Stolen Instrument

Pubb: 03 Mar 2023

Alan Balmforth – Seattle -1996 - #56

Stolen: 18 Feb 2023 - Between 10pm and 8am - Vienna

The viola was in a locked Christian clubhouse, which was broken into during the night.
Descrizione dello strumento:
Alan Balmforth – Seattle -1996 - #56 Length: body along center seam 420 mm Widths: upper bout 215.5 mm C - bout 149 mm lower bout 270.5 mm The distinctive outline of this viola is patterned on the ancient lira da braccio: the upper bouts are both re-curved, and the lower bout is indented at the lower block. The back is made of one piece of maple with a prominent medium- width flame. The ribs and scroll are made of wood matching the back. The top is made of two pieces of book-matched spruce of fine-to-medium grain. The varnish is a golden red brown.
Samuel Mittag

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