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30 Sept 2015 Netherlands Johannes Hammig flute (14ct white gold!)

Type: Johannes Hammig Features: 14 ct white gold, offset g, e- mechanism, c-foot, open holes, silver mechanic. Headjoint: Original headjoint, optimized by Albert Cooper. Completely overhauled in 2014. Recent appraisal report from Bernhard Hammig present. Wonderful and unique instrument! (There are only two white gold J.Hammig flutes in the world!) Only played by a professional flutist in a professional symphonic orchestra. Send me an email to try this beautiful instrument.

Price: 15.000
Kim van den Heuvel
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25 Sept 2015 Portugal Sankyo Prima 'Silver Sonic'

Sankyo Prima "Silver Sonic" Model Professional Flute, No. 47567 Body: Sterling Silver, Hand Cut Embouchure, Drawn Open Tone-Holes, In-line G key, C foot. Both Case and Flute in Perfect Condition. Urgent sale.

Price: € 2,750. Euros
Denise Ribera Luxton
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25 Sept 2015 Brazil All 14k Brannen-Cooper Brögger Mekanik Flute #7070

French model offset G, A-444, 14K Rose gold body and head joint tubing, 14k Rose gold mechanism, Brogger Mekanik and Acoustic, split E mechanism, 14k rose gold reflecting plate, B footjoint with gizmo. The flute was purchased in 2010, and play perfectly in A 442. Please contact me for more photos. Will consider reasonable offers. Located in Curitiba, Brazil. Can be in Berlin or Paris several times of year.

Price: € 35.000 (euro)
Fabrício Ribeiro
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24 Sept 2015 Portugal Sankyo Prima "Silver Sonic" Flute

Sankyo Prima "Silver Sonic" Model Professional Flute, No. 47567 Body: Sterling Silver, Hand Cut Embouchure, Drawn Open Tone-Holes, In-line G key, C foot. Both Case and Flute in Perfect Condition.

Price: € 2,750. Euros
Denise Ribera Luxton
Tel: 351 938484688
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11 Sept 2015 Russian Federation Yamaha - YFL894H

800 series flutes, which are handmade of high grade 92.5% pure sterling, offer a strong broad sound with warm tonal colors. Used 5 years, mint condition. Included original hard case. International shipping. Paypal payment or wire transfer. Will consider reasonable offers. Thank you.

Price: $4900
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10 Sept 2015 Sweden Mancke headjoint - all 18k gold with platinum riser. Purchased new February 2015 and played for four

Mancke flute headjoint - all 18k gold with platinum riser. Purchased new February 2015 and played for four months. GREAT headjoint: responsive, projects, even sound over all registers. Only selling because I ended up being able to exchange an older headjoint for one that suited my flute better, so I don't need this one. Otherwise I would happily keep playing on it. Excellent like-new condition. Located in Malmö, Sweden. Can be in NYC or Boston depending on time of year.

Price: $11,000
Christine Clancy
Tel: +46-735512239
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04 Sept 2015 Japan Johannes Hammig silver flute

Johannes Hammig silver flute with French open keys, B-foot, drawn tone holes, D# -C# roller on footjoint, and split-E. Serial #1673 (around 1980). The price includes express air (EMS) shipping fee to EU countries and north America. Please contact me for more photos. Will consider reasonable offers. PayPal or bank wire transfer only, please.

Price: 7000 euro
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20 Aug 2015 United States This is a beautiful Silver-plated alto flute that has only been played once to test that is is in ex

This is a beautiful Silver-plated alto flute that has only been played once to test that is is in excellent working condition. This model retails for $1946 in this condition. This flute comes with both a straight and curved head joint. Comes with a leather case and nylon case cover. This is a great instrument for any professional, doubler, or band/orchestra needing a backup alto flute. The serial number is G0237, and the flute was manufactured in 2005. Please contact me with any questions!

Price: $1650.00 USD
Brian Gnojek
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12 Aug 2015 Italy Brannen-Cooper Year 2010

Brannen-Cooper Year 2010, French Model, offset G, A-442, .016 Sterling silver body and headjoint tubing, Sterling silver mechanism Broegger Mekanik and acoustic Split E mechanism B footjoint with gizmo Modified Cooper headjoint style

Price: 10000 euro
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11 Aug 2015 Spain piccolo powell-sonare 750

I'm selling a piccolo powell sonare 750 made in Massachusetts (USA). Made in a new synthetic material with same qualities as wood. Stainless steel mechanism and unalterable changes in temperature, sweating,... A-442 pitch, Modern Powell Scale, square keys and classic hand cut headjoint. With own piccolo black case. Wood Color: Tuscan Umber. I bought it two years ago, so still it has 8 years of warranty.

Price: €1250
Cristina Sevillano
Tel: +34650988908
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10 Aug 2015 Poland Solid silver Mateki flute in excellent condition

i am selling a flute mateki mo-041hand made with 925 silver head, body and mechanism. it has e-mechanism, g-offset, open holes and c-footjoint. it's in great condition, checked also by specialist. i had never any single problem with it and was always serviced by proffessional company. the sound is warm and clear. it's perfect for older student, young proffessional, teacher or advanced amatour.

Price: 3 800 USD
Tel: +48 608 030 104
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29 July 2015 Estonia Louis Lot serial 3104

Louis Lot serial 3104. I think it's made in 1875-1882. In good playing condition.Made from solid silver. With closed holes. For more informatsion please send me email.

