Posted: 04 Mar 2024
Biarritz International Bass Academy 2024

Biarritz International Bass Academy 2024

27 Jul - 01 Aug, 2024

9th International Academy of Contrabass from Jully 27 to August 1, 2024: Individual lessons, group lessons, all levels; Classical Music, Jazz, Orchestras repertoire, Folk, Yoga; Edouard Nanny Competition.
Thierry Barbé, Solo Bass Paris Opera, Professor at the CNSM Paris; Yahn Dubost, prof. CRR Paris, Solo Bass Radio France,Lorraine Campet:
Professor Pôle Aix-en Provence Ex soliste Phil Radio France, Thomas Martin :Ex solo LSO. International professor; Donat Zamiara: Solo Opéra de Poznan, Professor Académies de Poznan et Varsovie. Rui Fontes: Professor at Professional Music school Artave; Manuel Marchès: victoire jazz 2020, Professeur; Marin Béa : Professor au Cons. Bayonne, Contrebasse solo Orchestre Pays basque ; Valentin Villenave:
Acompagnement piano. , Presence bow maker.LAURA PRIEU:
atelier musique celtique.
Major and labeled accommodation for supervised minors par BAFA
Closing date: 10 Jul 2024
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