Stolen Instrument

Posted: 13 Jun 2024

1/1 Dutch Violin by Matthieu Besseling and bow in a square case

Stolen: 01 Jul 2021 - Underneath the Couch Prinsengracht 172 in Amsterdam

My case with my violin and two bows was stolen from my house in Amsterdam in the summer of 2021. Unfortunately I didn't play it anymore and hadn't done so for a couple of years, so I didn't notice it had been stolen before now. The house was surrounded by scaffolding at that time for a summer and we left for holiday for two weeks, so our house on the 2nd floor was more easily accessible than usually. I kept the violin close, in the hope that I would start playing again some day, which had brought me so much joy at one point in my life. It was hidden underneath the couch in the living room. I played since I was three years old, and did so till I was 24. My parents gifted me my very first and what was to be my last violin. In the hope someone finds and reports my beautiful instrument stolen. Janine
Description of Instrument:
Handmade violin, made by Matthieu Besseling in Amsterdam in 1987. It has a label and the brand (no.118). Corpuslength: 35,4cm. The top is made from two parts, with narrow to broad veins. The back piece is made from one piece of flamed maplewood. Orange-red oil lacquer, on a yellow background. In good used condition, the lacquer has disappeared on parts. The violin was accompanied by two bows, one Baroque and one French bow. The French bow is from Atelier Louis Bazin, circa 1935. It has a round, light brown pernambuc rod, stamped 'vanelli'. Slipper and knob are mounted in ebony and nickel. The violin and bows were kept in a navy blue case, with light blue/ grey velvet on the inside. It was wrapped in a silk white with blue scarf with red and yellow coloured tulips on it.
Janine Su
Tel: 0653207669

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