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24 Aug 2015 United Kingdom Mittenwald Cello c.1850

Beautiful Mittenwald German cello, dated c.1850 and currently played by orchestral cellist. Lovely tone and good, sound condition. Regularly maintained and recently overhauled by Colin Nicholls. Bought in 2007 for £15,000. Willing to discuss offers.

Price: £10000 ono
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21 Aug 2015 Switzerland Cello 4/4 perfect for high studies and professional beginning

Vend violoncelle 4/4 pour hautes études et début professionnel. Portant une étiquette « Béla Szepessy / London 1934 », Il possède une sonorité forte qui projette loin avec de bon graves. Pour plus d’informations, je suis à votre disposition à l’adresse suivante : pierreantoineblanc@gmail.com___Handwritten label "Béla Szepessy / London 1934 ," He has a strong sound that projects away with good bass. For more informations, I am available at the following address:

Price: 20'000 CHF à négocier
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20 Aug 2015 Russian Federation Great Italian Cello, Orselli 1949

Cello is in perfect condition, no cracks or repairs, great instrument for orchestra player or soloist. Here is links on YouTube videos:

Price: POA
Tatiana Shatskaya
Tel: +79859299017
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15 Aug 2015 United Kingdom 4/4 Mittenwald Cello of the Neuner School ca. 1890

4/4 Mittenwald Cello of the Neuner School ca. 1890. Incredibly beautiful dark coloured cello with a whole rich sound. Well loved and well cared for. Hard case included. Bow included.

Price: £3500 obo
Rosie Allen
Tel: 07812164792
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15 Aug 2015 United Kingdom 3/4 Neuner & Hornsteiner in Mittenwald ca. 1890

3/4 Neuner & Hornsteiner in Mittenwald ca. 1890. Stunning instrument perfect for an intermediate learner who is ready to develop their sound and practice. Soft case included. No bow.

Price: £1800 obo
Rosie Allen
Tel: 07812164792
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15 Aug 2015 United Kingdom Andreas Eastman 4/4 Cello Model 305

Andreas Eastman Cello 4/4. A Strad patent size 74 in good all round condition. Label says Andreus Eastman VC305 E.599. It had a new set up and bridge in 2012. Currently with Eva Pirazzi and Jargar strings. Attractive woods, very well made with good round sound. No cracks or major marks. Comes with American hard case in reasonable condition. Happy to send a full portfolio of pictures. I also have a student Chinese bow in good condition for £60 extra (cost £120 new).

Price: £850
Paul Gregory
Tel: 01273882862
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10 Aug 2015 United Kingdom Old German Cello

19th Century German cello, 4/4 with a 29¾ inches back. This is a lovely instrument at a sensible price. No label, overall condition is good; historical damage commensurate with its age, good repairs to old cracks. Plays well with full tone, new ‘Warchal’ strings. Professional valuation from luthier for insurance: £3000. Mature instrument, with character. Genuine reason for sale. Buyer to collect from Bristol.

Price: £1850
Tel: 07751 690993
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04 Aug 2015 Chile Italy

A beautiful older Italian cello, maker unknown, sometime between 1690-1740. The cello arrived in Chile sometime between the two World Wars and has been played for many years by a cellist in the Santiago Philharmonic in Chile. The condition and repairs are very good for an instrument of this age. Please listen to this link with good quality headphones to hear the sound of this cello:

Price: consult
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02 Aug 2015 France H.Fagnola 1930

Wonderful solist instrument in perfect condition from Fagnola's maturity age. Made in Torino 1930. Cello illustrated in Eric Blot's book page 288, 289, 290. Powerful and warm sonority.

Price: 250 000 euros
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26 July 2015 Switzerland Superb french cello ca. 1850

This beautiful cello posesses a powerful and beautiful "italian"sound with fantastic tonal colours, suited for orchestral or soloist work.

Price: On demand
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26 July 2015 United Kingdom Paesold 602 full size German cello, 1998

Paesold 602 cello made in Germany. Professionally set up by Malcolm Tysoe. This cello has served my daughter perfectly as her first full size cello and taken her from grade 5 to grade 8 standard. It was made in 1998 but remains in excellent condition, as the photos show. I'm including a "pod" case and bow in the price. The cello is available to try in Honor Oak Park.

