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19 Feb 2017 France Sankyo 901

Sankyo 901, Handmade flute with 998 pure silver headjoint and body tubing. Soldered toneholes, 10k white gold springs, 0.38mm standard wall thickness, NEL facilitating a high E. The flute is for sale with an additional b-footjoint Haynes (soldered townholes). Perfect condition. Visible in Paris.

Price: 8000
A. Blostu
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17 Feb 2017 United Kingdom Amadeus Haynes AF 700 RBEO

Sterling Silver head, body and foot with silverplated keys, Haynes designed headjoint, B foot, Y arm keys, split E, offset G, A=442, 016 wall thickness. Each Haynes flute comes with a hard case, soft carry cover, cleaning rod, inside cleaning cloth and outside cleaning cloth. Practically new. Only used twice for expo purpose.

Price: US$ 2150
Frank W
Tel: +44 74644 64580
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06 Feb 2017 Germany Faulisi 14K Headjoint

Beautiful French 14K headjoint. In very good condition. Comes with leather headjoint case.

Price: € 3500
Sonia Lowen-Pandji
Tel: +49 174 1902779
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31 Jan 2017 France Brannen-Cooper 14k flute

All 14k Brannen-Cooper flute, Brogger mechanism and acoustic, split E mechanism, 14k rose gold reflecting plate, B footjoint with gizmo. The instrument is recent and in absolutely perfect condition, with all its documents. Visible in Paris. 38000€

Price: 38000€
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31 Jan 2017 Netherlands Beautiful Frans Mehnert flute

Frans Mehnert flute All silver(also the keys) E-Mechaniek D# roller In very good condition Looks as new! Pads are also in good condition! Case looks as new Ready to play!

Price: € 2600
Hans Kok
Tel: +31651804440
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23 Jan 2017 United Kingdom Lillian Burkart piccolo No. 670

lovely, open, professionally played Grenadilla wood instrument, with high Gsharp facilitator.

Price: £4000
Esther Ingham
Tel: 07779636203
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19 Jan 2017 United Kingdom Sankyo silversonic

Closed key solid silver sankyo silver sonic. In good condition. Selling as no longer play. All offers considered.

Price: £2000
Jenny kell
Tel: 01524272811
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09 Jan 2017 France Pearl 18k flute

Pearl 18k gold flute, sterling silver keys. Drawn tone holes, E-mechanisme, b-foot, in line. In excellent condition. Location : Paris.

Price: 18000€
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08 Jan 2017 Spain MURAMATSU ORO 9K

Nª de Serie: 34486 Mecanismo de plata en línea.

Price: 12.000€
María Antonia Rodríguez
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07 Jan 2017 United Kingdom Rudall Carte flute, Rockstro model

Silver flute, Boehm System, open G#, made by Rudall Carte at 20 Charing Cross in 1877 or 1878. Marked "ASI" at top of middle joint. Tuned to concert pitch by Richard Dobson in 1977. Owned by me since 1952 and in very good playing condition. The instrument is sold with its original case together with a file of documents evidencing maintenance and repair work.

Price: £700 GBP
David De Saxe
Tel: +44 (0)1672 520975
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14 Dec 2016 Germany Flute Gold 14K Brannen from Mr. Albert Cooper

Flute Gold 14K Brannen-Cooper Silver Mechanic from about 1980 ====Number only 2X==== This flute is part of history Brannen and Albert Cooper Shortly this instrument was played in Berlin Philharmonic!! Condition is like new!!!! Beautiful headjoint!!!! Sound of this flute is very,very spectacular and best mechanic what I know perfect intonation This flute for me is much better than any all gold flute 14K 18K or 24K!! Everybody can try my flute in Berlin

Price: 21900
Tel: 00491709261369
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12 Dec 2016 United Kingdom Altus 1807 'AL'

Altus 1807 'AL' model. C foot, Offset-G, E-mech. Some marks from use but in very good condition overall. Recently serviced and in excellent playing condition.

Price: £6200
Robert Looman
Tel: +44 (0) 7771728403
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04 Dec 2016 France Haynes Amadeus A900 tout argent

semi-professionnelle tout argent clétage en ligne quasi neuve (utilisée 2 mois) sous garantie encore 10 mois

Price: 2480 €
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28 Nov 2016 Netherlands Muramatsu SR and Lafin 14k

Muramatsu SR from 2005. HM SR E B (Handmade, SR model, sterling silver,soldered tone holes, G inline, E mechanisme, B foot) ,in perfect shape and always overhauled by Ms Jaemin Cheon in Freiburg (she' s worked for Muramatsu and still does I think). The 14k Lafin headjoint is all 14k gold. I can sell them together or separately. If bought together I can bring the price a little down :) Price flute: 8.500 euro Headjoint: 8.000 euro

Price: 8.500euro + 8.000 euro
Elodia Climent
Tel: +31 616706673
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04 Nov 2016 Italy Haynes gold flute

Wm. S. Haynes 14kt. gold hand-made covered-hole model flute with in-line G key, complete with hard-shell carrying case and swab. Complete overhaul with new pads done in 2015. Originally purchased from Severino Gazzelloni in 1966.

