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27 Mar 2017 United Kingdom cello is made by Libor Šefl in 1980

This cello is made in Czech back in 1980. My teacher bought it from the maker 35 years ago with 10,000USD, and she had played on it for 25 years in professional orchestra. Myself also had professionally played on it for another 12 years. The cello is in a very good condition, very suitable for orchestral cellists, as it has beautiful warm sound and easy to play on it. Location: London Price negotiatale

Certification: I have a certificate from the maker and have recently valuated by Bridgewood & Neitzert for 12,000£ (Possibly to provide the certificate )

Price: £12000
Tel: 07472667622
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27 Mar 2017 Switzerland Very rare Cello by Pietro Testore, Milan ca.1775

This is the only known Cello by this member of the famous Testore family.The instrument is in outstanding condition with no sound post cracks(!)and hardly any other damage.The cello plays with the most beautiful, deep, sonorous and powerful sound you could ever imagine and is a soloist instrument of the highest order.

Certification: Eric Blot

Price: On demand
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17 Mar 2017 United Kingdom David Mahov Cello

For sale is a beautiful and rare David Mahov Cello. It was made in 2000 at the prestigious Goronok workshop in Cleveland. This instrument is perfect for a professional, aspiring student, or collector alike. The instrument is very responsive and produces a warm and full sound with great ease I bought this in New York 4 years ago. It has been restrung and well maintained in London. Free cello bow bought in Australian for $450 in 2008 I am located in WEST LONDON, UK.

Certification: I have the receipt and the photo of the inside of the cello fro authentication

Price: £5500
Emily Williams
Tel: +447507644804
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09 Mar 2017 United Kingdom "Ladies" 7/8 size Cello. Franz Sandner Nauheim German 2005

Lovely small cello, back length 727mm, 7/8 size. Suitable for student grades 5-8, and for amateur orchestral playing. I bought it in December 2009 from Bonhams Fine Musical Instrument Auctions, Knightsbridge. It was valued in January 2016 for £1,800 by Amati Musical Instrument Auctioneers (actual value, not insurance value). It is in good condition. It has a crack on the lower bout which a professional luthier said is stable, and was not in danger of affecting the tone, or likely to

Certification: Bonhams receipt available.

Price: £1,200
Pippa Cousins
Tel: 07970316665
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01 Mar 2017 United Kingdom Henry Randolph 2014

This cello was made in 2014 by a very good Chinese luthier and purchased in Singapore. It was worked on by Turner Violins in Nottingham when we relocated to the UK, who refitted the pegs and adjusted peg holes, added a new bridge and post and fitted a set of Pirastro Gold strings. The instrument is in excellent condition and is perfect for an advancing intermediate player. Included in the sale are the bow and fibreglass hard case. More photos are available on request!

Certification: None

Price: £2500
David Shoukry
Tel: 07777676771
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27 Feb 2017 United Kingdom Jay Haide antiqued. 3/4 size

Lovely 3/4 size Jay Haide cello bought from Stringers in London. Great sound and a very good instrument for the more advanced student. Available to view in Oxford or London on saturdays. Case included in price.

Certification: Receipt from original purchase available

Price: £2000
Leanne Kelly
Tel: 01865721760
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21 Feb 2017 United Kingdom The Stentor Student 2, 10 years old.

This Cello is In a good used condition. I haven't playing in a long time, so I think it is time to let go. t has a few chips in the paintwork but doesn't affect the way it plays.

Certification: I don not have any documents for this instrument as it was given as a gift when I was 14 but have a photo of the inside of the instrument with the label.

Price: £800
Rose Broadhurst
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07 Feb 2017 United Kingdom Hornsteiner 1870 Germany

It has been professionally played for 26 years and has an even sound throughout with a bright A string and a gorgious deep C string tone . It is in very fine condition with a fairly recently replaced Belgium bridge , restored by Colin Nicholls and originally Oxford Violins .

