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26 July 2015 Suisse Superb italian violin by Giuseppe Pedrazzini

A beautiful instrument by this famous milanese maker in excellent condition.This instrument possesses a powerful, colourful complex sound suitable for the most demanding of soloists.The violin is being sold with a certificate of authenticity by Eric Blot.Instruments by Pedrazzini are continuing to break record prices and are a great investment as well as great violins.

Price: On demand
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24 July 2015 Royaume-Uni W.B. Prince. London, 1922

Beautiful, full-backed violin from the London maker W.B. Prince. Mellow sound in the lower registers and sweet in the higher. A fabulous instrument for professional player or music college student. Available to try out, Warwickshire, UK. Private sale.

Price: £4950
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20 July 2015 Allemagne Wonderful unknown french violin labled J.B.Vuillaume

French violin beginning 20th century is for sale into advanced vionists hands. Its labled J.B.Vuillaume 1844 and has no serious damages. Ready to play. Will be sold to a musician or a musical student preferably.

Price: 5000 Euro
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16 July 2015 Royaume-Uni Master's violin, Cremona, On tne model of G.Guarneri “Del Gesu” 1742

This splendid violin is made in 2005 by Lutaio Andrian Andreev. Since its workmanship it has been played by a professional violinist till now. The instrument comes with its Master's Certificate. In golden/brown varnish, with two-part back, this violin has beautiful, colorful tone with rich overtones. Ispirato da “Del Gesu” G string executes dark, deep, vibrant sound. In perfect condition. Trial period is welcome. For more information contact me via Email

Price: £ 3100.00
Madlena Georgieva
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08 July 2015 Royaume-Uni Richard Duke

Richar Duke London ca. 1767. The violin comes with a certificate from A. Smillie and Son of Glasgow, J.W. Briggs of Glasgow and William Lewis and Son Chicago. Body length 14'' Upper bout 6-7/16'' Nech length 5-3/16'' Middle bout 4-1/4'' Stop lenght 7-13/32'' Lower bout 8''

Price: Euros/Pounds on demand
Cristina Prats Costa
Tel: 00447531675668
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07 July 2015 Monaco Rare Unknown, French, 200 years (estimate)

The violin has more than 200 years; it is originated from France and has a unique, extraordinary sound. The name of the luthier can be read inside the violin. It has great finition and is located in Monte-Carlo, Monaco. Available for seeing and trying. Serious inquiries only!

Price: 140.000 euros
Charles LeHaut
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03 July 2015 États-Unis Antonius Stradiuarius 1720 fecit Cremona Austria

Bought in 2009. Played for 3-4 years, and then was stored in a humidity controlled case and temperature controlled location (house). Recently picked it up a year ago and played it some. No deterioration of the instrument or sound quality detected. Looking to sell it for a cheaper violin or to pick up another instrument. Played it with a carbon fiber bow. I can throw it in if you want. Don't really want it anymore.

Price: $3000
Christopher Schroeder
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24 June 2015 Allemagne Beautiful Violin Bow made by French Bow Maker Sylvain Bigot

Beautiful Violin Bow made by S.Bigot. Peccatte Model.

Price: 6000
David Lopes Ascensão
Tel: +4917698554520
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15 June 2015 Allemagne Zeta Jazz Fusion Violine (1998)

Tougher, kristallklarer Klang, Lautstärke der einzelnen Saiten getrennt justierbar. Einzigartiges Tonabnehmersystem, live keine Rückkopplungen, im Studio hervorragend. Durchsetzungsfähiger druckvoller Sound in jeder Besetzung und in jeder Stilistik. Glänzt sowohl im Jazz als auch im Rock/Pop durch ihre einzigartige Persönlichkeit und strahlende Klarheit. Im Gegensatz zu E-Violinen anderer Hersteller bei Einsatz von Effekten druckvoller und "breiter".

Price: 2800
Georg Pfundtner
Tel: 016097382274
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08 June 2015 Royaume-Uni English Violin, 2009

This exquisite English Violin, made in 2009 has been played by a member of the Royal Academy of Music. It has a beautiful tone and big sound and would be suitable for professional or talented student. Two week trial period welcome. listen to the violin being played here:

Price: £8,000
Tansy Garrod
Tel: 07929528390
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28 May 2015 Royaume-Uni Duke London, Violin for sale

Beautiful antique violin with Duke London branded on back. In good condition with a beautiful time worn orange/brown varnish over golden ground, with gorgeous Patina effect. Gorgeous full bodied lyrical tone with rich overtones and colours. Dark lower regions with even timbre across the range with a true bel canto E string. Bought many years ago from an old professional musician and now looking for someone who can appreciate a fine instrument. For more information contact me via Email.

