Stolen Instrument

United States
United States
Posted: 17 Oct 2013

Taylor Chicago Custom trumpet raw brass, unlacquered serial number 917

Stolen: - 3am - Bellingham, WA

please contact me:
Description of Instrument:
-criminals- if you're seeking money- I have already notified all pawn shops, music stores and a police report has been made: you will be arrested if you attempt to sell my horn in any shop from California to Canada and anywhere online- BUT if you return it to me anonymously I will ask NO QUESTION and give you a reward- so please return it to me (your only option)- I am offering a reward of $300 to return it safely. I'm not trying to reward bad behavior, but I am a musician for my living and I need my horn back to survive. raw brass (brushed/unlacquered finish), weighted valves - two gold Taylor mouthpieces- in a beige/brown case This trumpet was given to me by a dear friend of mine, and its sentimentally and emotionally part of who I am. I am a performer, my livelihood is trumpet- I make most of my income through this form of art- and what you took is my main tool. We are willing to give you a reward- no questions asked- please do the right thing and return this item.
Taylor Chicago Custom Trumpet stolen **reward**

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