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28 May 2016 Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Baroque cello by Wang Zhi Ming (2007)

Perfect condition Baroque cello by Wang Zhi Ming (2007). Exact copy of Domenico Montagnana’s “Sleeping Beauty” – this model is slightly wider than many cellos, and therefore gives a deep, rich bass register ideally suited for continuo playing. Resonant & powerful sound that speaks clearly. Beautiful orange colour with brand-new strings and with all setup work completed by Warren Ellison in VT. Used in performances and recordings by a professional player throughout the U.S. and Europe. Boston, MA

Certification: Documentation available upon request

Price: $5,200 (viewings available in/near Boston, MA)
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22 May 2016 Großbritannien (UK) 1880 Hornsteiner

Played professionally for many years , beautiful even tone throughout with a rich c string , recently restored and has been very well cared for with a recently made Belgium bridge .

Certification: certified by Colin Nicholls Instrument maker and restorer

Price: £12,000
Jacqueline Phillips
Tel: 07961984422
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19 May 2016 Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Giovanni Baptista Grancino 1695

The Cello is labeled: "Giuanni Grancino in Contrada Largha di Milano al segno della Corona 1695". The Grancino Cello was purchased in Chicago Illinois in 1955, and has been in our family ever since. We have all documents regarding the purchase of the cellos, and bows. The Grancino was again re-evaluated in 2013, for the purpose of fair market evaluation. Additional Cello & Bow information is available upon request. Video Sound Clips are also available.

Certification: Authenticity Status: Yes / Multiple Certificates. The Cello is in fine condition. We have the Original Bill of Sale and certificate from Kenneth Warren dated 1955.

Price: P.O.R.
Andrew F. McShane
Tel: 2143950440
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10 May 2016 Großbritannien (UK) George Werner Pernambuco Octagonal 4/4 cello bow

George Werner 4/4 cello bow. Good condition with new re-hair. Octagonal. Mother of pearl inlay. The perfect bow for students and advanced players looking to move onto a quality German bow. Very well balanced with a nice weight.

Certification: Original receipt can be provided

Price: £350.00 ono
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10 May 2016 Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Whedbee, USA, 2013

Full size Whedbee cello, made in 2013. Currently located in Seattle.

Certification: Documentation available upon request.

Price: $36,000 (OBO)
Joy Payton
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09 May 2016 Großbritannien (UK) David Collins, 1992

Full size cello by David Collins, 1992. A very good instrument with a beautiful strong sound. Used through a music degree and for professional engagements. I am no longer using the instrument regularly, so reluctantly looking to sell it. Price includes a hard case. I am based in north Cambridgeshire, but happy to bring the instrument to London or possibly other locations for a trial.

Certification: This cello was valued at £6000 by Cambridge Strings in 2013. I am looking for a quick sale (to fund the purchase of another instrument), so am offering the cello at £5750.

Price: £5750
Emily Ashton
Tel: 07792667284
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09 May 2016 Italien Italian cello, 2013

Italian cello in excellent condition, ready to play, ebony fingerboard, Larsen strings, beautiful amber varnish underlines natural wood pattern. It has a very rich, deep, warm sound. The cello was recently set up and valued by luthier in Milan.

Certification: A written certification will be supplied to the buyer

Price: 3000 Euro
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08 May 2016 Großbritannien (UK) Pio Montanari, Italy, made in 2001

Lovely Italian cello handmade in 2001 by Pio Montanari, played for years and in perfect condition, is now on sale. Strong bright sound and easy to play, amazing hard and thin fingerboard, nice finishings on scroll and c-ribs. Comes with the maker’s certificate.

Certification: Certificate by the maker himself Pio Montanari

Price: on enquiry
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03 May 2016 Kanada Christopher Germain 2005

A fine contemporary cello with wonderful tonal colour, great depth, and projection. Sound's super even across all four strings. Beautiful one-piece back and the matching sides. Truly exceptional instrument for professionals or serious students. Please contact for more information.

Certification: Authenticity Certificate (w/ photos) from the maker.

Price: 45,000 USD
K Park
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02 May 2016 Australien Robert Blaszauer, Hungarian 4/4 Cello, 2013

This beautifully handcrafted Hungarian cello is made by Robert Blaszauer. It is in excellent condition and has a rich tone with an even sound. The cello has recently been fitted with a new bridge, tailpiece and endpin.

