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22 Apr 2014 United States Fox 601 model.
A bridge, French Whisper key (left hand pinkie whisper), Ab-Bb trill, Eb trill in right hand, balance hanger, 2 fox bocals (CTC 2 & 3), and grey Marcus Bonna case. Serial #37615.
Price: 19500
Evan Epifanio
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20 Apr 2014 Austria I´m selling a Bassoon Yamaha Yfg 812, 4 years old, very good condition.
The bassoon is overhauled and played professionally in orchestra. Included original yamaha case and Heckel CC1 bocal. The instrument can be tried out in Vienna
Price: 14500
Ivan Calestani
Tel: 0039 347 2543863
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19 Apr 2014 France Püchner model Jubile, lovely sound, 8 years
Price: 11000Euro
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15 Apr 2014 United Kingdom Yamaha 821 Soloist bassoon for sale.
Made in 2003. Gently played. Fully serviced 2014 including all new leather pads. Amazing resonance and projection with highly accurate intonation. Outstanding condition. International customers welcome. Pounds, Euro, US Dollar all accepted.
Price: 10950 British Pounds - for US Dollar and Euro pric
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: +441633 677729
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13 Apr 2014 United States Josef Puchner Bassoon - #6071.
Some minor damage, also needs to be refurbished. Part of an estate sale. Please write with questions - will accept best offer. New York City Area.
Price: $6,000
Dan Rigazzi
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12 Apr 2014 United Kingdom Schreiber intermediate/advanced bassoon for sale, with High D.
Serial number 22811. Lovely instrument. Serviced March 2014. Two crooks, hard case (slight dent) and new accessories. Available to try in London.
Price: £2,250
Tom Sansom
Tel: 01706823560
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09 Apr 2014 United Kingdom Puchner Premier Bassoon A very powerful, sweet sounding instrument; .
Purchased brand new in 2007 . Heckel CC 2 XL crook . Tone hole linings extended into the bore, full service and A to crook key bridge by Howarth's in 2010 . Puchner hard case & cover . Available to try in Manchester
Price: 9000
Alex Benn
Tel: 07834490315
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04 Apr 2014 Italy Chiarugi Bassoon Tip Profiling for sale
Price: 500 €
Giuseppe Settembrino
Tel: 3498696292
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03 Apr 2014 United Kingdom Silver plated nickel Heckel Crook CC1 in good condition.
Came with my 6000 series Heckel bassoon.
Price: £450.00
Connie Tanner
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27 Mar 2014 United States For sale is my Walter Bassoon.
Purchased new in 2011. The bassoon is in impeccable condition and has an amazing sound. Bassoon was ordered lots of options (see photos). Included with sale is a BAM High Tech case and two bocals. I am happy to answer all questions and to send more photos.
Price: $33,000USD
Shawn Seguin
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26 Mar 2014 Italy Rieger Bassoon Tip Profiling for sale.
New model. a year of life with new blade.
Price: 850
Alberto Santi
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24 Mar 2014 United Kingdom Yamaha 812 : Immaculate condition.
Long-seasoned maple body (thick wall) and Silver-plated nickel silver keys. Included are two Super Bocals PN1 & VN1. Also Wiseman case. Happy for instrument to be tested. Based in London.
Price: 12500
Desmond Martin
Tel: 447807950575
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24 Mar 2014 United States Moosmann 150E Professional Model Bassoon For Sale.
Purchased new in 2012. In superb, like-new condition. Has a beautiful tone quality and excellent intonation. Has silver water tubes, high d&e keys, and 7 rollers. Comes with 2 Excellent Series bocals, matching Heckel CD2 bocal, and used Bonna case.
Price: $17,000
Sarah Vogts
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17 Mar 2014 United States Yamaha Custom Bassoon YFG811ii (2006) Includes high D and E keys, custom rollers, Ab/Bb trill key and french whisper key lock.
Maintained by Marcus and Wieler. Includes a Leitzinger bocal, Yamaha Super bocal, Kim Walker case and additional accessories.