Price: £1200
Lucy Robertson
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23 July 2015 Switzerland Old German CELLO

Dear Cellists, Wonderful CELLO to sell. Of course it is difficult to say bye to this beautiful instrument, but I hope She will find a new careful owner. This cello is considered as German/Bohemian cello more than 100 years old. Condition is very good; beautiful and strong tone, very comfortable set-up. You can here the sound and quality of the cello by the link below.

Price: 12000 euro
Nikolay Shugaev
Tel: +41774830424
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20 July 2015 United States 1739 Paolo Castello cello from Jacques Francais private collection

Characterized by Mr. Francais as being in almost unheard of pristine condition - has never had fall or accident since acquiring. Will provide appraisal by Rene Morel from 1995 in the amount of $190,000, up from purchase price of $140,000 in 1990. Brilliant sounding solo cello which also works beautifully as chamber instrument. The soulful and highly-projecting quality has been observed nearly universally since owner has performed on it during the past 25 years. Gorgeous dark honey coloration.

Price: $280,000
Adam Satinsky
Tel: 2394042005
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14 July 2015 United Kingdom 19th Century Full Sized German Cello, flight case, bow and music stand

Includes Hiscox Liteflite case, good quality bow and a music stand. Some signs of wear (repaired cracks in front and base) professionally valued at £1,300. Case retails at £231 on Amazon. Plays beautifully with wonderful tone. Cellist can no longer perform due to shoulder problem.

Price: £750.00
Richard Cholawo
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13 July 2015 United Kingdom 1920's De Lille Cello

This is a beautifully made and warm sounding cello made by DeLille in Belgium around 1920, set up by Brian Cohen at Soundpost in Guildford and fitted with Evah Pirazzi strings. It comes with an Arcus M3 carbon fibre bow (individually worth c£500) which was selected because it matched the cello well, both from a playability and sound quality standpoint. This cello took my son up to and beyond grade 8 distinction. Includes a new semi rigid case. Also available without the bow.

Price: £2,850
Andrew Baynes
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05 July 2015 United Kingdom Stringers Superior Cello outfit and Bow with semi-rigid case, new in 2014

Very good quality student instrument, lovely bright tone. Tiny chip on one of the edges, which hasn't changed the tone and which the shop says would be very cheap to repair. Jargar strings. I bought it as a beginner, used it for grades 1-5 and was very happy with it. Now moving on to a better instrument. More information about the instrument from the shop where I purchased it can be found here:

Price: £990
Gareth Tilley
Tel: 07766136946
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02 July 2015 United Kingdom Beautiful cello labelled Amati Mangenot of Bordeaux 1925

Fine looking and beautifully sounding french instrument of impeccable craftsmanship. Length of the body is 76,3 cms. Total length is 123 cms. The cello is branded and labelled Amati Mangenot (1925) and is in excellent condition. I think the bridge is original (Aubert). The instrument comes with a fiber glass case. Here is some additional information about Amati Mangenot instruments (by Blackburn Stringed Instruments UK.)

Price: Around £3,800
Barry D'Souza
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02 July 2015 United Kingdom Roderich Paesold 'cello 602E (1997)

Instrument Specifications: Size: 4/4 Drying time/age of wood: 3-4 years Wood quality: AA Finish: Antiqued Varnish: Spirit varnish Pegs: Ebony Ornamentation: Plain Tailpiece: Wittner Ultra Endpin: Weidler tube rod Strings: Factory Including bow & Cello case

Price: £1500
Mr A. Parmenter
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01 July 2015 Spain Beautifull cello attributed to Ricardo Antoniazzi thought to be constructed around 1890 with apprais

Beautifull cello attributed to Ricardo Antoniazzi thought to be constructed around 1890 with appraisal by Rafael Melenchon, famous Spanish violinmaker for 40.000 USD 23 years ago. Played many concerts, like triple concert, made recordings. Gorgeous sound, easy to play & heard above any orchestra. Recordings you can find in Appraisal and more foto's can be send, but best is to play yourself and listen me playing on request.

Price: €27000
Jurgen van Win
Tel: 0034 935892855
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30 June 2015 United Kingdom Top quality 4/4 student cello outfit, Lothar Semmlinger 1995

Fitted with Pirastro Passione strings - new A and D - this cello has a fine sound for an instrument of this quality. The outfit comprises the cello, pernambuco bow by Robert Reichel, hard case by Berkeley of London, a rosin block and Korg chromatic tuner. The original sales invoice from Hamilton Caswell dated 1995 and a current insurance valuation are available. You can see Lothar Semmlinger's current work at This is a UK sale to be completed collection only.

