undergraduate student at music college.

Certification: Violin has been valued by a luthier

Price: £10.000
Ruta Labutyte
Tel: 07983359810
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08 Feb 2016 États-Unis Albert Sundquist, April 14, 1910, Duluth, MN

Beautiful Handmade Violin Attached Appraisal for complete description and Value Reasonable offers considered

Certification: Appraisal from Christian Eggert Violins Duluth, MN Violin - $1800, Bow $225, Case $125

Price: US $2150.00
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07 Feb 2016 Royaume-Uni William Robinson, London. 1936.

Beautiful William Robinson violin with a particularly lovely one piece back which I bought from a reputable dealer around 5 years ago (receipt can be viewed). It has a lovely tone and is a real pleasure to play. Very reluctant sale as I searched long and hard for this instrument, but sadly I no longer have the time to play it and it is too nice an instrument to be sat around. Selling with a Gewa Venetian case which is in pristine condition plus a carbon fibre bow. Location: Cardiff

Certification: Not available

Price: £2000
Helen Morris
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04 Feb 2016 Italie "SIMMAN" VIOLIN, 1790 - Cremona Violin Museum Certificate

A great and old 18th Century Tyrolean violin with reach and deep tone. Has two piece wonderfull back and it comes in great shape. Label "Johann Michael Simman in Mittenwald, 1790". The condition is astounding. The violin has been completely reviewed by Italian luthier (Milan, June 2015), so is in an excellent state of restoration.

Certification: Cremona Violin Museum Certificate released in July 2015.

Price: 3.500 Euro
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01 Feb 2016 Royaume-Uni Believed Mittenwald, Germany Circa 1870 made

Fully restored in 2013. L.O.B. 14" the varnish is reddish brown in colour. Beautiful warm tone, lovely instrument. Many more photos available. The case is tatty but functions. Lovely bow with mother of pearl or Paua shell but needs restringing.

Certification: Woodbridge Violins valuation and Ingles & Hayday inspection

Price: £2000 negotiable
Katherine Lowe
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01 Feb 2016 Suède Giuseppe Presbler in Milano nella Contrada della Dogana all’ insegna del Sole 1799

Maggini model violin with brilliant, even, warm and projecting sound. Compared on stage with Stradivarius and Guadagnini. The only difference - level of "velvet", "golden" color. Sound sample available. The instrument has some historical, well fixed cracks on the top. Why on sale? I am not a violinist.

Certification: No certificate. Compare visually with Presbler offered by Gengakki-Nishi store in Tokyo:

Price: 21.000 Euro
Lukasz Lisowski
Tel: +46733726725
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01 Feb 2016 Royaume-Uni Richard Duke (senior)

A beautiful example of this finest of British makers with a sweet, sonorous tone. Violin comes with complete Beares papers and has been loved & cherished for last 25 years in the heart of the London music profession. Fabulous, rich colour and in immaculate condition.

Certification: Full Beares papers

Price: 18,000 ONO
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01 Feb 2016 Royaume-Uni George Wulme Hudson, UK, 1930

In very good condition, with an incredibly warm and vibrant tone, this violin has been played professionally for many years and can be used as an excellent orchestral, chamber or even solo instrument. Back - 355mm Upper Bouts - 167mm Middle Bouts - 118mm Lower Bouts - 206mm

Certification: Bears a Nicolaus Gagliano 1730 label and is stamped Gio Caressi, internally on the top block; frequently used by Hudson. It has a two piece front of fine to medium grain, two piece back of medium curl

Price: £13,000
Eliot Short
Tel: +447758150497
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29 Jan 2016 Royaume-Uni Fine English Violin, 2009

This exquisite violin with an elegant one-piece back has a full bodied rich tone, powerful projection and is quick to respond. With a sweet higher register and a complex sound this violin is mature beyond its years and a delight to play. The violin itself is a work of art and I will be very sad to part with it. I am a professional violinist working in London and would welcome a trial period.

Certification: Upon request

Price: £9,000
T Garrod
Tel: 07929 528390
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28 Jan 2016 Italie Cristiano Ferrazzi, Verona, Italy

Violin from 1996, made and signed by C. Ferrazzi, played up until just a few months ago. The instrument has a one-piece back and a great personality which the maker defined as 'crisp' on account of its bright sound. Its red varnish has developed over the years into sophisticated amber shades. It is perfect for students who are looking to go professional. Along with the violin I am selling a bow made by maestro C. Righetti (1996) and a Riboni case.

