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26 May 2016 Italy Muramatsu Ds RCI tsubasa

Muramatsu all silver, tsubasa headjoint, seidman stopper. In perfect condition.

Price: 3800 euro
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14K Gold Faulisi Headjoint. In excellent condition. Purchased used in the store Paris Faulisi in 2014. Precious and agile sound.

Price: 4000€
Inma Perea
Tel: 679646161
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13 May 2016 Italy MURAMATSU FLUTE, 14K MOD. RB G/P.


Price: €23000,00
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06 May 2016 Netherlands Johannes Hammig (14 kt white gold)

Type: Johannes Hammig Features: 14 ct white gold, offset g, e- mechanism, c-foot, open holes, soldered tone holes, silver mechanic. Headjoint: Original headjoint, optimized by Albert Cooper. Completely overhauled in March 2016. Price 15.000 euro. Wonderful and unique instrument! In top condition!

Price: 15000 euor
Kim van den Heuvel
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05 May 2016 France PEARL 18k flute

Dear friends, for professional reasons I have to sell my great Pearl 18k gold flute, sterling silver keys, in excellent condition. Drawn tone holes, E-mechanisme, b-foot, in line. You can try it in Paris. Don't hesitate to contact me.

Price: 18000€
Alex B.
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01 May 2016 United Kingdom Miquel Arista Headjoint

This headjoint is 6 years old, has been used professionally and comes with a Bigio Stopper / crown thrown in!

Price: £995
Matthew Mockford
Tel: 07523960633
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28 Apr 2016 Netherlands Trevor James alto flute

Brand new Trevor James Performer alto flute ideal for professional flautists

Price: 1400 euro
Lucija Stilinovic
Tel: 00385917265683 or 0682221797
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18 Apr 2016 Australia VQPowell

handmade custom silver open holed flute, Bfoot C#trill pointed arms. Wall thickness 0.16. Plays beautifully, regretful sale, need deposit for house

Price: AUD $7000 ONO
Michele Goninon
Tel: 0419766342
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17 Apr 2016 Spain Brannen Cooper Brögger Mekanik

I have for sale a Brannen Cooper, Brögger Mekanik, soldered tone holes, E mechanism, B foot, offset G, Straubinger pads, It was purchased new in 2006. It has been played just in professional orchestras. It was overhauled six months ago and its condition is absolutely perfect. Sounds extremely rich, deeply and warm through the three registers. I can show it and play it via Skype. Please feel free for make me any qestion and, if interested, don't hesitate in contact me.Barcelona.

Price: 11500 €
Pablo Ramírez
Tel: +34653111786
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11 Apr 2016 Switzerland HAYNES Handmade Silver Flute, B foot, serial #48196

French model SR with B- footjoint. With open holes and soldered tone holes. The flute is in an excellent state, rarely played. I am the first and only owner. The flute was revised and newly padded by UESAWA, Munich in march 2016. Original case, and purchase documents from 1987 attached. As I am singing in a choir now, I want the flute to be played again.

Price: 4700 Euros
Erhard Trittibach
Tel: 0041788427825
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10 Apr 2016 France Brannen Cooper 14k flute

All 14k Brannen-Cooper flute, Brogger mechanism and acoustic, split E mechanism, 14k rose gold reflecting plate, B footjoint with gizmo. The instrument is recent and in absolutely perfect condition, with all its documents. Visible in Paris.

Price: 38000€
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04 Apr 2016 Israel Muramatsu Handmade Flute 18K

Dear friends, After a very joyous era with my loyal partner - this handmade 18K gold Muramatsu, I'm sadly putting it up for sale. Technical specs: Silver mechanism, E-mech and B-foot. It is in mint condition and went through a complete overhaul in Damielli, Italy (January 2016). I will be in Europe quite soon so you can email me.

Certification: .