Certification: available upon request

Price: $28,000 AUD
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02 May 2016 Italien Cello M.A. Heyligers - Cremona 1998

Beautiful italian cello with certificate

Certification: The instrument is equipped with genuine manufacturer's certificate

Price: 20.000,00 EUR
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01 May 2016 Spanien French Cello (Copy of L.Bernardel)

I´m selling my old instrument, French Cello Copy of L.Bernardel, perfect conditions, used for many years to finish studies, and work with professional orchestras, chamber music and recitals.

Certification: Not available

Price: 9000€
Diego Alonso
Tel: +34619625652
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01 May 2016 Großbritannien (UK) Quality German Cello, After Domenico Montagnana

Full size, Handmade with Craftsmanship to a very high standard bearing Makers label 2005 and signed by the maker. One piece back of medium to high figured maple with matching ribs, neck & scroll which has been boldly and crisply cut and well executed. The table is of two piece medium grain spruce. The varnish is of a golden yellow/amber and has been finished to smooth sheen. Fittings are of quality ebony. Quality strings Lovely tone and lovely condition. Lightweight Carbon fibre case, H

Certification: Valuation certificate

Price: £8.500 Ovno
H Thomas
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30 Apr 2016 Großbritannien (UK) Eury Master Copy Cello Bow. John W Stagg

Silver mounted Eury Master Copy Cello Bow, Ivory end pin, 84grams made by and stamped "John W Stagg" Glamorgan.

Certification: Replacement value of this bow in April 2015, £3000. Valuation by John Stagg.

Price: £3000 Ovno
H Thomas
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26 Apr 2016 Rußland Enrico Orselli, 1949

Great Cello for Soloist or Section Principal. Perfect condition, no cracks/repaired cracks at all. 752 mm. You can see/listen it here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7jAZOsYFBsc https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w1rPzjpWBjA

Certification: Passport, issued by Federal Service of cultural heritage protection (http://rosohrancult.ru/)

Price: By request
Tel: +79859299017
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22 Apr 2016 Großbritannien (UK) Cello bow by Heinz Dölling, c.1950

A strong German bow with octagonal stick in good condition. This bow has been used professionally by an orchestral cellist and member of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. It is a handsome stick with a horn frog, which generates a warm, rich sound. At 89g, this bow would suit a player who prefers a weightier stick. Available to view in Liverpool or London.

Certification: Insurance valuation by Sean Bishop (Bishop Strings, London) of £3,000

Price: £2,500
Mark Lindley
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21 Apr 2016 Portugal Baroque Cello by António Capela

Beautiful baroque cello by the famous portuguese maker António Capela (Espinho-Portugal 2010). Excelent tone quality and perfect condition. it is a 4/4 cello with a smaller body size and can easily be adapted to modern.

Certification: Authenticity document by António Capela

Price: 15000€
Filipe Quaresma
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20 Apr 2016 Großbritannien (UK) Milanese cello c.1770

Genuine mid-late 18th century Italian cello (confirmed by dendrochronology - last wood ring found 1763). Rich warm sound. Slightly undersize. Certificate from J-J Rampal of Paris. I would be happy to accept staged payments over a few years, to be discussed

Certification: By J-J Rampal (Paris) in 2008

Price: PoA
Graham Appleton
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20 Apr 2016 Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Gustav August Ficker "The Piatti" Germany 1971

1971 Cello made in Germany by Gustav August Ficker "The Piatti" imported by William Lewis and son in Chicago. Label inside with serial number 102511and No 1926. Informal value of $6000. Minor crack estimated $50 to repair. Jaeger hard case and 2 bows (first made in Switzerland by Jean Bouvin- informal auction value of over $700 and second made in Germany) included.

Certification: number 102511and No 1926

Price: $5990
Elisa Lange
Tel: 2143944898
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16 Apr 2016 Großbritannien (UK) H.R.PFRETZNER

Cello bow in very good condition. New tip and re-hair. Was up for sale in specialist music shop for £1500. Price greatly reduced for quick sale.

Certification: Bought for me secondhand so no documents, I'm afraid, but the bow speaks for itself.

Price: £950
David Higginbottom
Tel: 07774849924
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13 Apr 2016 Deutschland Anton Zunterer, Munich 1889

Beautiful instrument with great sound and perfect condition. Solid sound on all registers. No cracs. Has been on my personal use for last 10 years.