Certification: Guarantee certificate available on request.

Price: 7.800 EUR
Michele Battistoni
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25 Jan 2016 Royaume-Uni Antique violin by J.Schult, Lubeck, Germany 1892

This is one of the finest example made by Johann Schult in 1892 in Lubeck, Germany. It has a very sweet and balanced sound. Johann Schult was appointed court violin maker to the Duke of Mecklenburg in 1907. A similar violin by this maker(1932) is selling in Martin Swan Violin for 6000 pounds Phone: +44 7448 817 615 Email:

Certification: Original Purchase Receipt in 2009

Price: £3000 pounds
chun kit lau
Tel: +447448817615
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19 Jan 2016 Espagne Salvador Bofill violin wanted

Looking for a Salvador Bofill violin

Certification: Not available

Price: let's discuss about the price
Tel: +34654045036
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16 Jan 2016 France Violon ancien, BRETON Paris, bonne sonorité authentique (19éme Siècle)

Très bel instrument ancien de bonne sonorité ... 19éme Siècle ... joué par moi même en concert dans toute l'Europe ... 59cm (23,23 pouces) ... révision récente chez le luthier ... photos supplémentaires sur demande ... Verry good sound for this old beautiful violin ...19th century ... played in concerts all around Europe by myself ...23,23 pouces (59cm) ... has been recently checked at the luthier ... other photos on demand.

Certification: Héritage de famille ... Inherited from family.

Price: 125000€
Tel: +33 6 95970159
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16 Jan 2016 Allemagne Amati Mangenot 1928

On offer a beautiful violin by Amati Mangenot from 1928. Lanel reads Fait par Amati Mangentot Eleve de Emile Laureant a Bordeaux l'an 1928 No repairs, beautiful varnish.

Certification: Not available

Price: 12000 €
Tobias Poehling
Tel: 004921623689022
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14 Jan 2016 Royaume-Uni Chinese made violin and gold/ivory mounted bow

Chinese made violin finished by Colin Irvine in 2005, beautiful playing tone, in excellent condition, see photos attached £2,500. Gold and ivory mounted violin bow stamped Rudolf Neudorfer, for sale within the UK only, see photo attached £1,500.

Price: £2,500 / £1,500
David Hirschman
Tel: +447970210499
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13 Jan 2016 Autriche Violin by Francois Pillement, Mirecourt ca. 1800, 25 % OFF

BEAUTIFUL FRENCH VIOLIN in excellent condition.This instrument possesses a powerful, colourful complex sound suitable for a professional violinist. Comes with an Appraisal for 15.000 € by Marcel Richters from Vienna and is being sold with a 25 % discount! It has been played professionally, has new pegs and pegholes and has been recently checked at the luthier. No additional costs to be expected, ready to be played immediately!

Price: 11.500 €
Viktor Petek
Tel: +4369910039580
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09 Jan 2016 Italie Violino Sandro Soldi 2002

Violin 4/4, Sandro Soldi 2002, in perfect condition, played regularly and held with great care. Excellent sounding instrument, created by the well known violin maker Sandro Soldi on specific request, very good quality material and of excellent manufacture. Precious violin that belonged to famous Italian violinist with certificate of authenticity.

Price: 14.000 Euro
Tel: 3479696744
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09 Jan 2016 États-Unis Jean Mathurin Remy, Paris, 1794

Violin (4/4), Albert Schubert Brazil wood (needs rehaired), & lined wooden case. Tonality: warm & sweet. Good resonance. Materials: medium flamed maple, single-piece back; highly flamed maple for scroll & neck; face- fine spruce. Known modifications: Pegs have been replaced and peg holes have been plugged and redrilled. Beautifully grafted wood added to scroll to strengthen when redrilling peg holes to replace pegs. Neck may have been expertly and precisely reset. Violin appraised at $12,000.

Price: $10,000 US
Sharon M. Cain
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07 Jan 2016 Royaume-Uni William Taylor, London, circa 1800

A very fine Violin made by William Taylor. This Violin produces a beautiful sweet tone and has been played in some of the worlds leading chamber music venues as part of the Doric String Quartet. The Violin comes with receipt of purchase from J&A Beare.

Price: £20,000
Alex Redington
Tel: 447811898403
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04 Jan 2016 États-Unis Handcrafted Czech violin made of authentic wood. Well preserved, maintained and played regularly.