Price: 29000 Euro
Naama Neuman
Tel: +972548114264
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04 Apr 2016 Italy Verne Q. Powell Flutes, 14k Gold Flute, 14k Gold Mechanism, 14k Gold Headjoint

Flauto Verne Q. Powell; corpo oro 14K, meccanica oro 14k, testata oro 14k; in perfette condizioni. Corpo Body Tubing: Rose Gold; .012" Tubing Thickness; 14k Tone Holes Type of Tone Hole: Soldered Tone Holes; Powell Pinless Mechanism Pitch: A442; Pitch Foot Joint: B Foot Joint with Gizmo; French Cups; Key Materials: 14k Gold Keys; G Keys: Inline G Testata Body Tubing: Rose Gold; 012" Tubing Thickness; Walls (risers): 14k Gold Wall; 14k Rose Gold Lip Plate; 14k Rose Gold Crown

Price: € 39.500,00
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01 Apr 2016 Italy MURAMATSU Headjoint 18K all gold

Dear Flutists, here a wonderful Muramatsu headjoint 18K all gold with very special engreaving on lip plate. The headjoint is in mint condition and it play large and deep sound. You can try it in Milan or Rome but naturally I ship worldwide. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Price: Euro 8000
Luigi Arciuli
Tel: 3292123297
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01 Apr 2016 United Kingdom Silver Powell Conservatory Handmade flute and headjoint with 14CT riser

1385 Silver Powell Conservatory Handmade flute - open holes, inline G, E ring and C footjoint plus Silver Headjoint with 14 CT gold riser. Lovely instrument in excellent working order. Comes with black carry case. Contact me: alice.thompi@gmail.com

Price: £5000 ono
Tel: +
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31 Mar 2016 Spain Nagahara Flute, Standard Model

Exceptional, handmade, professional-level Flute. 950 Silver Body, Sterling mechanism, sterling silver lipplate & riser. Open, in line, C-foot, Split E mechanism, Nagahara Wearless Mechanism: Type I, Open-hole, Nagahara TRIAD Pads. Bought in 2010. It's in pristine conditions, complete maintenance (Overhaul) was made four months ago at Nagahara in Boston and hasn't been played since so it's really like new. It comes with a brand new case and case cover. The flute is in Barcelona, Spain.

Price: 12000 Euros
Tel: 0034632868308
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24 Mar 2016 United Kingdom Brannen Flute

Brögger mechanism, C# key, B footjoint. Soldered tone holes. Gold riser. Seidman stopper, modified cooper headjoint. Exceptional instrument. Completely overhauled with new pads on the 10th of this month. All corks, stoppers etc replaced. Playing superbly. This instrument has a huge dynamic range, excellent response, perfect intonation and a wide tonal pallet. Hand made for me and headjoint was chosen from a huge selection at the brannen factory. Can be sold without headjoint.

Price: £9500 sterling
Tel: +353838003308
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18 Mar 2016 Portugal Arista Headjoint

Handmade silver Arista Headjoint, seamed tube, no. 431.

Price: 900€
Sofia Silva
Tel: 00351915314450
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09 Mar 2016 United States David Straubinger Handmade Silver Flute

David Straubinger - Handmade professional sterling silver flute, soldered toneholes, C# trill, B foot. C gizmo, straubinger pads. “Half offset G”, open hole #349 Made in 2012. This flute was specifically made for me and is now the wonderful product of 3 years of fine-tuning, and professional playing. Selling for 12K. contact and questions at thomttp@gmail.com

Price: 12,000 US Dollars
Thomaz Tavares
Tel: 917 741 0332
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08 Mar 2016 Italy V.Q.Powell handmade custom all gold flute

N. 12866, 14 kt all gold body, 19,5 kt gold head joint, drawn tone holes, in line G, E-mechanisme, B footjoint

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05 Mar 2016 France Muramatsu SR

Muramatsu SR sterling silver flute. Soldered tone hols, b-foot joint, E-mechanisme. Absolutely perfect condition (new pads by Muramatsu). Located in Paris.

Certification: .

Price: 7500€
A. Blostu
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02 Mar 2016 Netherlands HAYNES Handmade Silver Flute, platinum riser, B foot, 1999, serial #50836

Haynes Handmade Silver Flute, French model B foot, 1999, serial #50836 Silver Body, platinum riser in head joint. The flute was constructed with inline G, and drawn tone-holes. Made In 1999. I am the first and only owner and have taken great care of it. Pads are excellent and it plays beautifully with a lot of depth and color to the sound. I am selling to finance a new Haynes.