Certification: Not available

Price: 25.000€
Eicca Toppinen
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10 Apr 2016 Großbritannien (UK) German Cello circa 1880

* A German cello circa 1880 with original neck * Two-piece front of medium-growth spruce * Two-piece back of figured maple * Ribs and head similar * Red-brown varnish over a golden ground This cello has a sweet tone, and a rich lower end. The bow is not included in the price - being sold separately. The cello comes complete with a hard case. (Seen in the pictures)

Certification: Valuation and authentication docs from Aitchison & Mnatzaganian available on request

Price: £3500
Tessa Hammond
Tel: 07590323430
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05 Apr 2016 Slowenien Manufacture German Cello 1998

This is an instrument probably produced in Germany. Bridge and soundpost are from Alessandro Tossani in Cremona (around year 2009). Tailpiece and endpin (carbon fiber) was also chosen and mounted by him. The instrument's sound is very nice and is perfect for early careers and talented students (I used it till last autumn, and finished two masters in Switzerland with it). Recordings are available on youtube or I can provide the URLs per email.

Certification: Not available

Price: 4900 €
Michele F. Marrini
Tel: +38630213839
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04 Apr 2016 Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Giovanni Baptista Grancino 1695

Labled: "Giuanni Grancino in Contrada Largha di Milano al segno della Corona 1695". The two-piece spruce top has a narrow width grain. The one-piece maple back is of plain wood. The ribs are of maple with a narrow curl. The neck heel button has an ebony wear ring. The grafted scroll is of a plain wood. The varnish is dark red-brown. The cello is in fine condition. Length: 76.7cm; Width at upper bouts: 34.4 cm; at center bouts: 24.1 cm; at lower bouts: 44.2 cm In our family since 1955.

Certification: Authenticity Status: Yes/ Multiple Certificates

Price: P.O.R.
Andrew McShane
Tel: 214-395-0440
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04 Apr 2016 Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Domingos F. Capela Anta-Espintto-Portugal ANO 1974

Signature: Antonio Capela 1974 appears on the label inside. The two-piece back is made of maple. The ribs, neck, and scroll are of maple matching the back. The two-piece top is of spruce, the grain ranging from medium to wide. The varnish is orange-brown. Measurements: B.L. 75.5 cm U.B. 34.5 cm M.B. 44.2 cm The Antonio Capela Cello has been in our family since 1974. Additional cello and bow information is available upon request.

Certification: Authenticity Status: Yes/ Multiple Certificates

Price: P.O.R.
Andrew McShane
Tel: 214-395-0440
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03 Apr 2016 Spanien Mid 19th century unlabeled

Lady size(72cm) , beautiful sound , very easy to play. Sound sample at:https://youtu.be/XLi9VxiDFi8 Comes with bow R.Paesold, case Bam Hightech Limited Edition

Certification: Insurance valuation from J.Catoira-Spain

Price: 4200 €
Tel: +34609805503
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31 Mar 2016 Großbritannien (UK) Cello by Ernst Reinhold Schmidt Workshop C 1890

Real musicians instrument, a lovely cello with a good tone quality. Used as second cello professionally in concerts and recordings for the London BBC and LSO. Excellent young professional or semi-professional opportunity. Cello is based North London/Watford area.

Certification: None (bought early 1990's from Hamilton Caswell in Bristol).

Price: £6000
07976 754195
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26 Mar 2016 Schweiz Tailpieces by Solist / Sound improvement guaranteed !!!

Join Ilya Gringolts, Daniel Mueller-Schott and many others in improving the sound and playability of your instrument beyond your dreams ! The tailpieces by Solist are available for violin, viola, cello and bass. www.saitenhalter.com

Certification: Not available

Price: On demand
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23 Mar 2016 Großbritannien (UK) Beautiful Hungarian Cello

Full size professional standard instrument, made in 2000. It has a notably warm and rich tone throughout the registers, and has been a joy to play in both concerto solo and orchestral settings. I am based in the North West of England, please get in touch if you are interested in trying it out.

Certification: Not available

Price: £10,000
Tel: 07504716361
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23 Mar 2016 Großbritannien (UK) Cello bow/French model/Pernambuco/Nickel - silver mounted/Fleur de lis pearl

• Stamped MAESTRO ARCHETIER • 4/4 size • Classical French model • Round/Octagonal stick in carefully selected air seasoned Brazilian pernambuco wood in orange brown • Nickel - Silver mounted ebony frog inlaid with pearl eye/Parisian eye/Fleur de Lis • Plated Silver lapping and leather thumb grip • Three-part silver adjuster inlaid with pearl eye • Good balance, responsiveness, flexibility and sound • Weight: 81g • Ideal for professional and college students • New re-hair

Certification: Not available

Price: £450
Paulina Mikolajczyk
Tel: +447460529625
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02 Mar 2016 Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Jean Franot Cello made in 1787

Original Antique french Cello, Built by Jean Franot, signed by the Master Maker on the back of the instrument. Jean Franot dit Commercy have made in 1787 The instrument is in very good conditions and restored. This cello has a wonderful sound typical of cellos made at that time.

