Instruments à Vendre - Violon

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22 Apr 2014 Espagne Gustave Bernardel 1900 Perfect condicions 27000€
Price: 27000€
Krzysztof Wisniewski
Tel: [+34] 629836826
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15 Apr 2014 Allemagne Unique Violin, amazing Guarneri Del Gesu copy, named after King Ludwig II Bavarian, from private collection,unknown Cremona violinmaker,but has a certificate.
Violin has unique handmade tuning pegs and tailpiece,made from organic material,with gold and crystals.Violin for Solists,or for collection!
Price: best offer, starting from 29000
Edward Lüdwig
Tel: 0049 174 3798007
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15 Apr 2014 Suisse Very fine and rare violin by Giulio Cesare Gigli made in Rome ca.
1760.This outstanding violin is in stunning condition and sounds every bit as good as it looks.A superb opportunity for both players and collectors.
Price: On demand
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15 Apr 2014 Suisse I am selling a superb violin by Giuseppe Pedrazzini with a powerful, deep and beautiful sound in excellent condition.The instrument is sold with a certificate by Eric Blot.An amazing violin suited for soloist playing.
Price: On demand
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14 Apr 2014 Royaume-Uni Full size Scottish violin made by Hendrycs in 1854.
Clear yet mellow sound, strings used are currently Evah Pirazzi's. Small imperfection in lining but has been checked by 2 luthiers who both say this causes no problem to the instrument. Must be tried to be fully appreciated. Excellent sound quality
Price: £2,000.00
Tel: 07512872238
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12 Apr 2014 États-Unis This is a copy of a Raffaello Bozzi violin (Milano, 1944) made by Jay Haide in 2006.
I owned the violin from 2009 until 2012. It is in excellent conditions, it has not had repairs. The violin has a warm and even tone. I have san appraisal in 3200 us dollars.
Price: 3200 us dollars
Tel: 5017225776
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05 Apr 2014 Royaume-Uni Collin-Mezin french full size violin made in 1886 (very good name and fine violin) Would be ideal for young violinist (13-18) interested in a professional career.
Excellent condition - all set up (by Ealing Strings), no damage so no repair necessary. Must meet in person and try out the violin.
Price: £10000
Olivia Jarvis
Tel: 07775913298
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05 Apr 2014 Royaume-Uni Collin-Mezin french full size violin 1911 (very good name and fine violin) Would be ideal for young violinist (13-18) interested in a professional career.
Excellent condition - all set up (by Ealing Strings), no damage so no repair necessary. Must meet in person and try out the violin. Price is
Price: £6500
Olivia Jarvis
Tel: 07775913298
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28 Mar 2014 Royaume-Uni Three fine baroque violins in excellent condition and period set up Remerus Liessum 1733 (£14k).
Betts, c1790 (£12.5k) and Kloz (£7.5K), Mittenwald c1780.
Price: £14,000, £12,500, £7,500
David Rattray
Tel: 02072817499
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25 Mar 2014 Royaume-Uni Contemporary English violin full size in perfect condition made by William Piper (a renowned violin maker) ten year ago.
Length of the back: 355 mm Very recently thoroughly checked by a luthier who put two new strings 4 fine tuners
Price: £2,500
Pierre Tran
Tel: 01730 301040
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23 Mar 2014 Royaume-Uni Late 19th century Saxony violin, full size, with characteristic carved lion's-head scroll.
In good condition with a sweet, even tone across the strings & up the fingerboard. Available with a student bow & case if required. £850, reasonable offers considered.
Price: £850 ono
Deborah Chalmers
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20 Mar 2014 États-Unis Beautiful modern German Instrument in great condition.
Label reads Franz Gandner, West Germany, 1988. I used this violin for the first three years of my music performance degree. It has a warm tone, quick response, and comfortable fingerboard. Case included!
Price: $6,000
Meagan Slattery
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19 Mar 2014 Royaume-Uni Imported from Hong Kong but very good quality sound.