Price: 4900 Euro
R van Brakel
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28 Feb 2016 Spain Burkart Elite Flute 14k siver keys soldered tone holes

Lilian Burkart Elite Flute N. 543 14k gold with siver keys Soldered tone holes 5 years old B-foot C# trill key 18.000€ (negotiable)

Price: 18.000€
Ignacio de Nicolas
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27 Feb 2016 Portugal Altus Headjoint

Platinum plated headjoint from Altus 1707 PS-PG. New. Never used.

Price: 2200€
Clara Saleiro
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21 Feb 2016 Spain Boquilla Sankyo

Boquilla de flauta, marca Sankyo. Tubo de plata 925 i placa de oro de 14k.Está en perfecto estado, su precio en tienda está sobre los 3500€.

Price: 1200 €
Guillem Sorribes
Tel: 657383174
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19 Feb 2016 France Sankyo 901

Sankyo 901, handmade flute with 997 pure silver headjoint and body tubing. Soldered toneholes, 10k white gold springs, 0.38mm standard wall thickness, NEL facilitating a high E. Perfect condition. Visible in Paris.

Price: 7500€
Jean L.
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Muramatsu rc ligth version, purchased in Muramatsu Tokyo in December 2015, with its invoice. Flute from 2001, oficial second hand of Muramatsu, with their astonishing overhaul that gives back the flute to fabric standards. All solid 925 silver. Open holes, in -line G, soldered toneholes, C-foot. New LOTUS pads. You can try this flute in Barcelona, or just contact me to try it in other destinations as probably it will be also possible. Also selling an Altus PS-RE (e1707 model) and other flutes.

Price: 5.900€
Tel: +34 600004513
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27 Jan 2016 Brazil Muramatsu GX

-Tête et tube argent massif -Tête tsubasa -Patte de Si -Sol décalé

Price: €4500
Tel: +5511993795783
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26 Jan 2016 United Kingdom Verne Q Powell precious metal flute with Andrew Oxley headjoint

Serial number 5770, handmade, soldered tone holes, offset keys, open holes, C#trill and D#roller, B footjoint

Price: £4,500
Shan Hargest
Tel: 07896439847
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15 Jan 2016 Portugal Pearl Gold Flute

Pearl Supreme Gold Maesta PF9851-RCO. 18K Gold handcut headjoint “FORTE”. 14K rose gold body & footjoint, posts & ribs. Sterling silver keys (engraved) gold-plated. French Pointed key arms (open), G Off-Set. Pinless mechanism, Soldered tone holes, gold springs, C footjoint.

Price: 14850
Adriano Sabença
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08 Jan 2016 Italy muramatsu 14k silver keys

Muramatsu flute 14k, silver keys, open holes, G in line, B foot, new pads of last generation, serial number: 53185; you can try the instrument in Venice (italy)

Price: € 18000
Tel: +393479766576
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05 Jan 2016 Italy Handmade Grenadilla Wood Headjoint by Giovanni Tardino

Handmade Grenadilla Wood Headjoint by Giovanni Tardino, Basel. Extremely resonant and powerflul Headjoint in excellent condition.

Price: Euro: 1.300
Fabio De Rosa
Tel: 3497082317
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28 Dec 2015 Germany Anton Braun Wooden Flute & Howel Roberts Cocobolo headjoint

Grenadilla wood, open keys, inline, e-mechanism, C-Foot, B-Foot (2013) , Two Headjoints: one with 14 K Riser, one just wood, Straubinger pads, made in 1996. complet overhoul in Januar 2106, free at the end of Januar 2016, Price on Request Howel Roberts Cocobolo wooden Headjoint, Silver tenon and rings in good condition, Prive: € 1050.-

Price: Euro
Hermann Michael Schnabel
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15 Dec 2015 United Kingdom Genuine Albert Cooper flute for sale, made 1979-1983. Solid silver, closed hole, B Foot in good cond

Genuine Albert Cooper flute for sale, made 1979-1983. Solid silver, closed hole, B Foot in good condition, hardly played the last 35 years, completely one of a kind. Flute has C/D trill key and split F sharp mechanism. Head joint was additional commission. In need of service, please contact for more information.

Price: £20,000
Tel: +447874995849
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