Certification: Papers: Yes

Price: 60,000 US dollars
Luciano Golia
Tel: 001 248 469 3316
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22 Feb 2016 Spanien Violonchelo europeo de luthier, mediados del siglo XX

Violonchelo 4/4 ideal para Grados Profesional y Superior. Con él se ha terminado el Superior en Atocha y se ha tocado profesionalmente. Sonido redondo, potente y de calidad. Chelo equilibrado y muy cómodo de tocar, lo que es perfecto para el estudiante que quiere adquirir una buena técnica. Puente y alma cambiados a finales de 2014 por Laurent López. Cuerdas Larsen soloist en La y Re y de Spirocore con apenas 1 mes de uso.¡MEJOR PROBAR! Se vende por cambio a chelo superior. Está en Madrid.

Certification: En la etiqueta pone "Laberte-Humbert Freres, Mirecourt, 1920".

Price: 6750 euros
Alberto Hernández de Frutos
Tel: +34691203136
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21 Feb 2016 Schweiz Superb and rare italian cello ca. 1780

This instrument posesses a beautiful,deep and powerful sound,typical for italian instruments of the golden aera of cello making.An instrument suited for orchestral work as well as the most demanding of soloists.Sound clip available for the interested.

Certification: Not available

Price: On demand
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18 Feb 2016 Frankreich Stephan Von Baehr ( 2005/2015)

Je vends un magnifique violoncelle de Stephan Von Baehr, fait à Paris en 2005 et complètement rénové par ce même luthier en 2015. Modèle et vernis fortement inspirés d'un modèle de Domenico Montagnana de 1735. Sonorité riche, timbrée et chaleureuse. Essais possibles à Paris, n'hésitez pas à me joindre!

Certification: Certificat avec photos de Stephan Von Baehr avec valeur actuelle de remplacement de 47000 euros.

Price: 45000 euros
Tel: 0033619115160
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16 Feb 2016 Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika 1998 Frank Ravatin Cello

I am selling my 1998 Ravatin cello. Please contact me if you are ever in New York City to try the instrument out. It is an excellent cello and great condition.

Certification: I have documentation from the luthier, himself.

Price: $45,000 USD
Arnie Tanimoto
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15 Feb 2016 Schweiz unknown around 1907

fantastic stradivari-model Cello. Brilliant sound and in perfect condition. For more fotos, documents and informations, please contact me.

Certification: Valuation document of Pierre Mastrangelo, Lausanne CH

Price: CHF 50000
Florian Arnicans
Tel: 0041765038455
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11 Feb 2016 Italien Italia Biasin Alberto liutaio anno 2012

Italian handcrafted instrument following the classical construction methods. Materials: -val di fiemme spruce -european flamed maple -ebony fingerboard, tailpiece and pegs -fine oil varnishes -shellac pad finish -jargar strings -despiau bridge Ship instrument in hiscox hard case with certificate of authenticity.

Certification: authenticity certificate with construction photos.

Price: 7000€
Alberto Biasin
Tel: 3409484011
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06 Feb 2016 Großbritannien (UK) 20th Century Italian Cello

Excellent hand crafted orchestral cello to the Montangana pattern. It compares very favourably in tone and playability to cellos from contemporary master makers and has previously been used professionally in an opera orchestra. Plenty of power. Original label - year 1986. Minor repairs to table and minor wear commensurate with its age. Location Brentwood, near London and M25

Certification: Insurance valuation ledger from mid 1990's from Cremona.

Price: GBP 3000
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29 Jan 2016 Frankreich Diann Grohmann-Février Baroque Cello, from 2012

This wonderful cello was made in Berlin at the end of 2012 after what i moved to south France. I made a baroque montage. With a ebony plaqued fingerboard made of Spruce and a tailpiece in the same style. Occasionally you can find me on 5,6,7 february at musicora in Paris. Find more details on my website. Body length is 750 and vibrant string length 690.