Price: £1600
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29 June 2015 United States Alexander Tzankow cello made in 2004 in Arvada, Colorado (between Denver and Boulder).

Cello is in superb condition with a newly cut bridge, sound post, and adjustment. It has a very strong, round, warm, and projecting sound. I'm selling it because I found another cello that better suits my playing and physique. The selling price is the same as the current appraisal. I will pay shipping if necessary for a trial period. Buyer pays return shipping if deciding not to purchase. (Note: Musical Chairs only allows three photos. More photos of different views available upon request.)

Price: $35,000
Lee Richey
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22 June 2015 United Kingdom Paesold Full size cello

Bought from new in 2012 but has been used little in last year. Cello is in excellent condition. Has good quality strings and includes bow and hard case.

Price: £1300.00
Diane Munns
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02 June 2015 United Kingdom Beautiful German cello

Beautiful cello well cared for in excellent condition. Very slight marks to body as shown in pictures. Good quality strings. Stored in dry padded hard case included in sale.Cello recently valued at £4000.

Price: £3500
Olivia Tregillis
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23 May 2015 Australia Full Size 1985 Graham Caldersmith Cristofori Model

This is an instrument that I purchased in 2001 and played through my final years at School which supported me in achieving honors in my final exams. Previous owner was the head cellist in the London symphony orchestra in the early 90s. It has a beautiful and rich sound. In beautiful condition.

Price: 13000
Jemma Renshaw
Tel: 0414347478
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19 May 2015 United Kingdom 1988 Colin Nicholls

I have owned this instrument since 1989 and played on it during my first ten years in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. It is currently with Colin Nicholls in Middlesex but could also be viewed in Liverpool/Manchester. A fine looking instrument that is open, responsive and consistent. Has served me well and I would like to find a good home for it.

Price: £18000
Ian Bracken
Tel: 447536041171
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17 May 2015 United Kingdom Handmade

Full size cello, appx 70-80 years old. Came from the break up of a large Country House. Was purchsed first by my old Grammar School, then purchased by my family for me to use, from the school. I have had it in warm dry storage for 20 years. Belly needs a minor repair at the base. Original bow. Photos to follow.

Price: £3500
Jillian Jones
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05 May 2015 United Kingdom Padday cello 1997

Very fine modern cello which I have played professionally since commissioning it in 1997. It has a full, warm and projecting tone and is very responsive and open. It has been very finely crafted with a particularly beautiful back and is based on a Strad model. It is in excellent condition. I am based in London

Price: 19,500 pounds
Una Birtchnell
Tel: 07966 080264
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18 Apr 2015 United Kingdom German cello circa 1900

German cello for sale with lovely resonant tone. The instrument has been fully restored and set up by Martin Jones ( Provided with Warchal strings which suit the cello perfectly (or can be provided with Larsens if preferred). Fitted with a Stahlhammer carbon fiber endpin which can be used straight or at a 25 degree angle. Price £2000. I am also able to provide a GEWA case (RRP £1049) and good quality Coda carbon fiber bow (RRP £420) for a total price of £2750.

Price: £2000
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17 Apr 2015 Switzerland TAILPIECES BY SOLIST / Sound improvement guaranteed !

Join Ilya Gringolts, Daniel Müller-Schott, Christophe Coin and many others in improving the sound and playability of your instrument beyond your imagination! Visit us at

Price: On demand
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17 Apr 2015 Switzerland Superb italian cello Venice ca.1700

This is a fantastic instrument of the highest tonal quality, suitable for soloist activity.Cellos of this period and quality are extremely rare to find.Interested parties may contact me for further information.

Price: On demand
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14 Apr 2015 United Kingdom Fine German Cello C.1880 in excellent condition with valuation £4500

For sale is a Fine German Cello C.1880 in excellent condition with valuation as described: "Fine German Instrument C.1880" "This instrument is in excellent condition and is valued inclusive of bow and heavily padded case at £4500" The bow included is recently upgraded worth £400, C. F. Ribliro. The Strings are excellent quality Larsen brand. This Cello has history within the London Symphony Orchestra. Receipt and valuation for insurance purposes will be included.