Price: 6900 euro
Tel: +37251960638
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Vendesi flauto Flauto oro Miyazawa BR-14k-RHE con testata Nagahara oro 14k causa passaggio ad altro tipo di flauto. Flauto in ottime condizioni, comprato nel 2007: - Testata Nagahara oro 14k - Meccanica Brogger System - chiavi in linea e decorate a mano, fori aperti - fusto e caminetti saldati a mano in oro 14k - mi snodato - discendente al si - cuscinetti Straubinger prezzo 20.000 euro trattabili. Se interessati chiedere di Alberto al 393.3024375 o dezmo@libero.it

Price: 20.000 euro
Alberto Romano
Tel: 3933024375
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28 June 2015 Portugal Verne Q. Powell Flute and Altus Headjoint

Two items for sale: 1. Verne Q. Powell Conservatory Flute: sterling silver; open keys; offset G; B-foot; E-mechanism; drawn tone holes; with powell handmade sterling silver headjoint .016 tubing thickness with platinum riser. 3900€ 2. Fully handmade .997 high purity silver, platinum plated Altus headjoint. NEW! 2500€.

Price: 1) 3900€ 2) 2500€
Clara Saleiro
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28 June 2015 Japan Lillian Burkart Elite 14K Flute

This flute was 100% overhauled at FluteMasterClub on 2015.May. Lillian Burkart Elite Flute #6 (without headjoint) is: .012” 14K Gold Lillian Burkart Elite Flute, 14K Gold Soldered Tone Holes and Rings, Sterling Silver Keys, Ribs, and Posts, A=442, Inline-G, B-Footjoint and Straubinger Pads. Lillian Burkart Flute Headjoint #636 is: .012” 14K Gold Lillian Burkart Elite Headjoint Burkart Style (now called M2 style) with 14k Lip and 14k Riser. If you want, I can go to your city and trade.

Price: $24840
Kaoru KIDA
Tel: 09062690885
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26 June 2015 United Kingdom Arista Flute #589

Nearly NEW Arista flute, bought April 2015. One careful owner, excellent condition. Fully handmade solid silver headjoint, body and mechanism Engraved lipplate Open holes Offset G key Split E mechanism C footjoint Extremely resonant and powerful instrument.

Price: £10,800
Robert Looman
Tel: +44 (0) 7771 728403
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24 June 2015 Italy Sonaré SF-705 with handmade Powell's headjoint

Sonaré SF-705 with handmade Powell's headjoint; silver tubes with silver-plated keys. Unlike current "Signature" in trade, the body of this flute was made in Germany, not in Taiwan. It was purchased in 2008 in Imola, Italy, and used for 3 years. The latest fine-tuning dates back to November 2014.

Price: 1500
Camilla Bruno
Tel: 3491725759
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16 June 2015 Austria Brannen Kooper Brögger Accoustic

I want to sell my Brannen cooper,is a Brögger accoustic it is of silver made and has platinium in the headjoint. The flute has 5 years and was repaired on July 2014 with the original elemments of Brannen's Hause.

Price: 9.000€
Tel: 004368183430528
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15 June 2015 United States solid silver closed hole low C

1959 Vintage Solid Sterling Silver closed hole. Low C. I've been told by Daniel at the Woodwind Workshop here in San Francisco that this flute is a great instrument. Beautiful sound and a lovely case. He said that it's worth $3000.

Price: U.S. $3000.00
Leslee Savvy
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14 June 2015 France Flute Muramatsu 14k

Flute Muramatsu 14k, 5k mechanism, drawn tone holes, C-foot, engraved headjoint. E-mechanism, G-offset. In absolutely perfect conditions. Guarantee : one year. Location : Paris.

Price: 20000€
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11 June 2015 United Kingdom Lebret Flute (retuned)

Lebret silver-plated flute. Made c. 1900. Serial No. 2584. Competently retuned to good modern scale at A440.

Price: £1,100 ono
Stephen O'Hanlon
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11 June 2015 Germany Muramatsu Headjoint 14k

Muramatsu 14k Allgold headjoint. tsubasa model . New and never played. Perfect condition For info please call 0049 15756836742 or 0039 3387014455

Price: 5000 Euro
Tel: 0049 15756836742
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26 May 2015 Austria PEARL 14K FLUTE

Hand made, offset, H-foot, excellent condition, E-mechanism, open holes

Price: 12.500 Euro
Maria B. Cantelli
Tel: 00436604066815
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14 May 2015 Sweden Lillian Burkart Elite 14K Flute

Lillian Burkart Elite 14 carat flute soldered toneholes silver mechanism offset g split E Platinum headjoint, model S4 14 carat lipplate, riser and crown solid platinum tubing 1.5 years old, perfect condition

Price: Euro 28 500
Annica de Val
Tel: +46704825353
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06 May 2015 United Kingdom Haynes

This lovely silver piccolo dating to 1933 blows with ease and a sweet sound. in need of a lttle padding work it still plays like a dream.

Price: £2000
John Whelan
Tel: 01305 789423
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27 Apr 2015 Switzerland zu verkaufen Verne Q. Powell 3234

Verne Q. Powell Flöte Nummer 3234 vollsilber, in-line französisches Modell mit E-Mechanik, H-Fuss und Gizmo, A-442. Sehr guter Zustand. Gespielt von Solo-Flötist im Opernhaus Zürich. Umständehalber zu verkaufen.

Price: sFr. 8000
Maurice Heugen
Tel: 0031 43 8440814
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15 Apr 2015 Japan Louis Lot Solid Silver Flute serial #5xxx Great instrument!

Louis Lot solid silver Flute Serial#5XXX Inline French open key C Foot Soldered toneholes No bad change from original No cutting of Head joint No change of embouchure hole A=440~442 possible to play Well-tuned Playing condition

Price: USD12,000
Tel: +81-80-5531-3742
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