Brand-new. (less than a month) For intermediate / advanced. Fair price.
Price: £1650
Tel: 07453902670
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12 Mar 2014 Royaume-Uni Violin made by M.
Nesi 1999. Lovely instrument, It sounds very good for the price.
Price: £ 6.000
violetta mesoraca
Tel: 0784052064
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25 Feb 2014 Belgique For sale: Beautifull Ebony/Silver mounted violin bow by Eugene Sartory, Paris 1925 in excelent condition.
weight: 61gr Certificate of authenticity by Pierre Guillaume (Brussels)
Price: 25000€
Wim Ilsen
Tel: +32(0)476268641
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25 Feb 2014 Pays-Bas For sale, beautiful Violin bow of Christian Wilhelm jun.
Knopf . With certificate of H.K. Schmidt , Dresden. The bow is built around 1820, weight is 59,5 grams
Price: 8000 euro
Alina-Lin Merx Jong
Tel: +31683789178
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24 Feb 2014 Malte Beautiful, custom made Floriano Nofri violin bow, round stick.
Gold mounted with tortoise shell and a gold tip. Great round sound in excellent condition. Weighs 66g.
Price: €5200
Nadia Debono
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21 Feb 2014 Belgique Je vends mon violon fait par Wilhelm Duerer 1902 - Etat impeccable - Très bonne sonorité - Only by PayPal
Price: 2000€
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18 Feb 2014 Royaume-Uni Violin made by a student at the Newark School of Violin Making in 1985, which has been professionally set up to a high standard.
It sounds very good for the price. For more information click on:
Price: £2500
Helen Michetschlager
Tel: 0161 972 0839
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17 Feb 2014 Pays-Bas Very fine Mittenwald violin, labelled Jacobus Stainer, probably by Sebastian Klotz.
The instrument is in very good condition, nice red-brown varnish. The sound is deep and round, perfect for chamber music
Price: € 15.000
Tjeerd Top
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17 Feb 2014 Pays-Bas violin for sale: a copy of Antonio Gragnani, Czech, around 1800.
Beautiful rich sound, brilliant in the high register, but always elegant. Valuation (06.02.2014) made by Andreas Post
Price: € 10.000
Tjeerd Top
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09 Feb 2014 Autriche I want to sell a violin by Paul Blanchard,Lyon 1907.
The violin is in perfect condition,owns a certificate and can be played at the violinshop of Mr. Michael Jaumann,Olgastr.5 in Munich. +49891299556
Price: 27500 €
Gerhard Hammerl
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06 Feb 2014 Royaume-Uni This violin is an Italian "Pietro Guarneri of Venice" 1998 copy by Willibrord Crijnen of Toulon, France.
Certificate from the maker is provided. Fine Violin in excellent condition. Played continuously by professional and expertly maintained - rich warm sound, lovely instrument.
Price: £12.000
Bethan Hunter
Tel: 07805846107
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27 Jan 2014 Royaume-Uni A fine French violin in good condition made in 1923 in the Benadel workshop.
Some cosmetic scratches. Very responsive, with an even and clear sound. Previously played grade 6 - 1st year Masters level.
Price: £3800
Anna Brigham
Tel: 07951610184
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23 Jan 2014 Royaume-Uni Jay Haide antique 1/4 violin.
Bought £995 from Tim Toft violins three months ago. In good condition. Some minor cosmetic scratches. Beautiful sound.
Price: 795
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20 Jan 2014 Royaume-Uni A fine German Markneukirchen Violin made in the early 20th Century.
In absolutely mint condition. Length of back 359 mm. Golden brown varnish and two piece back with completely new set up by an experienced Manchester based professional luthier, brand new Pirastro Tonica strings.
Price: 2500
UK Violins
Tel: 07947492014
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19 Jan 2014 Irlande Michael de Hoog violin 2008
Price: €13500
Anthony Mulholland
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18 Jan 2014 Italie Beautiful violin J.C.
