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18 Oct 2016 Italy BELL - model "Gustavo Núñez"

I'm selling this excellent bassoon, the instrument was bought at august of 2014, it is equipped with all keys included trill Bb-Ab of the right thumb, it has a warm sound. it included a Marcus Bonna case gentleman and two excellent bocal "Bell CC1 and CD2". the price is Negotiable it's available to prove in Milan

Price: €28000
Kevin Núñez
Tel: 3282799178
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17 Oct 2016 United States Shreiber & sohne / and C Muller Basoons

made in west germany needs repair i will send images of repair needed if you provide an email address. the second picture is for a C Muller bassoon. I will consider reasonable offers for 1 or both Thank You.

Price: $3000.00
Frank Rubio
Tel: 19092627767
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16 Oct 2016 United States Moosmann 200AP 2007

I am the original owner since 2007. Tuning and Voicing by Mike Hammer and Shane Weiler. Open, free blowing, even scale, resonant sound and great tone. Has all the bells and whistles you really need as a professional or college student. Comes with the original moosmann AW2 bocal which matches well, or the choice of a straight bend Puchner BC1 that I picked and used on the instrument myself. Please message for more details

Price: $14,500 OBO
Daniel Beilman
Tel: 5027582182
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15 Oct 2016 Spain Rieger bsn tip-profiler and Reedsntools cbsn profiler

Very little used Rieger tip-profiler and reedsntools cbsn profiler. Both machines are in great condition, ready to use! Bsn tip-profiler: 750.00 Euros Cbsn profiler: 850.00 Euros Price for both machines, together: 1,500 Euros. The machines are in Barcelona.

Price: 1,500 Euros
Slawomir Krysmalski
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12 Oct 2016 Denmark Fox 601

Fox 601 bassoon in perfect condition. From 2008. Complete service by Keith Bowen from, Washington, spring 2016. High e and f key and Eb trill key, A bridge, low c key, balance hanger etc. Comes with Heckel bocal and Marcus Bonna case.

Price: 15.500 €
Lars Mathiesen
Tel: +4528158131
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09 Oct 2016 United States Stanley & Jones baroque bassoon

A=415, Baroque Bassoon by Barbara Stanley and Graham Lyndon-Jones with roll bag

Price: $2500
Laura Ford
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07 Oct 2016 United Kingdom Schreiber Professional S71 bassoon

Schreiber Professional bassoon for sale in outstanding condition. For decades the Schreiber S71 Professional model bassoon has been Schreiber's top level bassoon. They are much loved for their singing tone, great intonation and high specification key work options. This particular bassoon has high D key and right hand thumb rollers. Fully overhauled including full repad. A fantastic instrument to play. Ask for more details.

Price: £4950
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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07 Oct 2016 United Kingdom Mollenhauer bassoon

Lovely sounding Mollenhauer bassoon for sale in superb condition. This is the Mollenhauer professional model with high D key, high E key and right hand thumb rollers. A fantastic professional level bassoon for an aspiring bassoonist. Outstanding condition - fully overhauled including full repad and much more. Great sound with excellent intonation. Ask for more information on this fine instrument.

Price: £5500
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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04 Oct 2016 Germany Heckel Crest Bassoon

Selling my excellent 2011 Heckel Crest Bassoon. Very good intonation, huge "Heckel sound" recently overhauled by Stephan Bösken in 2015. Has an added A bridge, low C plate, balance hanger, Spiri 3D handrest, MB case and original Heckel CC1 bocal. For more information contact me via email

Price: 23,500€
Thomas St John
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03 Oct 2016 France Amati-Rodewald contrebasson

Pour cause double emploi, je vend mon contrebasson acheté neuf en octobre 2014 chez Gerwin Rodewald en Allemagne. Instrument trés facile à jouer, trés souple. modele haute forme qui apporte plus de largeur dans le grave. se démonte en trois parties ce qui facilite son transport, trés bonne intonation, trés souple avec un son centré grace au bocal heckel C0 en Nickel choisi pour cet instrument, housse de transport solide, legere et compacte. n'hesitez pas pour des questions ou plus de photos.