Certification: It's a personal interpretation of the forma b model by A. Stradivari, 100 per cent handmade in the italian style by Diann Grohmann-Février.

Price: 25.000 euro
Diann Grohmann-Février
Tel: 0033 783029531
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20 Jan 2016 Großbritannien (UK) 1757 Old English Cello by John Johnson

A beautiful instrument to look at and play, with a warm, deep tone. It is in excellent condition for it's age. I have played professionally on this cello for many years. Selling for personal reasons.

Certification: The cello is labelled John Johnson at the Harp & Crown, London, 1757. Two experts have confirmed that it is a John Johnson.

Price: £38,000
Elizabeth Furness
Tel: 07951071810
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19 Jan 2016 Portugal Cello bow by LAMY

Superb Jerôme Thibouville-Lamy cello bow ca. 1900. Certificate by Jean-François Raffin. Weighs 82gr and the stick is 70cm long.

Certification: This bow is certified by Jean-François Raffin.

Price: please inquire
Pedro Ferreira
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18 Jan 2016 Australien 1985 Graham Caldersmith full size cello, Cristofori Model

The previous owner of this cello was the lead cellist of the London Symphony Orchestra, Nelson Cooke. It has a beautiful rich sound. I am relocating to London and I do not play as often as I would like.

Certification: Not available

Price: 13,000 AUS
Jemma Renshaw
Tel: 0414347478
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02 Jan 2016 Schweden Mittenwald cello Rieger 1899

A fine German cello made in Mittenwald by Rieger Family 1899 labeled on inside back. Certificate of R. Leonhardt, Germany and evaluation certificate for 12000€. More information and sound sample at violoncello.se. Free shipping worldwide.

Price: 11500 €
Tel: +46705274626
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01 Jan 2016 Großbritannien (UK) For sale: a beautiful English ladies full size (7/8) cello from the late 18th century. Excellent ton

For sale: a beautiful English ladies full size (7/8) cello from the late 18th century. Excellent tone, in good condition, played through grade 8 and beyond. Great for people with smaller hands. Reluctant sale. Comes with bow and hard case.

Price: £8500 ono
Hannah Dyson
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18 Dec 2015 österreich 3/4 French cello (BRETON BREVETE DE S M G, M LA DUCHESE D ANGOULEME, A MIRECOURT 1831 BRETON)Perfect

3/4 French cello (BRETON BREVETE DE S M G, M LA DUCHESE D ANGOULEME, A MIRECOURT 1831 BRETON) Perfect for young students or litlle musicans - Ready to play; new strings, nice crystal clear sound, some age-related traces of use but very nice cover and flamed back, reparations on the cover and pegbox, bow is included Please contact me for more details or photos

Price: 1850 €
Martin Schneeweis
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03 Dec 2015 Großbritannien (UK) 4/4 German cello

Hand-finished 4/4 German cello, 1990. In excellent condition. Very responsive to play with good and bright sound quality. Bought from a reputable dealer in 1996; that purchase invoice is available. Cases available: A hard fibreglass case, black, approx 6.5kg, good condition; or a soft padded Turtle case, as new, with wheels. Location: London

Price: £2500
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03 Dec 2015 Mexiko anonymous maker, Germany, new

This is a quite recent instrument of anonymous author and ready to play. It has been extensively modified and re-varnishing with the "Brescia 16th century" varnish by the prestigious German / Mexican luthier Matthias Kayssler. It is a professional instrument with outstanding sound quality - powerful, very balanced, soft, with an incredible bass-sound. Its price could be 2 to 3 times higher than what we ask. A real oportunity! It includes fiberglass-case

Price: 5800 usd
Fritz Rembrandt
Tel: 525542149382
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01 Dec 2015 Italien French cello bow by Nicolas Maline

Old bow by Nicolas Maline ca. 1850 with a French certificate by Millant. It is in good condition. Weighs 78 g.

Price: On demand
Giovanni Marziliano
Tel: 3462132945
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30 Nov 2015 Großbritannien (UK) Jay Haide 4/4 cello (+ bow & soft case) 2002

Unused for years, new sound-post, refitted bridge & pegs, new tailpiece, old Dominant strings. Sound condition, looks almost as new, two small safe rib cracks Will easily cope with Grade 8 playing. Should be insured £3200 cello & £60 bow, according to my local British Reserve dealer. Try it in Oxford - short walk from the railway station.

Price: £2,600
Fiona Hedges
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