Price: € 23000
Marja Steinberg
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30 Oct 2016 United States Original Lafin headjoint

Made in Germany by J.R. Lafin. 85% silver, 15% gold, 14K riser, 14K crown.Asking $4500 .Original box. Pushed in 2016.

Price: $4500
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30 Oct 2016 Spain MURAMATSU DS HEAVY

Tubo Heavy***Cabeza, cuerpo, y mecanismo de Plata***Platos con puente francés***Mecanismo de Mi***Pata de Do ****ZAPATILLAS STRAUBINGER NUEVAS**** ASEGURADA DURANTE UN AÑO DESDE LA COMPRA. Se entrega revisada y ajustada.

Price: 5200€ (negociables)
Jorge Rivero Alvarez
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29 Oct 2016 United Kingdom Powell Piccolo, Serial Number:7971

Available at TOPWIND

Price: £4000
Claire O'Neill
Tel: 07927189291
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28 Oct 2016 Netherlands Johannes Hammig

Features: silver, offset g, e-mechanism, c-foot, closed holes, soldered tone holes, silver mechanic. Headjoint: 14 ct white gold original made by Johannes Hammig.

Price: € 11.000
Frans Franssen
Tel: +31650881637
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19 Oct 2016 Germany Flute Sankyo Prima - Gold body 9 carat keys/mechanism silver with gold head joint Faulisi 14 carat

Gold body 9 carat with keys and mechanism in silver Combined with gold head joint Faulisi 14 carat French system ‚keys in line‘ C foot joint Recently new pads applied Price: 15.000€ (to be discussed) In very good condition Location Spain or Germany List price Flauta Sankyo Prima about 22.000€ List price head joint Faulisi 14 carat 10.000€

Price: 15000
Maria Carmen Fuentes Gimeno
Tel: +4917662954038
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16 Oct 2016 Germany Muramatsu Flute DS

Handmade DS model Flute. Ring klappen ( open Cups) , H-Fuss. Solid Silber.

Price: 4300 Euro
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08 Oct 2016 France Sankyo 601B in line

Sankyo 601B in line, handmade flute all sterling silver. Soldered toneholes, 10k white gold springs with a Faulisi head joint. Perfect condition. Visible in Grenoble.

Price: 6800
Chrstophe GODEFROY
Tel: +33 6 72 99 21 11
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04 Oct 2016 Italy Piccolo Roy Seaman

The Roy Seaman Ltd. is a professional piccolo crafted with select Grenadilla wood, and features sterling silver keys and mechanism, split E mechanism, (that could be also turned off). Comfortable head joint that produce a beautiful and warm tone. The instrument was bought in 2002 and has been serviced regularly. Ottavino in legno Grenadilla Roy Seaman. Meccanica in argento e mi snodato inseribile. Testata comoda che produce un bellissimo suono caldo. Lo strumento e' stato comperato nel 2002

Price: €2000
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This A.R. Hammig flute has an excellent warm and brilliant sound. It has been revised in 2011 by Bernhard Hammig in Marktneukirchen. The instrument is in excellent shape. Vollsilberflöte von August Richard hammig, geschlossene klappen, sehr guter zustand, warmer obertonreicher klang. 1961 gebaut, 2011 von bernhard hammig mit neuen klappenpolstern und neuem sibernen mundstück versehen. Sold by a professionel musician.

Price: 2900 €
Musici Europae
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07 Sept 2016 Denmark Miyazawa, Brögger System, engraving on lip plate

BR Type 2 REH -SS, Brögger System, Solid silver 925 headjoint ,body and mechanism , MZ-7 headjoint , engraving on lip plate , Soldered tone holes, Open holes, In line G , Split E mechanism, C# trill key , gizmo key, B footjoint, 0.38mm tubing thickness, French-style pointed key-arms, Straubinger Pads. The instrument is in a very good condition. For more details please contact me!

Price: 6000 €
Alexandra Pana
Tel: +4552827061
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06 Sept 2016 United States Boston Emerson Legacy - Ironwood

handmade; Ironwood body and headjoint; silver-plated, nickel-silver mechanism; conical bore; bubble-style headjoint; cork joint used, played briefly for four year period (2010-2014), had COA and repadding in April 2014 and hasn't been played since

Price: $1,500 us dollars
Hayley Miller
Tel: (585) 857-3982
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