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14 May 2017 Spain Viola label Armando Piccagliani, 41,5 cm

Viola label Armando Piccagliani, 41,5 cm. Very good for students of Conservatory, dark sound and powerful. Condition report perfect, as new.

Certification: Not available

Price: 3000€
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12 May 2017 France Pierre Vidoudez & Jean-Frédéric Schmitt (2000), 42,5cm

Je vends mon magnifique alto fait par Pierre Vidoudez et terminé dans l'atelier de Jean-Frédéric Schmitt à Lyon en 2000. Il a une très bonne projection et réactivité ainsi qu'une belle sonorité.///////////////////// A very fine 42,5cm Viola by Pierre Vidoudez and Jean Schmidt in Lyon (France). This instrument have a very good projection, agility and sonority.

Certification: I have the purchase receipt / Je possède la facture d'achat de cet instrument.

Price: 7000 Euros
Schammé Pauline
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11 May 2017 United Kingdom Klotz school, Mittenwald c 1780

Small German viola, Klotz school late 18C. Back 38.2cm, lovely balanced sound. In good playing condition, no obvious damage.

Certification: Not available

Price: £4500
Deborah Henderson
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09 May 2017 United Kingdom Romania

Romanian made 16inch/41cm viola with beautiful sound for sale! £3500! Written valuation is available! You can try it out if you come to London!

Certification: Not available

Price: £3500
Maya Szaloki
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04 May 2017 United Kingdom Paul Collins, UK, 2010

High quality instrument made by Paul Collins, from 2010. 16.25" body. Instrument has recently been acoustically setup by Jonathan Beecher.

Certification: Makers name and year marked inside instrument

Price: £10000
John Hinchliffe
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01 May 2017 United Kingdom A&L Padday, UK, 2001 16 1/4" back

A fine viola by A&L Padday, 2001, Somerset, UK. The viola has a back length of 16 1/4". It has recently been set up by David Rattray.

Certification: The viola is labelled by the maker and comes with original receipt.

Price: £8000
Jonathan Kightley
Tel: 07960186438
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16 Apr 2017 United Kingdom Philip Dobritchkov, Bulgaria, 2000

A fine 39cm (15.4 Inc) Viola by the esteemed Bulgarian luthier Philip Dobritchkov. The warmth, excellent projection and agility of the instrument characterise his work. His instruments are made by rare maple and spruce, grown only above 1300 m altitude in the Bulgarian Balkans ( the same region preferred by the old Italian luthiers) and naturally seasoned for over 20 years. A violin of similar features is also available.

Certification: Certificate available

Price: £3500
Raisa Zapryanova
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22 Mar 2017 France Alto Friedrich Alber, 2007, 41,5cm

Je vends mon magnifique alto de Friedrich Alber qui m'a fait rentrer au CNSMDP et m'a suivi dans toutes mes études supérieures. Très belle sonorité, très équilibré, et facile à jouer avec un manche fin. Il est de 2007 et je l'ai joué depuis 2008. Très joli vernis et dos en une pièce.

Certification: Facture et certificat pour les assurances datant de 2008.

Price: 13000€ (à débattre)
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19 Mar 2017 United Kingdom Fine Tertis Viola, Gordon Campbell, England, 1982

This is a Tertis Viola, 16 3/4 inches, 42.7cm. 4 (1) by Gordon Campbell, England, 1982. Perfect condition, with case. Outstanding powerful Tertis viola tone. Spruce top; 2 piece maple back. Original paperwork from Maker. Buyer can return if they cover all postage costs.

Certification: Original documents from Gordon Campbell

Price: 7500 Euro
Christopher Busby
Tel: 07989428833
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19 Mar 2017 United Kingdom Viola bow by Karl Suess

Fine Viola bow stamped Karl Suess, Excellent condition, octagonal, pernambuco, silver, 72gm

Certification: bow stamped Karl Suss. No documents. Buyer can return if they pay insured postage

Price: EUR 2500
Christopher Busby
Tel: 07989428833
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16 Mar 2017 United States Fine French viola, Hugues D'Valthaire (1984) 16.2"

Very fine viola in perfect conditions. Dark orange barnice, light and really easy to play. Has a well balanced tone throughout all the strings. Very good projection in both higher and lower register. I particularly love how well this viola handles higher positions. I had this instrument for almost 10 years and has had an outstanding results in chamber music, orchestra and as a soloist concerts. There is a youtube video where you can hear the instrument. Contact me an I will send you the link.