Certification: Certificate by Colin Nicholls and valuation at £14,000

Price: £12,000
Jacqueline Phillips
Tel: 07961984422
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30 Jan 2017 United Kingdom Paesold 4/4 model 602, Germany, 2008

A good quality, reliable student instrument with a warm, powerful sound - used to perform the Elgar cello concerto with orchestra. Recently serviced and in good condition aside from a few cosmetic signs of wear and tear. Just fitted with new Jargar strings. A Paesold bow worth £200 could also be negotiated for inclusion, if interested. Manchester, UK.

Certification: Original sale receipt

Price: £1800
Isabel Williamson
Tel: 07598488406
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30 Jan 2017 United Kingdom Stringers Symphony Outfit

3 years old in excellent condition and comes with a silver hard case and Jon Schneider bow. These Cellos are still being sold from for £2000. The bow I paid £200 extra.

Certification: None

Price: £1700
Andy Gerrard
Tel: 07790946350
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29 Jan 2017 United Kingdom Florian Bartsch, Germany, ~ 1982

Florian Bartsch German Cello Good condition and fine tone ~ 35 years old made in southern Germany. It has a maple back and ribs & top of spruce. The cello dimensions are 121 cm (entire length) 77 cm (body), 43.5 cm (widest point 43.5 cm).

Certification: Not available

Price: £2250
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08 Jan 2017 Canada c. 200 years old, Sweitzer, German?

A rich full sound that I played in two orchestras until my physical disabilities stopped my playing. Beautiful maple wood with the warm sound of an older cello. It does look, as though it has been well used over the years. It was gone over completely in 2015 by professional luthier for any flaws and he pronounced it in excellent shape to sell for $15,000 to $20,000. He added a handmade bridge.

Certification: Jn Baptiste Sweitzer certificate 1813 inside on back of cello, Unfortunately my luthier died shortly after he examine no valuation documents, but others have given similar informal valuations.

Price: $15,000.00 USD
Marsha Mildon
Tel: 2507440161
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06 Jan 2017 United Kingdom Cello bow by Heinz Dölling, c.1950

Heinz Dölling learned his trade from his father Otto before establishing his own shop in Wernitzgrun, Germany in 1938. This fine example is in good condition, with an octagonal stick and horn frog, 89g. It plays well, it is responsive and draws a deep, rich tone. It has been played professionally by a member of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. Available to view in Liverpool or London.

Certification: Insurance valuation certificate from Bishop Strings for £3,000

Price: £2,500
Mark Lindley
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06 Jan 2017 United Kingdom Antiqued Chinese Cello

I bought this cello from Stringers in Edinburgh in 2004. It has since been based in one location and therefore hasn't suffered any undue wear and tear. It's a beautiful instrument and I will be sad to see it go! Being sold with a bow and hard case. UK Shipping Only.

Certification: Not available

Price: £2500
Clare Robertson
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03 Jan 2017 Slovakia Hermann Trapp Neukirchen b. Eger (Bohemia)

This instrument had been played daily for many years and left in a very good condition. It has beautiful and unique sound of an older instrument. The sound post, bridge, end-pin and fingerboard etc. was recently adjusted by renowned Cezch luthier Miroslav Komar. For more information please do not hesitate contact me.

Certification: Not available

Price: 8000 Eur
Rastislav Huba
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13 Dec 2016 Italy Sopò Santini's cello (Florence 1998)

Italian cello made in 1998 in Mr Aldo Sopo Santini's lab. Its wood is several decades aged . The sound is warm and clear. Possible change with another cello of the same value.

Certification: Sopò Santini's certificate (seils letter)

Price: € 20.000
Govanni Tocco
Tel: +393406120160
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10 Dec 2016 United States "Giuanni Grancino in Contrada Largha di Milano al segno della Corona 1695"

The Cello is labeled: "Giuanni Grancino in Contrada Largha di Milano al segno della Corona 1695". The Grancino was purchased in Chicago Illinois in 1955, and has been in our family ever since. I have original documents regarding the purchase of the cellos and bows. Additional Cello & Bow information is available upon request. Sound Clips are also available. I also have a Domingos F. Capela Anta-Espintto-Portugal ANO 1974 for sale as well.

Certification: Certification: Authenticity Status: Yes / Multiple Certificates. The Cello is in fine condition. We have the Original Bill of Sale and certificate from Kenneth Warren dated 1955.

