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15 Apr 2015 Japan Louis Lot Solid Silver Flute serial #5xxx Great instrument!

Louis Lot solid silver Flute Serial#5XXX Inline French open key C Foot Soldered toneholes No bad change from original No cutting of Head joint No change of embouchure hole A=440~442 possible to play Well-tuned Playing condition

Price: USD12,000
Tel: +81-80-5531-3742
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08 Apr 2015 Spain Jack Moore 14K + Lafin Adler headjoint 14k/ Ton Kooiman wooden headjoint

Hello, I'm selling my beautiful golden Jack Moore flute with a Lafin Adler headjoint for only 18000 euros. It has C# roll Split E mechanism Off set G# 14K Gold Silver keys Separately I'm selling my Ton Kooiman wooden headjoint Granadile wood French embouchure silver rings (925/1000) 1000 euros Vendo mi maravillosa Jack Moore de oro 14k con cabeza Lafin Adler 14k Mi articulado Sol sostenido desplazado Llaves de plata Vendo cabeza de madera Ton Kooiman 1000 euros

Price: 18000
Lina León
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29 Mar 2015 Germany MANCKE headjoint, Grenadilla

Wooden head joint from MANCKE to fit all flutes , grenadilla 1 years old herdly used, akmost new

Price: 1600 Euro
Miho Shirai
Tel: 004917680046255
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28 Mar 2015 France Pearl 18k gold flute

Pearl 18k gold flute, sterling silver keys. Drawn tone holes, E-mechanisme, b-foot, in line. In excellent condition. Location : Paris

Price: 18000€
Jean L.
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28 Mar 2015 France Sankyo 901

Sankyo 901, Handmade flute with 997 pure silver headjoint and body tubing. Soldered toneholes, 10k white gold springs, 0.38mm standard wall thickness, NEL facilitating a high E. Perfect condition. Visible in Paris.

Price: 8000€
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25 Mar 2015 Italy Muramatsu 14+9k

Flute: Muramatsu 14+9k, handmade, year 2009 french style, G-inline, E-mechanism, B-foot , MFG Co. Tokorozawa, Japan n.74359

Price: 29.000 euro
Fabio De Rosa
Tel: +39 3497082317
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14 Mar 2015 United Kingdom Wessel Flute with Webb head joint. Solid silver tube with signature black keys, B foot, open holes.

Handmade Stephen Wessel flute. Solid silver body with open holes, stainless steel semi-pinless mechanism and black resin keys. Super light weight but powerful, responsive and colourful tone. Comes with John Webb head joint, solid silver with black crown and engraved lip plate.

Price: £7500
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12 Mar 2015 France Sankyo 601B a vendre

Très jolie flûte Sankyo 601b de 2008 en parfait état. Équipée d’une tête Faulisi et entièrement révisée

Price: 7000euros
GODEFROY Christophe
Tel: +33672992111
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06 Mar 2015 Portugal Muramatsu PTP

Muramatsu PTP; Solid silver with platinum plated; Offset G; Split E; B footjoint; Heavy Wall.

Price: 9500 euros
Marco Pereira
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02 Mar 2015 Portugal Hadmade Haynes Flute 5% gold

WM.S. Haynes. 52826 .016 soldered tone holes , Offset G, C# Trill with headjoint 10558 with silver riser bought new in March 2012. Total overhaul (oiling, cleaning, new pads etc.) in 2015. Message for more information and details

Price: 11.000 € negotiable
Mariana Vences
Tel: +351916949860
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23 Feb 2015 Italy YAMAHA 894H handmade

YAMAHA 894H,handmade,soldered tone holes,all silver,B footjoint,open holes,in-line,E mec,new headjoint type A, used less.

Price: 5500 euro
mario infascelli
Tel: 3397186288
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Mundplatte: 9K E Mechanik Ringklappen Seriennummer: 80363 Die Flöte ist 6 Jahren alt und wurde regelmässig repariert. Die hat eine schöne und flexibel Klang,sie ist gut für schon fortgeschrittene Musikern/ Studenten.

Price: 3000 Euro
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01 Feb 2015 Netherlands Johannes Hammig 14 ct white gold

For sale: Flute Johannes Hammig, 14ct white gold with 18% palladium inside. Silver keys, open keys, offset g, c foot, e-mechanism. The original headjoint is optimised by Albert Cooper. Total overhaul (oiling, cleaning, new pads etc.) in 2014. The flute is in very good condition. This flute is always played by former soloflutist of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. Recent appraisal report from Bernhard Hammig present. Please send me an email for more information, price or details.

Price: price on request
Kim van den Heuvel
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30 Jan 2015 United States Brannen Silver Flute with 14K Riser

Brannen 6478, .016, offset G, A-442, Brogger Mech, built in 2008, with silver headjoint with 14K gold riser, headjoint 08012 EW. Excellent condition, COA January 2015. Paypal ok, swift ok.

