Stolen Instrument

United States
United States
Posted: 24 May 2019

Plywood 3/4 upright and carbon fiber german bow

Stolen: 21 May 2019 - late at night - Rochester NY East end Neightborhood of the arts (NOTA)

This bass has a unique fingerboard much thicker than most you'll see. Also the design in the center of the bridge as you are holding the bass and looking down, broke a while ago and it looks like a heart shape. Another odd detail is that the tail-piece connects to the endpin but the flight cable connecting them crosses. This is hard to describe but people have been doing it for a while so that the cable only makes one touching point to the instrument. The bow doesn't say "Ophelia" but is an early carbon fiber model.
Description of Instrument:
This bass is a light brown laminated plywood with a rather thick ebony fingerboard with a curved cutaway at the bottom. Inside the instrument there is only a red number "9" It has a fishman full circle pickup installed in the bridge risers and was in a black Mooradian soft case. Also in the bag was an early "ophelia" carbon fiber bow with salt and pepper hair.
Kyle Vock
Tel: 3154087465

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