Price: P.O.R.
Andrew McShane
Tel: 2143950440
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10 Dec 2016 United States Joseph Hel, Lille, France, 1886

Very characteristic example of the maker's work on the pattern of Antonio Stradivarius. Powerful, projecting sound. Used professionally in both chamber music and orchestral settings since 2003. Very pleasing aesthetically as well. Located in Rochester, NY. All are welcome to come and try it.

Certification: Kenneth Warren and Sons, 2003.

Price: usd
Tel: 7037851455
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30 Nov 2016 United Kingdom Modern English cello by Jeremy Mahrer

Length of back: 760mm; String length: 682mm Based on a Strad model, beautifully antiqued. I've owned it since 2002. In perfect condition and well set-up.

Certification: Insurance valuation from Michael Shakespeare, Blackheath

Price: £7500
Daniel Hammersley
Tel: 07766 021441
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26 Nov 2016 United Kingdom Mirecourt, France. circa 1970

This cello has been used in high level performance for 10 years and has seen me through many successful competitions and auditions (including Royal Conservatoire of Mons, Belgium, and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music, London). It is equally suitable for students and advanced cellists. If you would like further informations and photos, do not hesitate to contact me. 5000£ Contact :

Certification: A certified attestation of value by Philippe Ferrand

Price: 5000£
Tel: 00447903230548
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25 Nov 2016 United States German Cello Circa 1850's

This beautiful cello has an old world, deep, responsive sound. This instrument has been professionally restored in 2016 and is ready to play. I have heard professionals play this cello in a concert hall and it sounds great. It fills the hall with a full and warm sound and it projects well. All seems are glued and the instrument sounds amazing. All repairs are solid. I am selling because I don't need a cello this nice. Cello is located in North Carolina.

Certification: Maker unknown; appraisals available upon request.

Price: $20,000 usd
Doug Merritt
Tel: 9193741144
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23 Nov 2016 United States Domingos F. Capela Anta-Espintto-Portugal ANO 1974

Domingos F. Capela Anta-Espintto-Portugal ANO 1974 Signature Antonio Capela 1974 appears on the label inside. The two-piece back is made of maple. The ribs, neck, and scroll are of maple matching the back. The two-piece top is of spruce, the grain ranging from medium to wide. The varnish is orange-brown. Measurements B.L. 75.5 cm U.B. 34.5 cm M.B. 44.2 cm P.O.R. Authenticity Status: Yes/ Multiple Certificates Certificate Author: Capela, Antonio Date of Certificate:Jul 06, 19

Certification: Authenticity Status: Yes/ Multiple Certificates Certificate Author: Capela, Antonio Date of Certificate: Jul 06, 1978

Price: POR
Andrew McShane
Tel: 2143950440
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20 Nov 2016 United States 1998 Frank Ravatin

I am selling my 1998 Frank Ravatin cello. This instrument won a gold medal at the 1998 VSA competition (the year he was granted the designation "hors concours"). I live in New York City - all are welcome to come and try it.

Certification: Certificate from the maker on demand.

Price: $40,000 USD
Tel: 5178993730
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18 Nov 2016 United Kingdom Osztreicher, Korean, 1990

Beautiful dark wood cello which I have owned from new. This cello took me through my higher exams. A much loved instrument, it has been very well looked after. I don't get the chance to play now and this cello deserves to be played, hence reason for sale. Sale price of £1,700 includes hard case and a beginner bow. I'm also selling my German bow for £500 Staffordshire / Midlands.

Certification: I have the original valuation certificate from our purchase in 1991

Price: £1700
Tel: 07914750544
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13 Nov 2016 Netherlands 3/4 Cello of Maple and spruce wood with cover

It is a used 3/4 Cello with a Case (without a bow). The reddish brown cello is in good shape. The back of the instrument has a length of 65cm. The back which consists of two parts of maple wood, portrays a deep irregular structure The sides are of the same quality maple wood. The peg box and neck have a fine broad shape. The top which is composed of a fine irregular texture, is made of pinewood.The growth rings are spread evenly over the sheet.

