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Shen Zhen, Cina
Pubb: 21 Mar 2024
The Chinese University of Hongkong, Shenzhen

The Chinese University of Hongkong, Shenzhen

Composition & Theory – Electronic Music Composition – Lecturer(Ref. AC2024/020/01)

I. Academic Positions opened for recruitment
Composition & Theory – Electronic Music Composition - Lecturer

II. Job Description
a. Responsible for completing the teaching tasks assigned by the Division;
b. Responsible for the course teaching of "Scoring for Films, TV and Video Games";
c. Responsible for work related to Computer Music Studio.

III. Qualification Requirements
a. Have a background in traditional composition and electronic music composition, with a Master's degree or above;
b. Familiar with the composition, theory and historical development of film music;
c. Proficient in music composition and arrangement technology, and be able to use professional music software for film and television music and game music composition;
d. Have deep understanding of the artistry and technology of film music, and be able to transfer practical skills in teaching;
e. Good oral and written communication skills, good at communicating with students and colleagues, and stimulating students' interest in learning;
f. More than 5 years of industry experience in film and television music and game music composition.

IV. To apply
Please prepare 【a full curriculum vitae in English】and upload through the online application system: http://academicrecruit.cuhk.edu.cn/views/positionapply/mus . Information in the link marked with * are mandatory. Applicant information will be kept strictly confidential.

The recruitment will be closed up to the above positions are filled, and candidates who have submitted information do not need to submit the information again.
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