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21 Nov 2015 Italy Marigaux mod.901

Vendo oboe Marigaux mod.901 in eccellenti condizioni praticamente nuovo. Un anno di vita matr. 38418 con garanzia di un anno.

Price: € 6300,00
Giuseppe Russo
Tel: +39 3382419567
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06 Nov 2015 Australia Lorée English Horn

Lorée Royal English Horn 5 years old Great condition (recently had a big service), played professionally. With 1 no.2 gold Plated bocal and a single FEL Orly case.

Price: $7500AUD
Alex Fontaine
Tel: 0432101566
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02 Nov 2015 United Kingdom A Rigoutat cor anglais with large rich sound and 2 crooks

A Rigoutat in excellent condition and comes with 2 silver rigoutat crooks (1 is only 6 months old). It was recently serviced and the instrument itself was valued in March at £4500. Large rich sound. Model no. 629 BA. Full conservatoire system and 3rd octave key. Excellent intonation. Played professionally but have just got a new one now so no longer play it.

Price: £4500
Tel: 07792594675
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26 Oct 2015 United Kingdom Buffet Greenline Prestige with thumbplate

Purchased new in 2007 and played professionally, this oboe has been very well looked after, was recently serviced and is in excellent condition. Greenline material is extremely stable, reliable, and crack resistant, with excellent sound, intonation and response. Sold with case, cover, and spare octave box. Valued by Howarths and Wood Wind & Reed (main UK Buffet agent) at £4000

Price: £3600
Matthew Jones
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25 Oct 2015 Venezuela Marigaux M2

M2 head joint composite, médium. M2 head joint violet wood, short. Golden plated. Excellent new oboe, the best of marigaux. I sello it because I need the money. Negotiable.

Price: €10.000,00
Elly Saull Gerrero
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24 Oct 2015 Netherlands Moennig English horn 181D

lovely Moennig English Horn for sale automatic system very warm sound manufactured 2003

Price: Eur 5.250
Albret Nieuwenhuis
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15 Oct 2015 France cor anglais pro

Vend Cor Anglais JOSEF MGS2 Mécanique dorée, année 2008, état parfait, instrument extrêmement homogène, souple, facile, plusieurs bocaux fournis pour avoir le choix, en étui double avec hautbois

Price: 4800
Tel: + 33 6 08 21 45 49
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01 Oct 2015 Belgium Old Oboe, made by C. Mahillon Paris-Bruxelles, 'Gold Medal Paris 1878'. The instrument is about 150

Old Oboe, made by C. Mahillon London-Bruxelles, 'Gold Medal Paris 1878'. The instrument is about 150 years old, was not used recently and might need some revision, but the material is in good condition.

Price: 600 Euro
Evi Baetens
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10 Sept 2015 Netherlands Professionnal Oboe " IMPERIAL" R. Dupin

Top quality instrument, bought in 2010. Manufacturer: Roland DUPIN Top part en synthetic, body in ebony. In perfect condition, has been fully serviced. The oboe is in Rotterdam and can be seen in Paris too.

Price: 6000
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09 Sept 2015 United Kingdom Ludwig Frank Model 22B Violet wood and gold

2015 Full automatic, F vent, Played perhaps 5 times and as new including case and cover. Cost £10,650 earlier this year. Supplied through Howarths who will vouch for its perfection. No cracks of course. Ludwig Franks absolute top of the range model.

Price: Offers
Barry Grimaldi
Tel: 02076377989
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03 Sept 2015 United Kingdom Loree Royal Oboe

Bought new in 2004 and used professionally. Lovely condition. Thumb plate with B/C link and 3rd octave next to thumb plate. Case and cover.

Price: GBP 3995
Graeme Adams
Tel: 07831 762389
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03 Sept 2015 United Kingdom Howarth S20 Cor Anglais

Instrument is in excellent condition but unused for quite some time so may require a service, hence the price.

Price: £1900.00
Pam Crompton
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29 Aug 2015 United Kingdom Loree Cor Anglais

Beautiful Loree cor anglais for sale, played professionally. 3rd octave key. Lovely sound. Reluctant sale! Problems uploading photos but happy to email them and/or arrange to try the instrument.

Price: £4,500
Lorna John
Tel: 07765013870
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04 Aug 2015 United Kingdom Howarth S20 Oboe and plastic top joint

Thumbplate. Serviced by Howarths, July 2015. Immaculate. Complete with Howarth hard case, fleece lined cover and reed case. Plastic joint has separate hard case.

Price: GBP 2,300.00 ono
Olivia Ellis
Tel: +441617943349
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25 July 2015 United Kingdom Loree Bass Oboe - Immaculate

Loree Bass Oboe - dual system with thumbplate. Serial SY xx; manufactured March 2013. Immaculate condition, checked over by Howarths in Feb 2015. Complete with Loree hard case and Loree fleece-lined cover, 2 Loree crooks, and Loree bass reed case. These are around £12500 new at present, so this one represents a huge saving!

Price: GBP 7600
John Cartwright
Tel: 07515518845
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21 July 2015 United Kingdom Howarth S5 Oboe

This second hand S5 has been fully serviced, plays beautifully across the range and is in excellent condition. It has been valued by Crowthers of Canterbury at £3895.00 but I am prepared to take offers around £3595.00.

Price: £3595.00 ONO
Alasdair Hill
Tel: 07960908131
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11 June 2015 United Kingdom Marigaux M2

Thumb-plated M2. 2 x top joints, 1 wood, 1 acrylic, so great for travelling with. It's just been fully serviced and is in a fantastic condition. This is a beautiful oboe and the M2 model solves tuning issues around the G.

Price: £5000
Katherine Price
Tel: 07960194765
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04 June 2015 France Moennig oboe

Instrument in a very good condition, bought in june 2012 at "Le roseau chantant" in Lyon (France). The Moennig oboes are finalized and tuned by Albrecht Mayer. The instrument has just been checked by the factory lately, it comes in a brand new lether case and cover. I sell it because as a professional, I change my oboe every 3 years.

Price: 5500 euros
Tel: +33 628 734 166
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