Certification: All documents come with this instrument.

Price: $15000
Sixto Franco
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15 Mar 2017 United States Rafael Sando, Brazil, 1996

This is a copy of a Gasparo da Salò made in Brazil in 1996 by renowned maker Rafael Sando in São Paulo. 41cm - 16 in, top made of spruce and bottom made of maple. I am the second owner and I bought it from my teacher back in 2004 who commissioned this instrument specifically to fit his profile. No International Sale.

Certification: I have paperwork from the maker and from an American appraiser.

Price: $8000USD
Michel Emerick
Tel: +15706777772
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08 Mar 2017 United Kingdom W.D.Watson Viola Bow

Fine Viola Bow by W.D.Watson, Gold mounted. Excellent condition. Played for many years professionally in orchestras This bow creates a bright , powerful tone across the strings and has an even flexibility

Certification: Not available

Price: £4000
Karl Tomlin
Tel: 07714824061
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02 Mar 2017 Cyprus SCHWEITZER -HUNGARY


Certification: EUR 6000

Price: EUR 6000
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13 Feb 2017 Netherlands Ragnar Hayn, Berlin, 2006

Year 2006. Length of the instrument: 414 mm. Modell: Andrea Guarneri. Poplar wood. Back is made in one piece. Nice and powerful sound, very confortable to play. Viola made by Ragnar Hayn in 2006 in Berlin. You can see the viola in Amsterdam.

Certification: Not available

Price: 16 000 euros
Cristina Blanco Amavisca
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08 Feb 2017 United Kingdom E.R.Voight 1956 London 16.5" (42 cms)

This is the viola I used for most of my performing career in London Symphony & Chamber Orchestras. I have retired from performing and am looking to sell this amazing viola to the next generation to allow me to pick roses with my grandchildren in the garden during the final stages of life. I still teach at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London on Saturdays so the viola can be viewed/inspected at the Guildhall or at my home in Bath, Somerset. Trials welcome

Certification: Insurance value £14,500

Price: 9995
Robert Turrell
Tel: 07971 048459
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27 Jan 2017 Estonia Jan Pawlikowski viola, 2008

Great J.Pawlikowski instrument for orchestra and chamber music. Length 40,0 cm, very comfortable to play, big and nice sound. In a perfect condition!

Certification: Not available

Price: 4200 €
Mariann Helstein
Tel: +372 52 32 602
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24 Jan 2017 United Kingdom Anton Jais, of Mittenwald, c. 1789

A beautiful small viola - 15" (38.1cm) with a sweet and intimate mellow tone. Very responsive and refined in character. It has been played regularly and much loved. Ideal for a small person, or someone looking for character and quality of tone without unwieldy size or weight. It has helped me while suffering from back pain, and enabled me to return to semi-professional performance. Highly recommended.

Certification: All documents available, including original purchase receipt and evidence of insurance

Price: £10,000 UK Sterling or near offer
Catherine Malcolm
Tel: 00-44-7967 317063
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22 Jan 2017 Switzerland Jan Pawlikowski, 2010

Superb Instrument for orchestra and chamber music. Length 40,0 cm, very comfortable to play, big and lovely sound. Its quality is far above the usual Pawlikowski instruments since i had made many improvements in Germany. Perfect condition.

Certification: All documents come with this instrument

Price: 9500 Euro
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05 Jan 2017 United Kingdom William John, 2007, UK

2007 Model Antonio Stradivari 41cm – 16 1/4″ Back I have owned this viola from new and have used it professionally in string quartet and orchestral playing. Lovely full sound which carries well. Please visit the website for more information

Certification: I have the orginal purchase receipt for this intrusment

Price: £10000
Ben Harrison
Tel: +447761758892
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01 Jan 2017 France Echavidre, France, 2011

Je me sépare à regret de mon bel Alto réalisé par Tony Echavidre en 2011, modèle Guarneri. longueur de caisse 41,2 cm. 13000€. Il a un super timbre, une émission très directe, et sort juste de l'atelier pour révision et vernis. bref il est au top

Certification: je possède un certificat d'authencité et un certificat de vente pour cet instrument.

Price: 13 000€
Jacques Pérez
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31 Dec 2016 France ALTO ITALIEN CAVACEPPI 1979 41 CM

Alto Italien étiquetté Cavaceppi de 1979 41 CM parfait état entretenu et joué régulièrement par un musicien d'orchestre ; très belle lutherie. La sonorité est homogène et puissante. Italian viola Cavaceppi 1979 (41 cm); perfect condition,usualy played by orchestra musician. Powerfull and beautiful sonority.