Handcrafted Czech violin made of authentic wood. Well preserved, maintained and played regularly. Has a bright angelic sound. Wood is a lighter blonde hue. Comes with a higher quality shelled bow for an intermediate to advanced player. I purchased this violin about 4 years ago from a small violin business in Wisconsin. It has been well maintained to stay in its mint condition. Please inquire if interested ;-)

Price: $2,500 US
Monique V. Hieserich
Tel: 320-980-6029
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04 Jan 2016 Royaume-Uni Labelled Carlo Storioni

4/4 Violin .Labelled Carlo Storioni, Cremonisis Faciebat, 1890. Beautiful Violin in good condition and playing order. Lovely quilted/ flamed maple back and sides amber coloured varnish. Rich, powerful tone.

Price: £1200.00
David Sutherland
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01 Jan 2016 Royaume-Uni Full-size violin, Samuel Ouyang 2002

Recently refurbished by Philip Solomon (new bridge, new sound post, pegs adjusted, top nut reshaped and string spacing adjusted, new Corelli Crystal G, D, A and Obligato E strings). Beautiful rich, warm tone. Valued at £1200-1300 by Philip Solomon Violins and by Stringers and Guivier in London. Sold complete with bow and lightweight, sturdy oblong case with large accessory compartment and sheet music storage (all in excellent condition). North London/Hertfordshire location.

Price: £1300 (GBP)
Meira Ben-Gad
Tel: +447950212698
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30 Dec 2015 États-Unis Johannes Finkel Violin Bow

Round stick, strong, flexible, responsive. Used in graduate school and professionally for several years. New hair, stick, frog, and winding in excellent condition. Silver mountings, silver tip, leather and metal winding. Stamped J. S. Finkel on left side of stick. New at Shar Music for $2,500 USD. Asking $1,800 USD. More information:

Price: $1,800 USD
Tel: +1-970-209-9532
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30 Dec 2015 États-Unis John Norwood Lee Violin Bow

This bow has been used professionally for six years in the United States. The stick is firm yet flexible and responsive, with a wide color palate and good control with all strokes. Very mild wear on the thumb leather, stick, frog, and winding in excellent condition. Bone tip, silver frog, octagonal stick. Maker's name stamped on the left edge of the stick (photo 3). Appraised at $4,000 USD in 2009. Please email for more photos. Maker's site:

Price: 4000 UDS, negotiable
Alejandro Gomez Guillen
Tel: +1-303-883-7818
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17 Dec 2015 Royaume-Uni James Tubbs violin bow silver mounted.

In excellent condition. Perfectly balanced at 62g the Sound is warm and clear. Complete with recent independent professional valuation certificate.

Price: £8,500
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15 Dec 2015 Royaume-Uni Affordable German professional Violin + bow

Violin labeled "The Nicolaus Bernhardt Violin fecit Saxony, fil anno." circa 1900. Recently restored in Germany and in immaculate condition. Warm, powerful tone perfect for serious intermediate and young professional violinists. Bow included, a J P Gerard violin bow. Welcome to try - in Manchester (or elsewhere by arrangement*)

Price: GBP £2000
Yasmin Rowe
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11 Dec 2015 Canada Heberlein and Mirecourt

I have 2 violins for sale, the first is a Heinrich Th. Heberlein, Imitation G. Guarnarius (1890). It has a two piece back, beautiful markings and a gorgeous sound. Asking price is $8000, or £4000. The second violin is a L.E.J.T. L'Incomparable Mirecourt (1894), a great transition instrument with a bright and very even sound. I am asking $2000 or £1000.

Price: $8000/£4000; $2000/£1000
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11 Dec 2015 États-Unis A Fine Violin By Karl Eversberg, Wesel (Germany), 1964

This is an exceptionally good-sounding violin, with tonal qualities that are usually not seen in this price range. It can be recommended wholeheartedly for advanced performance due to its outstandingly well-balanced voice, which is bright and clear in the upper registers (without lacking warmth) and quite mellow in the lower ranges. It readily responds across all positions (allowing for effortless playing) and has no wolf tones. The maker’s roots are likely in the Markneukirchen/Klingenthal area

Price: US $ 1900
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30 Nov 2015 Royaume-Uni Jay Haide 4/4 violin 2002 & bow & case

VGC, unused for years, new sound-post & tailpiece, new Dominant strings. Will easily cope with Grade 8 repertoire. Should be insured £1000 violin & £90 bow according to my local British Reserve dealer Try it out near Oxford railway station

Price: £780
Fiona Hedges
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