Price: $19,900
Clay Zeller-Townson
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15 Mar 2014 Italy BASSOON YAMAHA 812 year 2006
Price: 10000€
Maurizo Orsini
Tel: +393398861742
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12 Mar 2014 United Kingdom Heckel 59xx bassoon for sale.
Professionally overhauled including new pads, bore oiled plus much more. Beautiful refined sound. Accurate intonation. Original Heckel varnish. High D key, whisper lock, extra rollers, silver lined finger holes. Heckel CC2XL bocal.
Price: 12450 British pounds (ask for Euro or USD price)
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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10 Mar 2014 Italy BASSOON PÜCHNER N°8395 perfect conditions, lovely sound
Price: 14000€
Maurizio Orsini
Tel: +393398861742
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08 Mar 2014 United States Heckel 6204 for sale.
Rebulit 2008 by Moossmann and purchased from Justin Miller in 2009. Serviced by Charles Huebner. Horn can be tried in NYC.
Price: $27,000.00
Frank Vacin
Tel: 2126971164
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06 Mar 2014 United States Fox 201, purchased in 2000, original owner.
French bell, offset high E key, right hand Eb trill w/ offset C#, Ab-Bb thumb trill. Includes CTC #2 and CVX #2 Fox bocals and Wiseman leather case. Original Fox case available for additional price. Please contact me for more info/photos.
Price: $16,000
Jaime Spataro
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05 Mar 2014 Russian Federation Moosmann 222e Bassoon #7110 for Sale with no.1 and no.2 gold-plated bocals.
Made in Aug. 2011, chosen and bought at workshop. High-F, Ab-Bb trill, rollers on piano-key and C#-key. Excelent condition like new instrument. BAM Hightech case. Routine annual cleaning done by Bernd Moosmann in Dec. 2012.
Price: 15000€
Mikhail Krotov
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01 Mar 2014 United States Bassoon: Renard 222 S with high D Key, LH ring key and silver-plated.
Purchased in 2009 is in excellent condition. Will include carrying case (photo 3)
Price: 4,800.00
Lauri Cullen
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26 Feb 2014 Spain Fagot Heckel 13xxx perfecto.El Instrumento siempre ha estado sonando en orquesta sinfónica.
3 revisiones completas en Heckel. se puede probar en Salzburgo y en Madrid Fagot Heckel13xxx perfect. Always playing in sinfony Orchestra. 3 overhouling in Heckel. you can chek it in Salzburg or Madrid
Price: 48500€
Tel: +34629481923
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21 Feb 2014 United Kingdom Heckel 4000 series bassoon, dating from 1902.
Been with same owner (my mum!) since 1953, very much loved instrument. Unusual crook key fingering system, would be easy enough to convert if more modern system wanted. Makes a lovely sound. Attached jpg is of article in double reed mag about it.
Price: £7000 ono
Amos Miller
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16 Feb 2014 Austria Heckel bassoon n.3842 completely overhauled by Heckel
Price: 10500 euro
Patrick De Ritis
Tel: 00436648218924/ 00393358316029
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14 Feb 2014 United Kingdom Heckel, serial number 3258, 1885.
Lovely old instrument, key work has been re-done. Comes with a very old NPJ crook and thomann case.
Price: £5000
sarah sibley
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12 Feb 2014 United Kingdom Puchner Model 23 Compact bassoon for sale in perfect condition.
Beautiful craftsmanship; it has a lovely, smooth and free blowing sound with excellent projection and depth of tone, and fantastic intonation. Sold by Double Reed Ltd., Europe's premier bassoon retailer:
Price: 14500 British pounds (ask for Euro or US dollar pr
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: +441633 677729
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10 Feb 2014 Switzerland Innenhobel+Aussenhobel.(118mm).I bought it in May 2013.I changed design of Aussenhobel,it can make reed to rounder and warmer.I already set up these machines and you can make reeds directly.
Then Innenhobel have two new blades
Price: 2000 Euro
Tel: 0041(0)788069049
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06 Feb 2014 France Rieger's machine for measuring the density of the cane in perfect condition, like new.(550€) Gauge for selecting correct cane diameter (22mm to 34mm) in perfect condition.(50€) Reed shaper complete, for bassoon with tip No.