Price: £20,000
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28 May 2015 Royaume-Uni Circa 1870 Lion's head scroll Mittenwald Violin

This is a lovely instrument with a beautiful mellow sound, which I am reluctantly selling due to having not had the time to commit to playing it for some time, and I have a baby due shortly so it's unlikely I'll have the time for a while yet. It hasn't been played in over a year, so would need fully retuning, etc but it is in good condition and is a lovely looking instrument.

Price: £600
Tel: 07803551326
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20 May 2015 Roumanie Violin collection

Violin, CASPAR DA SALO IN BRESCIA year of manufacture 1568,in perfect condition.

Price: 30000 EURO
Dimitru Ion
Tel: +400723477758
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16 May 2015 États-Unis Carlo Lamberti® Master Series Guarneri Violin - 4/4 size Mint Condition

This gorgeous top-tier violin has a rich, throaty sound, with full projection, ideal for "turning up the volume". But it is also remarkably sweet. Easily comparable to other violins costing much more, we believe this violin is the best value in today's violin market. Made under the watchful eye of an award-winning master, the wood is first-rate and the antique varnish is first-quality, and applied entirely by hand. I bought it from Shar Music a year ago for $1800. It's in perfect condition.

Price: $1000 USD
Gabe Teoli
Tel: 6078956911
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12 May 2015 Royaume-Uni Late 18th Century Bavarian Violin

A full-size 'ladies' violin (narrow shoulders for smaller hands), this attractive, warm-sounding instrument is in excellent condition. I've had it since I was 15, and it saw me through my days at a London music college and subsequent years as a professional musician. However, I then migrated into comedy (any suggestion this was due to my violin playing is entirely justified) and it's time to find a new home for this violin where it will be used more fully. I'm in London. Reduced for quick sal

Price: £1,850
Diane Messias
Tel: +44 (0) 7786 892616
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11 May 2015 Espagne Beautiful Vincenzo Postiglione - Made in Napoli in 1879 - Beare´s Certificate,

It has a Sharp and Powerful Sound, It is in Perfect Conditions, No Cracks nor Scratches, Precious Varnish. I don´t loan nor hire it.

Price: 95.000€
Stefan Pop
Tel: 0034656987695
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10 May 2015 Royaume-Uni Violin Bow, Eric Grandchamp, France - 2003

Made by award winning French maker Eric Grandchamp in 2003. Excellent condition. It's done me well for 10 years. It's a great bow for conservatoire students or for young professionals, or even to have as a second/spare bow.

Price: £4,000
Katerina Nazarova
Tel: +44 (0)7837 656449
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08 May 2015 Royaume-Uni Violin Bow by Richard Wilson, renowned Cambridge Bow Maker

Violin Bow, based on Tubbs model by Richard Wilson. Produces smooth even tone -ideal for the young professional or keen amateur. New £1,850. I am selling for £1,200. NW London.

Price: £1,200
Louise Jones
Tel: 07401 451515
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08 May 2015 Royaume-Uni Rod Ward, Cambridge, England, UK, year 2000

Beautiful evenly toned violin by Rod Ward. One owner since 2000 -well played in. New, they are £8,500. I am selling for £6,000. Based Guarneri del Gesu model.

Price: £6,000
Louise Jones
Tel: 07401 451515
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07 May 2015 Allemagne Beautiful violin by Roland Sandner 1999

Beautiful violin by Roland Sadner 1999 with certificate. Superb condition. Warm, rich sound, balanced with strong sound production. Please email for more information.

Price: 10000 €
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07 May 2015 France Violon de François Caussin fait à Neufchateau vers 1860, portant une étiquette Fratelli. Fond rempla

Violon de François Caussin fait à Neufchateau vers 1860, portant une étiquette Fratelli. Fond remplacé dans le style napolitain et tête remplacée. Acheté chez Schmitt (Lyon) en 2001, 60 000F (9 150€). Très bien entretenu. Possibilité de l'essayer sur Paris.