Price: £4500
Sean Kinsella
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12 Apr 2015 United States William Forster, England, 1790

Beautiful bright sweet sound Comes with Papers

Price: $100,000
Joshua Nakazawa
Tel: 6176331020
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10 Apr 2015 France Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello - brand new

Brand new. I purchased in 2009 ($7,139 in the U.S. with the intent to take adult lessons. I then began traveling. This cello is now with me in France and still untouched. Since I now feel it is unlikely that I will take up lessons, I have decided to sell it rather than continuing to store it. Comes with BAM Newtech 1002NW case ($1,263) and new Codabow Diamond bow ($645). Shipping free in EU. Identical to cello shown in musician photos below.

Price: euros 8,400
Tel: +33 07 89 88 45 23
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10 Apr 2015 United Kingdom cello concertante montagnana

4/4 set up by Cremona house Violin Shop (Bristol) & used by my son as his first full size cello. Lovely sound. Comes with soft case (no bow).

Price: £1750.00
Carol Billinghurst
Tel: 07854 054434
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04 Apr 2015 Sweden A very fine cello made in Cremona, Italy in 2013 by the winner of Italian violin makers competition

A very fine cello made in Cremona, Italy in 2013 by the winner of Italian violin makers competition in Pisogne 2012. Montagnana model. Certificate by the Maker. Amasing sound, will definitely fit solo player. Sold with a fine carbon fiber Musilia S2 case. Free shipping worldwide. Pictures and video samples are available at

Price: 13900 €
Tel: +46705274626
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29 Mar 2015 United Kingdom TSP Heritage Series, Brothers Amati 4/4 Cello

Owned from new since 2009 and lovingly played, so that the instrument has come to life and has a beautiful tone. Also includes matching bow by Alfred Knoll, a hard case and metal cello stand. Commissioned by The Sound Post UK to offer University or Conservatoire students, and professional players looking for a second instrument, the opportunity to own a hand crafted stunning interpretation of a fine Italian instrument. A fine example of modern cello making.

Price: £2,999 GBP
fletcher kovich
Tel: 07939843969
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23 Mar 2015 United Kingdom Modern English cello by Jeremy Mahrer

Fine sounding modern cello by Jeremy Mahrer, London, 1990. In perfect condition. Beautifully antiqued. Based on Strad model L.O.B: 29⁷⁄₈" (760mm) String length: 27¾" (682mm).

Price: £8000 ono
Daniel Hammersley
Tel: 07766021441
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22 Mar 2015 United Kingdom Full size cello, in perfect condition, beautiful deep sound, previously played by an opera singer.Co

Full size cello, in perfect condition, beautiful deep sound, previously played by an opera singer. Comes with good quality bow and light solid case.

Price: £7000.-
Suz Hartman
Tel: 07843487607
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16 Mar 2015 United Kingdom French cello of the Vuillaume School circa 1880

French cello of the Vuillaume School, made in Mirecourt circa 1880. This instrument has been beautifully set up by Colin Nicholls - (strings Larsson/Jaeger). It is in very good condition and comes with a certified valuation. Good strong Hiscox moulded case with wheels included. Available to try in London.

Price: £9000
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16 Mar 2015 United Kingdom Full-size German Cello

German circa 1950 - a very good full-size cello (295/8 inch back) with distinctive dragon's blood varnish. This instrument has been beautiful set up by Colin Nicholls - (Jaeger strings). It is in very fine condition and comes with a certified valuation. Available to try in London.

Price: £3000
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12 Mar 2015 United Kingdom Baroque Cello after Guadagnini by Jan Pawlikowski of Cracow, Poland 2003

In Perfect condition, made for a professional musician in Holland and bought from J. Pawlikowski by the present owner, who has kept it at Baroque pitch. It has both gut and steel strings with appropriate tailpieces.

Price: 4500 euros
Philip Beck
Tel: +44 7786 392224
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10 Mar 2015 Netherlands excellent cello bow, J. Tubbs

Beautiful cello bow for sale, made by James Tubbs (ca 1880). Excellent condition, great sound, good investment

Price: €16000
S de Graaf
Tel: 0031633038977
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06 Mar 2015 United Kingdom Full size French Cello c1890

Beautiful Mirecourt cello dating from around 1890. It is in excellent condition and has a rich sound. It hasn't been played for a number of years hence the sale. It comes with a hard case and bow and can be viewed in Redditch, Worcestershire. Price £6000 ovno

Price: £6000 ovno
Andrea Slade
Tel: 07828282350
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06 Mar 2015 Switzerland This fantastic cello is in excellent condition and has been used for over 40 years by a professional

This fantastic cello is in excellent condition and has been used for over 40 years by a professional musician who has retired and now is selling this beautiful and excellent sounding instrument.

Price: On demand
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