Price: 11500€
Romain Rougé
Tel: +33687043823
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03 Oct 2016 France Walter bassoon

Amazing Walter bassoon, i sold my Puchner Superior for it.(now i'm playing a Heckel) Very good intonation, easy to play, with a lovely sweet sound. for me it 's not comparable with new Walter very open and not easy to play. It was purchased at the IDRS conference in Rotterdam and manufactured after their first music instrument award. normal wear at the touch point .no damages, It includes Heckel Bocal CC1 nearly new, balance hanger with a Bam case. overhauled in Amsterdam in november 2015.

Price: 17000€
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03 Oct 2016 United Kingdom Schreiber & Sons

Schreiber bassoon, would suit beginner. Padded backpack case included.

Price: £1500
Julie Lillie
Tel: 07771348664
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25 Sept 2016 France Mönnig Topas

A vendre basson Mönnig, modèle Topas. Modèle professionnel récent, avec 26 clés, 8 rouleaux, 1 bocal et boîte MB. Instrument en excellent état, acheté neuf il y a quatre ans et entièrement révisé cette année. Prix : 10000 euros

Price: 10 000 euros
Nicolas Renoult
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19 Sept 2016 Portugal Walter Fagott

Wir verkaufen ein Walter Fagott Solist Model. Baujahr 2013. Fagott in sehr guten Zustand, war gespielt in Profi Orchester. Gute Intonation, sehr schöne Klang. Inkl. 2 Walter S-Bogen Wiseman Leder-Case

Price: 22500
Vasily Suprunov
Tel: -+351919278748
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14 Sept 2016 Sweden Püchner #7117, 1969

A Püchner model Concert, which equals with todays model Premier, with nice sound and in a great condition. Added Eb trill and high e key, silver tone hole inserts. Comes with one Püchner C1 bocal, balans hanger and a Schreiber case.

Price: 8800€
Annika Jönssson
Tel: +46(0)709565327
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12 Sept 2016 United States Heckel Contrabassoon

Heckel Contrabassoon to BBb - #261. Completely restored by Keith Bowen in 2015. Looks and plays like new. Includes adjustable tuning slide with water valve, divorced low E mechanism, right thumb alternate Eb key, and 3 bocals - 1 pre-war and 2 post-war. Includes hard case, flight case, and and Altieri gig bag. This contrabassoon has a significant history of performance in major ensembles and was once owned by Mark Popkin.

Price: $32,000 US Dollars
Scott Armstrong
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11 Sept 2016 Germany Yamaha 812

I am selling my Yamaha bassoon 812. The instrument is in a very good condition, it has a wonderful tone and good intonation. I sell two bocals as well: one super bocal EB1 and an original Yamaha nr. 2. The last overhaul was in December 2015, by Markus Meyer (Germany). I've played in many professional orchestras with this instrument. For more information (fotos and/or videos) please contact me per e-mail.

Price: 17000€
Maria Castro
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07 Sept 2016 United States Fox 101 (Great Condition!)

Hi Everyone, I am selling my fox 101 bassoon, which is in wonderful condition. I played and performed on it in college on a regular basis. Has a very even scale and large, round tone. This instrument is perfect for university, conservatory, or upper high school students. All recent service has been done by Peter Landy in New York City. Comes with a Fox professional case (and cover), one *CVX* #2 bocal, and one CC1 Heckel bocal.

Price: $13,000 USD
Nicholas Hooks
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26 Aug 2016 Italy Puchner Bassoon 8395

Puchner bassoon n°8395, perfect condition, it's possible to try it in Milan, Lyon or Toulon.

Price: 16000
Lorenzo Contaldo
Tel: *393391133262
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Incredible Fox Bassoon Renard 41. Price new 7100$. Ideal for student. Fox is the best brand for student and it's recommended for all professional teacher around the world. It's a great opportunity. Bassoon has had only one owner and it plays in very good conditions. It was served in octuber 2015 last time. Looks very good. Case was restored and looks very good too. Pads are good. In the last service all springs was replaced. Serial number 20527. Shipping all countries.