Price: 9 000
Tel: 0658212958
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03 May 2015 Royaume-Uni AN ENGLISH VIOLIN BY HARRY DOBBS, 1974

AN ENGLISH VIOLIN BY HARRY DOBBS, 1974 Labelled, First Prize Winner Watford Music Festival Luthier Competition 1972-3-4, Harry Dobbs, No.68, Peopleton, Worcs. Suitable for intermediates; includes bow and case. Very good condition, no scratches or wood damage Recently valued by Tarisio Strings

Price: £3000
Annalie Schutz
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01 May 2015 États-Unis A German Violin

An old copy of a master, labelled Schweitzer - 1813. Violin in a very good condition, has a beautiful powerful sound. Please email for more information.

Price: $5000
Begum Calimli
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30 Apr 2015 Suisse Magnificient violin by Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi ca. 1765

This superb example of this famous famous milanese maker is in excellent condition with lots of original varnish and tonal qualities suitable for the most demanding of soloist activities.Sold with certificates of authenticity.

Price: On demand
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26 Apr 2015 Belgique violon de concert

Violon du maître luthier " André Theunis" Bruxelles en parfait état nom : Alissa de 2008 Entretien gratuit a vie par le luthier ! Assuré 25000 € plus de détail sur demande Master violin maker "André Theunis" Brussels in perfect condition Name: Alissa 2008 Maintenance free for life by luthier! Insured € 25,000 more details on request

Price: 23000
Tel: +32485345186
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22 Apr 2015 Suisse Giovanni Battista Gabrielli, Firenze 1754

Ein schönes und hervorragend klingendes Instrument von G. B. Gabrielli. Wird verkauft mit Zertifikat von D. Gindin, London 2015. Seit 1990 wurde das Instrument (ex Zürcher Stadtpräs. Th. Wagner) regelmässig in Solo und Kammermusikkonzerten, sowie langjährig im Zürcher Tonhalle-Orchester gespielt.

Price: auf Anfrage
Thomas Garcia
Tel: 0041 79 396 11 28
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20 Apr 2015 Royaume-Uni Joseph Hel Violin anno 1891

Antique french violin made by Joseph Hel. In very good condition, with golden-brown varnish. Body lenght: 356mm, 4/4. Excellent sound. For more further informotion contact with me by email in any time.

Price: 16000£
Ekaterina Tangalova
Tel: +447741833692
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17 Apr 2015 France Great Violin labelled Storioni

An old copy of a master, labelled Storioni. Violin in a very good condition, has a beautiful powerful sound. Please email for more information.

Price: €12,500
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17 Apr 2015 Suisse TAILPIECES BY SOLIST / Sound improvement guaranteed !

Join Ilya Gringolts, Daniel Müller-Schott, Christophe Coin and many other in improving the sound and playability of your instrument beyond your imagination! Visit us at

Price: On demand
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12 Apr 2015 Russie Violin for sale. Western Europe 18th century

Violin for sale. Western Europe. Violin maker unknown. 18th century. Great for solo, as well as for chamber music. Has very rich sound and deep tone, especially in the hall. Violin has been checked with violinmaker and sound post, as well as bridge has been changed recently.

Price: € 6500
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12 Apr 2015 Irlande Louis Handorff Model 107

Beautiful instrument in excellent condition. Rich sonority with colourful tone. Lovingly played and cared for by one owner. in Purchased in Canada in Dec 2005 from Geo. Heinl & Co. Accompanying papers/certificate.

Price: €4,500
Anne Purcell
Tel: 0872288492
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10 Apr 2015 Royaume-Uni Stamped "XXX L. OUBRECHT XXX", Czech Republic, 10 years old

Stamped "XXX L. OUBRECHT XXX", octagonal stick of pernambuco, ebony frog with parisian eye and initials "LO", siver mounted, weight 63g. Lubos Oubrecht is a contemporary Czech bow maker. Born in 1975 in Cheb. He graduated at the violin making school in Luby in 1993. He produces exclusively bows of pernanbuco, octogonal or round mounted with silver or so called new silver, ebony for the frogs, he also uses turtle shell, bone or snake wood.

Price: 1990 GBP
Tereza Privratska
Tel: 07726622997
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28 Mar 2015 Royaume-Uni Mittenwald 7/8th Violin Circa. 1880

Please see attached insurance valuation for accurate description. Has beautiful tone and has been very successfully used for advanced examinations/musical school auditions. If you wish to try the instrument and live within the Sussex/London region of the UK, this can be arranged.

