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Stati Uniti
Stati Uniti
Pubb: 20 Apr 2013

16 1/2 inch (42.1 cm cm) Viola made by Carl Becker in 1982 "770-1982 Carl Becker and Son"

Stolen: - ? Daytime ? - home 567 Aberdeen Rd, Frankfort, IL

Person arrested & did time for other items from same burglary was living in Steger, IL at the time. Part of burglary/drug ring that breaks into homes. Broke down our back door with crow bar. Had male accomplist. Refused to tell police where she had disposed of viola. More than one was stolen but only interested in getting back my Becker. The other was a student viola. Caught trying to pawn some gold jewelry of mine.
Descrizione dello strumento:
16 1/2 inch (42.1 cm cm) Viola made by Carl Becker in 1982. Upper Bouts:7 23/32nd inches/19.6 cm Middle Bouts: 5 ¼”inches/13.3 cm Lower Bouts: _9 ¾ inches/24.8 cm, The Stop Length is 222.5 cm The back: 2 piece ¼ cut maple with medium curl slanted downward from the center joint The Front is in 2 pieces Grain:fine/medium Finish: Deep Orange Red. It was made to order, and I had him tone down the usual bright orange tint. It is still orange, but not as dramatic as some of his other creations. "770-1982 Carl Becker and Son" is on the label inside the viola. It has a Menuhin shoulder support attached. The viola was in a baby blue silk bag with drawstring and inside of a rectangular case. The inside of the case was royal blue plush. This was the usual case they use at Becker’s, including a humidifier tube. Outside hard case in a water-proof royal blue cloth zipper cover, & a zipper music pocket.
Vicki Urban
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