Leidolff 1751 perfect condition, perfectly playable, with the signs and the restoration of a violin of this period. warm sound and penetrating. mounting with pernambuco tailpiece "Cantabile".possibily detailed photos to buyers interessed.price negotiable.
Price: 9000euro
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14 Jan 2014 Royaume-Uni Violin by Simon Havelka 1769.
A beautiful instrument in perfect condition. Played for last 50 years by professional orchestral player. Now sadly unable to play due to ill health.
Price: £5000
Betty Scrope
Tel: 07766 510969
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13 Jan 2014 France Full size violin Paul Martin, made in 1995.Paul Martin was a student of Jean Bauer.
He was decorated in Poznan violin making competition in 1977 and Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1979. The violin is visible at Vincent Schryve, luthier in Nantes,51 quai de la Fosse, France.
Price: € 3500
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06 Jan 2014 Danemark Hand-built by Eastmann Strings in China 2006.
Including box, not including bow. The value of the instrument is based on an estimate in 2007, and has hitherto been insured at this price. Price is negotiable.
Price: €2680
Mads Christian Gundtoft
Tel: (0045)23352235
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03 Jan 2014 États-Unis Violin, labeled: Jacobus Stainer German made, circa 1890's; Lion-head scroll and banded perfling
Price: $2500
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02 Dec 2013 Belgique Very beautiful french violin, Ecole Caussin.
( copy of Niccolo Amati ) Powerful sound, very responsive, warm and with beautiful colours, in perfect condition. Price can be discussed.
Price: 4800
George Tudorache
Tel: 0032 471 340 366
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28 Nov 2013 Royaume-Uni Fine French violin dating from 1760.
The instrument is in pristine condition, with its original varnish. With even, rich tone across all regions of the instrument, this violin has been played for 10 years by London-based a soloist and chamber musician.
Price: £8,500
John Fitch
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21 Nov 2013 Suisse Full size French violin made by Louis Joseph Germain in 1868 (Mirecourt school).
Quality instrument with rich, powerful tone across all strings. Violin refurbished by master violin maker John Eric Trælnes in Lausanne Switzerland
Price: € 10'000.-
Patrick Thiessoz
Tel: +41 79 486 26 76
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21 Nov 2013 Allemagne BAROQUE VIOLIN M.Hornsteiner DAX from 1770 (with Label) -everything original (apart of Bridge and tailpiece) -wasn´t played for the last 60years at least -but professional baroque violinist (FBO, Les Siecles and Munich Chamber Orchestra) confirm great quality.
-Violin in Munich right now.
Price: 8500€
sophie lücke
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17 Nov 2013 Royaume-Uni Hill violin bow stamped WEH&S silver mounted, lovely tone.
Circa 1920 £2750 ono. Violin bow by James Dodd. Good strong stick, easy to play. £1800 ono
Price: £2750 £1800
Tel: 07715659053
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07 Nov 2013 Autriche Full size French violin end of 19th century.
Nice, bright and even sound across all strings.
Price: 3000
Tel: +436763271829
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07 Nov 2013 France Yamaha silent sv200 on sale.
I paid 1600e three years ago. I want to sell it quickly, at 900 but we can talk about the price. I give the box and strings. It's the perfect violin if you need to work on night, or if you have no-friendly neighbors. The sound is good. Fell free to ask me question
Price: 900
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06 Nov 2013 Suisse Télesphore Barbé violin, ca.
1860, very nice bright sound but also robust in care. Expertise de Jean-Christophe Graff.
Price: 25000 Euro
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05 Nov 2013 Royaume-Uni Violin for sale, 19th century unknown origin.
Has just been given a new set-up by luthier Andreas Hudelmayer. Lovely warm sound with good depth. Price range determined after consultation with three London dealers.
Price: £15,000-16,000
Eulalie Charland
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41 Instruments à Vendre - Violon

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