Price: 2200
Tel: 666943241
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05 Aug 2016 Czech Republic Bassoon Heckel 41i

Beautiful Heckel 41i, serie 8 000, overhauled by G.Rieger, e2, d2, silver tubes, rollers: F-Gis, E-Fis, Cis-Dis, incl.2 bocals, played professionaly, !"Heckel Sound"!

Price: open price
Jindrich Koman
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31 July 2016 Italy Mollenhauer Contrabassoon

Hello everyone! I'm selling my contrabassoon Mollenhauer n.1057 There are two bocals Mollenhauer: measure 1 and 2. The instrument is kept very well and has never been damaged, the end of the tip was modified with a rubber ball system, so you have a better grip. The price is negotiable, if you are interested contact me at: or +393937114173 The instrument is in Manzano (UD) - Italy Michele

Price: 20000€
Michele Gadioli
Tel: +393937114173
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31 July 2016 United Kingdom Adler/ Sonora

Adler Sonora bassoon, estimated to be about 30-40 years old. The bassoon is not in perfect cosmetic condition (see pictures), but has been fully serviced by Howarth's and plays very well. Perfect for a beginner. Supplied with all necessary accessories.

Price: £2,000 ono
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28 July 2016 United States Beautiful Moosmann Bassoon Model 150A

Selling my beautiful Moosmann bassoon 150A. Beautiful tone, all the standard advanced keywork, and I've matched it up with a beautiful Heckel bocal. This was one of Justin Miller's demo instruments, he did not want to let go of it! It served me well throughout high school and college, but since then I have bought a Heckel and no longer need it. I would be happy to arrange local pick-up in Boston or somewhere near by, or I would be happy to ship it anywhere in the United states as well!

Price: $ 13,000 USD
Natalie Zemba
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28 July 2016 United Kingdom Heckel C1 Contrabassoon crook

Approximately 20 years old, very good condition.

Price: £500
Alex Walker
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27 July 2016 United Kingdom Original Baroque Bassoon

Original Baroque bassoon - estimated date made 1750-1810 in English style. In full working order. Plays around A=415 with standard baroque reed. Has original crook. Origins are still under debate Hall/Collingwood marked on the bassoon possibly after a British town or the name of a maker.

Price: £4,000
Rhonwen Jones
Tel: 07772809524
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19 July 2016 Finland Bassoon Fox 201 sale

Used Fox Model 201 Ser. #13XXX (c.1986) bassoon for sale. Unbelievably well maintained. Beautiful sound. Fox CVX bocals 2 and 3 . Fox professional case. One Professional owner.

Price: 7750 €
Timo Korhonen
Tel: 0405035736
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11 July 2016 Germany Fox Renard 240 Artist Model

A very nice and well-kept Fox bassoon with a beautiful and warm sound. It has round and equal tone in the whole scale. It is very easy and comfortable to play. Bought new in 2006. With additional case. It is to be tried in Stuttgart.

Price: 6500 EUR
Joanna Gancarz
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07 July 2016 United States Pre-war PUCHNER bassoon

Hugh Cooper worked on this Vicenzo Puchner bassoon, which produces a beautiful sound. It was played in the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra, the Soviet-American Youth Orchestra (1990) and the Yale Symphony Orchestra, but has not been played recently. Due to the instrument's age, it has no serial number. The price includes a Heckel bocal, solo sheet music, and a waterproof, backpack-style carrying case.

Price: UD$4500
John Aram
Tel: 617-515-4354
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06 July 2016 United States Fox Model II

Purchased in the spring of 2012. I have been the only owner of this instrument. 47,XXX series. Red Maple. Gentleman's cut. Ideal for a bassoonist with smaller hands (some custom keywork). A-bridge key. Right hand rotary lock. Balance hanger included. Comes with two bocals: Heckel CD 1, and Fox #2 bocal.