Certification: Instrument vendu avec certificat d'assurance et estimation effectuée par cabinet Vatelot.

Price: 7500 €
anne marie carbonnel
Tel: 0750477530
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30 Dec 2016 United States Mezzo-Forte Carbon Fiber 16.5" Viola

Hello so I'm selling my gently used Mezzo Forte "Design Line" 16.5" carbon fiber Viola. It's a very powerful instrument that is very resonant and rich in sounds. Also Carbon fiber speaks really fast so it has great agility. Also the projection supersede a wooden viola. An amazing thing about carbon fiber is its weather resistance. This Viola comes with its certificate of authenticity, a soft gig pack, two chinrest options per your comfort, Guarnieri and Flesch chinrest and a Carbon bow

Certification: Not available

Price: €2100
Dwayne Beach
Tel: 17187153814
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29 Dec 2016 France MAGNIFIQUE ALTO de 1883 (taille: 44cms)

Très bel Alto de la fin du XIXème siècle de 44cms à la sonorité à la fois chaude, suave mais aussi sonore et puissante. Il m'a accompagné dans toutes mes études supérieures et ensuite au sein de nombreux orchestres en tant qu'alto solo mais également en musique de chambre où ses qualités sont remarquables. Aussi, il a toujours brillé lors de concours importants avec un jury à chaque fois enthousiasmé par sa sonorité valorisante. Enfin, malgré sa taille son diapason est standard et facile à jouer

Certification: J'ai en ma possession un certificat de valeur qui estime cet instrument à 30000€ établit en 2007 par Jean-Frédéric SCHMITT Maître Luthier Expert qui m'avait lui-même vendu cet instrument en 1994.

Price: 20000
Tel: +33 611 044 534
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17 Dec 2016 Italy Alessandro Tossani

Bellissima viola Alessandro Tossani,anno 2008,42 cm,strumento molto bello e di grande qualità'

Certification: Not available

Price: In pvt
Thomas Cavuoto
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14 Dec 2016 United Kingdom Herbert W Tyson 16" Viola made 1951

Good example of this well known English maker, no cracks, missing pieces etc. Comes with bow, case, shoulder rest and pickup.

Certification: Maker's name and year are marked in the instrument. Purchased originally from a reputable dealer who specialises in good stringed instruments.

Price: £ 1950 or near offer
Alistair Tandy
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11 Dec 2016 United Kingdom Small German Viola 1900-1920

Model: Small model based on Milanese outline Body Length: 37 cm / 14 and a half inches Front: Spruce, regular medium grain Back: Maple, regular grain, medium curl Neck and Scroll: Maple, slightly irregular grain, faint curl The instrument is in good condition in terms of structure - apart from one ear missing on one side of the scroll's volute. This is only cosmetic. Comes with original case, and a french bow.

Certification: Insurance Valuation Certificate from Moseley Violins Birmingham estimated at £900

Price: £900
Elizabeth Watson
Tel: 07730029572
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09 Dec 2016 United Kingdom Rod Ward, Cambridge England UK, Made Yr 2000

A beautiful viola by Rod Ward, Gasparo da Salo model (over £9,000.00 new from maker), sonorous tone, one professional owner, excellent condition, 16.5 inches. Welcome to try.

Certification: Would come with authenticity and valuation documents from Rod Ward.

Price: Price: £5,950
Tel: 07401 45 15 15
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06 Dec 2016 Switzerland Magnificient viola made ca 1900 Size 42cm

This magnificient viola is a soloist instrument of the highest order.It plays with a huge, sonorous, warm sound with a great variety of overtones.Very nice varnish and broad model. give this instrument a stunning appearance.The viola is in perfect condition and its size is 42cm.

Certification: Not available

Price: On demand
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06 Dec 2016 Switzerland Superb italian viola ca.1950 size 42.5cm

This viola was made in Italy ca. 1950 and is in perfect condition.It plays with a full,sonorous powerful sound with fantastic tonal colours as would be expected of an italien master instrument.The viola is well suited for solist or orchestral work.The size is 42.5cm.

Certification: The instrument was reviewed by Eric Blot.

Price: On demand
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05 Dec 2016 Greece Garner Wilson

A Garner Wilson round viola bow,pernambuco wood,in excellent condition,silver mounted,72 gramms made in May 2012. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Certification: Certificate of value according to the maker 2739 English Pounds

Price: 2700 Euros
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