Certification: Not available

Price: 1400 €
Matthias Kuchenbecker
Tel: 0031646011094
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09 Nov 2016 United Kingdom David Collins, English made, 2002

Very fine cello by David Collins of Abingdon, England. This is one of a few copies of a Ruggieri owned by Bruno Schrecker of the Allegri Quartet. This example was made in 2002 and is a fine, professional-level, instrument which is capable of holding its own in any solo, chamber or orchestral context. The instrument is in perfect condition, speaks easily and has an even and powerful sound. This would suit a professional or an aspiring amateur.

Certification: Labelled (see photo) and original receipt available.

Price: £6,500
John Wilkinson
Tel: 07813 787686
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24 Oct 2016 Italy A very fine 4/4 old Italian cello

Beautiful cello, Leonardo Cocchi label, circa 1930s. This full-sized Stradivarius model is an excellent example in perfect condition with the original varnish still retained, no crack nor repair needed. Deep, rich and buttery tone with great balance. LOB is 770 mm, superior body width 355 mm, inferior body width 455 mm, front waist width 250 mm. Ebony accessories, Larsen strings, ready to play.

Certification: Italian Luthier Certification of Restauration

Price: 4000 Euro
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19 Oct 2016 United Kingdom German 1870

I am selling in my late father cello it has some damage as seen in photos but playable it a 4/4 has no bow looking for 1,300 pounds or near offer

Certification: None

Price: 1300 pounds
Caroline atkins
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17 Oct 2016 Hungary Beautiful hungarian cello 2007

The cello was made by a great hungarian violin maker Robert Blaszauer. Through the small mensure and bigger body it is very comfortable to play and produce good sound. Specality is that the back is in one piece and made from maple wood. This instrument helped me get prizes on international solo and string quartet competitions, but i also had orchestra tournees with it. It is hard-wearing and has an easily recognizable special sound:

Certification: Not available

Price: € 17 000
Dorottya Standi
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14 Oct 2016 United Kingdom German 1890

Beautiful German 1890 cello for sale. The Cello was valued at £6050 9 years ago, willing to sell for this price and include the bow (valued at £440) and the case (valued at £900) for free.

Certification: Insurance documents stating the value

Price: £6050
Helen MacDonough
Tel: 07803462645
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13 Oct 2016 United Kingdom Contemporary English Cello made c. 2004

English cello, assembled at the Bristol Violin Shop. Despite being Contemporary, those colleagues who have played it have commented on its well rounded sound with even tone on all strings, as well as it's power. Needs some standard upkeep/servicing. Owner used up until conservatoire level. No bow, no case. Based in Hertfordshire.

Certification: No certificates.

Price: £6,500
Laura Hammonds
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13 Oct 2016 Switzerland Excellent italian cello ca.1780

This is a superb sounding cello made in central Italy ca. 1780.It plays with a very powerful, deep, sonorous sound with nice overtones and represents the typical sound of the golden era of instrument making, for which these cellos are famous for.The size is 74cm. The instrument was play tested against a Gagliano, Testore and Tononi cello and most certainly held its own and is well suited for soloist work.

Certification: Not available

Price: On demand
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09 Oct 2016 United Kingdom 3/4 Romanian Cello for sale

I have a 3/4 Reghin Cello for sale. It has a lovely tone. The age is not known, but it has been in our family for around 15 years. The soft padded case is included. There is a Korean bow, which the buyer is welcome to at no extra cost, but the bow needs rehairing.

Certification: No certification

Price: £350
Angela Daniels
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08 Oct 2016 Austria Italian Cello

cello with label "Luigi Bajoni, Milano 1854", most probably from Northern Italy 19th century. Beautiful warm, dark and soft sound. Good condition. Rather small but 4/4 size and easy to handle, has carried me to success throughout a couple of competitions and orchestra auditions!

Certification: no certificates

Price: on demand
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03 Oct 2016 Israel P.LORANGE CELLO BOW 4/4


Certification: none

Price: $900
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03 Oct 2016 Italy Cello Marino Capicchioni 1951

Rare and beautiful Marino Capicchioni cello made in 1951. Perfect condition. The cello is featured in the Marino Capicchioni book. The first owner was the renowned Italian painter Giulio Turci.

Certification: Original certificate by Mario Capicchioni

Price: On demand
Tel: 3922445659
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