Price: $23,000
Caroline Sackleh
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06 July 2016 United States Upgraded Fox Renard 240 w/ Pro U-Tube and Bell Bocal

This Upgraded Fox Renard 240 has a RH D-Eb Trill Key w/ Offset RH C# Trill, High A - Whisper Key bridge, Fox Balance Hanger, and a pro U-Tube. The instrument was carefully broken in and meticulously cared for since its purchase in 2013, and as a result is still in perfect shape, free from dings/scratches/wood rot. The instrument comes with two bocals: a silver-plated Benson Bell C1 and a silver-plated Fox *CVX* length-2. New bassoon w/ these features would cost ~$11k. Email for more pictures.

Price: $9,500 (or $9,000 w/o Bell Bocal)
Vincent LaMonica
Tel: 8604286719
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05 July 2016 Italy Heckel bassoon n.106xx

I sell a Heckel in perfect state, maintained original in its every single part. It has been overhauled in 2011 by Heckel. It has a wonderful sound and intonation. It has been played by a professionist both as 1st and 2nd bassoon. The price includes bocal cc1 and cc2 made by Heckel.

Price: 35.000 euro
Saccomani Gianluca
Tel: 3406854622
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03 July 2016 Lithuania Heckel bassoon Nr. 68XX

Bassoon ( nr. 68XX ) repared by Rieger a few years ago. All mechanics original. New plastic tubes. New - high Cis, D, Es, E keys. Original Heckel hanger. Many times full covered violin Lack. Good intonation in all register. Amazing sound. Easy to blow. Vertical or horizontal case. Last 30 years one hand. Professionaly Lithuanian National Symphony, Chamber Music, Solo Concerts. More photos, whole number and sound recordings are available via E-mail. Price is provisional.

Price: 20.900 EUR (23.000 USD)
Šarūnas Kačionas
Tel: +370 678 77149
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29 June 2016 United States Fox Renard 220, #528xx

The bassoon was purchased new in 2013 from Keith Bowen and helped its owner earn her way into a prestigious music school. It has a wonderful, even tone and is in immaculate shape. A great instrument for the aspiring bassoonist! Includes original case, *CVX* 2 bocal and seat strap. Available for trial in Seattle

Price: $7,000 (USD)
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25 June 2016 United States Heckel CCE1 Bassoon Bocal

This is a post-war Heckel bocal in the "1" size, identification marking CCE. This bocal is especially responsive on pre-war Heckel bassoons, but will also make a great bocal for a wide range of other makes and models. The bocal is in excellent condition, and has seen a fair bit of use. The bocal has never been bent or repaired, and the cork is newly replaced.

Price: $900 (USD)
Jarrett Grempel
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15 June 2016 United States Fox 660, Gentleman's Model

Fox 660, Gentleman's Model. Serial #48209. Marcus Bonna case included. Two *CVC* bocals included. Purchased new from Jim Kirker in early 2010 and maintained yearly. Asking $24,000, price negotiable. Also selling a Heckel Bocal VC1 "G". Like-new condition. Asking $800.

Price: $24,000
Louisa Slosar
Tel: 7815720346
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06 June 2016 United States Puchner Model 23 Compact

Used professional Püchner for sale. Special short reach. Great for players with small hands. LH whisper key lock, alternate high E,thumb Ab/Bb trill, many extra rollers, two piece bass joint, Püchner DD #1 and Fox CVX R@ bocals. Beautiful, singing sound. One owner.

Price: USD 15000 OBO
Sujie Kim
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30 May 2016 Sweden Bass Dulcian Denner 465 by Wolf

Bass Dulcian Denner a=465 made by Guntram Wolf. In exellent condition and with a marvelous sound.

