Stolen Instrument

United States
United States
Posted: 12 Nov 2016

Yamaha Allegro Silver Trumpet

Stolen: 11 Nov 2016 - 8:30 - University of Toledo, Toledo Ohio

It was stolen after being unattended for 5 minutes in a University of Toledo Parking lot after a University of Toledo Volleyball game, behind Savage Arena in Area 3.
Description of Instrument:
This trumpet has no noticeable dents or marks besides a large dent beneath the third valve slide spit valve. The second valve slide does not move, but all other slides are in working condition. This was stolen in a brown Yamaha Allegro case with gold latches, a 1 1/2 C Blessing mouthpiece, 15A4A Schilke Mouthpiece, a harmon mute w/ stem, silent mute, cup mute, a plunger w/ a hole in the middle, gloves and a polish rag, and a trumpet stand. I have no up close pictures of the serial number, but the trumpet has no brace on the third valve slide so it falls off very easily when not held correctly.
Hunter Moyer

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