Price: USD 11,500
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28 Jan 2015 Germany Nagahara Flute 14K body + 18K headjoint with platin riser

Nagahara Flute 14K body + 18K headjoint with platin riser. Soldered 14K tonholes, silver mechanism, offset, Cis trill, B Foot. Headjoint 18K with 14K lip plate and platin riser. Perfect condition, super projection, bought new in October 2013. New price 31000.

Price: 26000 negotiable
Elena Badaeva
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This is a brand new handmade Grenadilla and silver outstanding flute. The flute have never being played more than to try it. This top Yamaha flute has the power and projection of a metal flute but with the unique color of the wood. Perfect for solo and ensemble playing. C foot, Offset G, E slip mechanism. If you want more photos and more info please do email or call me. I also have for sell a Yamaha YFL-584CT at 1500€ and a Yamaha YFL-687H at 3500€. Make an offer.

Price: 6300
Tel: +34 682309359
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21 Jan 2015 Germany Muramatsu Flute EX Vollsilberkopf for sale

Muramatsu flute, barely played, laid in a cupboard for 3 years, but still in a good condition, 1x generally overholded, Ringklappen but no B foot, inklusive Gigbag for sale

Price: 1900€
Martina Kropf
Tel: 004917670327098
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14 Jan 2015 Spain Wooden Flute Yamaha 874W.

Grenadilla, G offset, B foot, E split. Absolutely great condition. It has a very textured and delicated sound. Perfect for repertoire from XVII to XIX centuries, but in orchestra it works very good. Don't hesitate in contact to me. I am curreltý in Barcelona. +34653111786.

Price: 5500 €
Tel: +34653111786
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28 Dec 2014 Belgium Yamaha 877, hand made, silver,

A-type headjoint, off-set g, e-mechanism, b-foot, as new, used less than a year 9300€

Price: 9300 euro
Blaž Snoj
Tel: 0032496530041
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24 Dec 2014 Spain Burkart 998 with 9k headjoint.

G offset, B foot, soldered tone holes, (016") tubing. Great instrument, its tone is deep, warm and brilliant at the same time. I have it played for four years. Fell free to make any question. I am currently in Barcelona. +34653111786

Price: 9500 €
Tel: +34653111786
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11 Dec 2014 France Flute Muramatsu 14k, 5k mechanism, drawn tone holes, C-foot, engraved headjoint.

In perfect conditions. E-mechanism, G-offset. Location : Paris.

Price: 20000€
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07 Dec 2014 Portugal Handmade Conservatory Verne Q.

Powell flute (open holes, offset G, E-mech, B-foot), with Powell handmade sterling silver headjoint .016 tubing thickness with platinum riser.

Price: 4000€
Clara Saleiro
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28 Nov 2014 Italy Vendo ottavino Haynes in argento n° 12839, in buone condizioni.

i sell an Haynes silver piccolo, n°12839 in good conditions.

Price: 2800,00 euro
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27 Nov 2014 Italy Muramatsu DS usato, comprato nel

2007 meccanica e corpo in argento massiccio ottime condizioni revisionato regolarmente A=442, suono molto flessibile Muramatsu DS used bought in 2007 silver body and mechanism Very good condition periodically ouverhauled A = 442, flexible sound stable intonation

Price: € 3500 trattabili/negotiable
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04 Nov 2014 Croatia Muramatsu PTP, E-mechanism, G-offset, B-foot,

fully serviced

Price: 5700 €
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30 Oct 2014 Austria Pearl Flute, Maesta Gold Model, 10 K.

Like new. Excellent condition. Recently overhauled by Mr. Uesawa (Freiburg). New Straubinger pads, Silver mechanism, C-Footjoint, Offset G, drawn tone holes. 12.900€ obo. You can try it in Spain (+34 618097316) and in Vienna (+43 6604272907)

Price: 12.900 € obo
Ruth Gallo Lavilla
Tel: +43 6604272907
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30 Oct 2014 Netherlands 1.J. Mehnert redgold 9.kt flute

with offset g , B-foot E-mech, handmade in 1989 with nice details 2. E. Rittershausen wooden flute silver-engraved head joint,b-foot and many extra's see picture 3.Jacques Zoon headjoint palisander specially made for me fits on older wooden flutes

Price: 1. 12.000€ 2. 3000€ 3.1400€
Dorine Schade
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27 Oct 2014 Spain Rare Gebruder Monnig Grenadilla Flute and Metal Heajoint.

One of the latest flutes made by this German Maker. Full Boehm System. Reverserd B/Bb thumb. Open G#. Offset G. Closed Holes. G/A trill keys. F# trill complement. This flute is new and not used. Pls note that this one is new not used

Price: 1500.00
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25 Oct 2014 Italy Sell Brannen-Cooper Brögger Mechanik flute, offset G, A-442, gold 10k and Silver mechanism, Open holes, B footjoint with gizmo, modern Cooper, great conditions.

For contact 334 9424754 and saflu@tiscali.it

Price: Great Conditions
Tel: 334 9424754
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20 Oct 2014 Switzerland Muramatsu 14k/silver handmade, inline, B-foot.

Nr. 61756.

Price: 20000
Martin Bachofen
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