Price: EUR 1350
Anders Engström
Tel: +46705305279
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28 May 2016 France A vendre basson MOOSMANN modèle 150

Je vends mon basson Moosmann modele 150 (orchestre), achete neuf fin 2009 et revise en novembre 2015. Vendu avec ses deux bocaux d'origine (série pro) et une housse de rangement. Il est en bois d'érable verni, possède 26 clés, 9 rouleaux.

Price: 7900
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24 May 2016 United Kingdom Schreiber S16

Beautiful sounding Schreiber S16. Got me from youth orchestras through to being in music college, but now sadly has to go to fund my new Yamaha! Includes original case, and 2 crooks (Schreiber 1 & 2). Available to try in Glasgow.

Price: £3,500
Ronan Whittern
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13 May 2016 Italy Püchner Superior Professional

The instrument was bought in 2012, used for only 18 months. It's the top of the Püchner range, i bought in Frankfurt with assistance of M° Francesco Bossone, first bassoon in Orchestra of Academy S.Cecilia in Rome. I sell with the original MB case and 2 Püchner bocals. The instrument is in Rome.

Price: € 26.000
Tel: +393398921467
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09 May 2016 Spain Bassoon FOX 240 Artist Model

Serial number 56303 It includes Heckel Bocal CC2 nearly new. Bassoon repaired, serviced and perfected by the luthier Igor Melero Mompó of It includes cleaner and balance High E key Rollers os F# and Bb on the butt joint Only 20 months of use, since May 2014

Price: 11000€
Daniel López Arribas
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05 May 2016 United Kingdom Fox Bassoon model 220

VGC, Tools, spare bottom cap, 2 spare crooks Also New Adler Crook Adler no 2 (£150) Heckle crook CC no 1 (£450)

Price: £4750
P Boydell
Tel: 0161 881 3329 (office hours)
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03 May 2016 Sweden Püchner # 7463, early 1970's

Even tone and intonation, nice, big, dark sound. Good condition. Added Eb trill, rubber tone hole inserts. Has been played in many professional orchestras, chamber music and solo performances in the Malmö and Copenhagen area. Comes with one CD1 bocal, Marcus Bonna case and balance hanger. Can be tried in Malmö/ Copenhagen area.

Price: 9450 Euro
Alexandru Chirica
Tel: +46738744448
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30 Apr 2016 Italy Yamaha 812

Yamaha bassoon serial 36xx with 2 original Yamaha bocals. Excellent condition.

Price: 12.500 €
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27 Apr 2016 United States Heckel 5909

Heckel 5909 (1923). In great condition; overhauled by Marcus and Wieler and purchased from K. David VanHoesen. High D key, conventional rollers, tone-hole tubes, whisper key lock, ivory bell replaced with plastic; comes with leather Bonna case and Heckel CD1 bocal. Great sound and blowing quality. Plays more like a 6 or early 7. Price negotiable.

Price: 26,000 USD
Jessica Goldbaum
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21 Apr 2016 United States Puchner 5000 #14133

Brand new Puchner 5000 for sale. Includes original case, bocals, and accessories. Fantastic instrument that plays with a huge sound. Owner is open to take on another instrument in trade to help with the sale. A great find! You can see more pictures at

Price: $22,999.00 USD
Aria Double Reeds
Tel: 202-810-2742
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20 Apr 2016 United Kingdom Fox Renard 220 Artist Model Bassoon

Lovely Fox bassoon with a beautiful warm sound and very stable intonation. Bought new in 2007 and used throughout undergraduate studies. Comes with two well suited crooks - *CVX* 2 and *CVC* 3, seat strap and Howard Wiseman case. Available to try in London and elsewhere by consideration.

Price: £6000 ono
Christina Marroni
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23 Feb 2016 Spain Bassoon FOX 240 Artist Model

Serial number 56303 It includes Heckel Bocal CC2 nearly new. Bassoon repaired, serviced and perfected by the luthier Igor Melero Mompó of It includes cleaner and balance High E key Rollers os F# and Bb on the butt joint Only 20 months of use, since May 2014

Certification: Not available

Price: 11000€
Daniel López Arribas
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