Price: £1200 ono
Tel: +44 (0)7957 562056
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16 Mar 2015 Liban Nicolaus Amatus Cremona Hieronymi filli facit, anno 1693

Beautiful antique full size violin labeled Nicolaus Amatus Cremona Hieronymi filli facit, anno 1693 Back length 360 mm Unknown German maker Depending on the testimony of several experts excellent condition, warm and powerful in the higher tones, perfect for professional violinist. One piece back and very interesting varnish Email me for more photos

Price: 20000 £ or best offer
Sarah Simon
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09 Mar 2015 Allemagne Beautiful Natural Sound Violin

Italian Violin, made aprox.1860, unknown violin maker, in very good condition and with very natural and beautiful sound

Price: 10000
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09 Mar 2015 Allemagne The Violin is in very good condition, has a powerfull sound , good for soloists, after label is J.St

The Violin is in very good condition, has a powerfull sound , good for soloists, after label is J.Steiner, but I think a very good copy.

Price: 8700
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03 Mar 2015 Espagne carbon fiber violin. violin fibra de carbono

Fantastic Violin, powerful and very nice sound Bridge, nut, strings and other parts are installed by luthier Gift violin case .Ships to worldwide Fántastico violin , sonido potente y muy bonito Puente, alma y cuerdas ajustadas por un Luthier Regalo estuche

Price: 1100 euro
Tel: +34620948830
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26 Feb 2015 Royaume-Uni Beautiful bow in very good condition. Strong and balanced: very good playing stick. I bought it 15 y

Beautiful bow in very good condition. Strong and balanced: very good playing stick. I bought it 15 years ago from a dealer in London in preference to a couple of Sartory bows I compared it with. This is me playing on it: One of the imagines shows the Fetique stamp under the lapping (the image was taken before the new lapping was put on) In London

Price: £10,500
Mark Pharoah
Tel: uk 07803 927 769
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25 Feb 2015 Suisse TAILPIECES BY SOLIST / Sound improvement guaranteed !

Join Ilya Gringolts, Daniel Müller-Schott, Christophe Coin and many other in improving the sound and playability of your instrument beyond your imagination! Visit us at

Price: On demand
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24 Feb 2015 Royaume-Uni A Fine English Violin

probably by Lockey Hill, London circa 1780. Unlabelled. Length of back: 354mm. Soft tone. In good condition. Certificate of value included. Please email me for more details or with any questions.

Price: £6000
Nicky Haire
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22 Feb 2015 Royaume-Uni French Trade Violin (c.1880)

French Trade Violin bought in Glasgow Violin shop. Beautiful sound and in great playing condition. Selling as it isn't played as much as it used to be. Comes with a basic Valuation used for insurance. Please contact for any more photos or information.

Price: £1900
James Bullough
Tel: 07850 142992
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21 Feb 2015 États-Unis Antonius stradiuarius cremonefis faciebat anno 1734. Paganini

Antonius stradiuarius cremonefis faciebat anno 1734. Paganini On back Family heir piece Moving house so selling 4/4 size Two piece maple Medium grain spruce Ebony fittings Original neck and scroll No visible cracks Comes with dealer valuation of 2003 At $900.00 us

Price: $850
Bruce Scambler
Tel: 4056082700
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16 Feb 2015 Australie Alex Smillie, facit.

Violin, made in 1901. Alex Smillie, facit. Crosshill, Glasgow. Number 137. For the purpose of selling, we recently had it fully restored by G.B Violins Pty Ltd. Hoping it can be heard and appreciated once again.

Price: AU $18,000
James Hurworth
Tel: 0419263623
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15 Feb 2015 Suisse Stunning violin bow by Emile Sartory

This magnificient bow was made ca. 1925 and is an absolutely fantastic playing bow suitable for soloist activity.The most beautiful pernambucco wood, superb balance and a weight of 60 grams make this bow a prime example of this famous and sought after maker.Sold with a cerificate of authenticity by J.F.Raffin.

Price: On demand
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03 Feb 2015 Royaume-Uni Affordable German professional Violin + bow

Violin labeled "The Nicolaus Bernhardt Violin fecit Saxony, fil anno." circa 1900. Recently restored in Germany and in immaculate condition. Warm, powerful tone perfect for serious beginner/intermediate and young professional violinists. Bow included, a J P Gerard violin bow. Welcome to try - collection only in Manchester! For full gallery please visit:

Price: £2,600 or best offer
Yasmin Rowe
Tel: 07956617478
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03 Feb 2015 Royaume-Uni French Violin

A lovely French violin with rich and deep tone. The violin is made by the "Maison Marc Laberte" and got a certificate from Monsieur Pierre Testa a French luthiere and bow maker. According to him has been made in 1930 in Mirecourt. Any additional enquiries please let me know.

Price: 6000£
Tel: 02082165849
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46 Instruments à Vendre - Violon

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