2 and No. 17, in very good condition.(150€) Separate sale is possible.
Price: €750
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03 Feb 2014 Italy Rieger Bassoon Reed Winding Machine for sale.
In perfect condition. For Bassoon, Basoon Baroque & Contra.
Price: 500 €
Alberto Santi
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01 Feb 2014 United States Renard 222 with professional U-tube.
Purchased new from Fox in 2011. High D key. Played in orchestras in Ohio. Leitzinger bocal matched with it. Gold plated SLN, as well as two Fox C bore bocals. Leitzinger bocal available separately as well.
Price: $8000 with Leitzinger Bocal, $7000 without.
Eric Barga
Tel: 9376316970
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28 Jan 2014 United States Fox Renard 240 2 years old.
I have taken it apart and cleaned it several times. One fox CVX 2 bocal included. Near perfect condition. Original fox hard case and case cover. Fox neck strap, BG body harness,large oak reed case, used hercules bassoon stand included. Contact for more pictures. Must sell
Price: $7000 or best offer
Jeffrey Malashock
Tel: 4026891263
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23 Jan 2014 United Kingdom Leitzinger M1F platinum crook.
Very clear and focused tone. Available to try in London.
Price: £950
Helen Storey
Tel: 447976820127
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11 Jan 2014 United Kingdom Puchner Model 23 bassoon (new spec)-as new in a Puchner 'Jaeger' oval case with 'Altieri' case cover.
Great sound and projection, fabulous instrument
Price: £15,950
Tel: 07525 456174
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09 Jan 2014 United States Fox Renard 220 Artist Model.
From original owner. Perfect playing condition, with warm round tone & ease of playing. Small cosmetic scratches. Fresh from complete hardware checkup & cleaning. With gig bag case, CVC & CVX bocals, & set of reed making tools
Price: $7000
Nathan Fuhr
Tel: +491781474474
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08 Jan 2014 Spain Original Classical bassoon Rust et Dubois around 1820.
7 keys and original bocal. Plays comfortably at 430 hz.
Price: 4000
rustbassoon 1820
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18 Dec 2013 Australia Moosman 100-series bassoon, with High D key.
High-end student model Suitable for beginner to student of music in early years. Has been played at Young Conservatorium, Youth Orchestra (3 years) and tertiary level study.
Price: $5,400
Greg Knopke
Tel: 0409546400
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13 Nov 2013 United Kingdom Schreiber 5071 professional model bassoon in fantastic playing condition.
Instrument has just received a full professional service in our repair workshop. Good intonation. Lovely rich sound. Crook, hard case and new accessories. Buy a bassoon you can trust from the experts:
Price: £4450 (Ask for Euro price)
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: +441633 677729
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31 Oct 2013 Italy Marcus Bonna gentlemen bassoon case.
used 2 or 3 times, like new. Black Cordura and black inside.
Price: 300€
Alberto Santi
Tel: 3661735160
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29 Oct 2013 United States Beautiful and responsive fox 660.
This is my personal instrument played professionally and purchased in 2005. Even scale and sweet singing tone. High d and e keys. rollers on f, ab, eb and db. Heckel cc1 bocal and fox 3 bocal included. Fox resonator bell, original bell and bona case included.
Price: 18,500
Sara Schoenbeck
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28 Oct 2013 United States Heckel CD 2 Bocal for sale.
Very smooth sound and great response in the tenor range. I bought it last year, but ended up barely using it. Apart from some slight discoloration, the bocal is basically brand new.
Price: $800
Andrew Brady
Tel: (423) 791-7106
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27 Oct 2013 United Kingdom Mönnig 208 bassoon, serial no.13089.
Full service (cost £840) by Howarth in September 2013. Cosmetically some varnish could be retouched, otherwise in excellent playing order. Includes 2x original crooks and hard case with canvas cover. One careful amateur owner, not played for several years.
Price: GB£3,000
Amanda Hurton
Tel: 0780 8586767
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25 Oct 2013 United Kingdom Puchner Jubilee bassoon in pristine condition.
Full professional service in our workshop. Fantastic even intonation, beautiful rich sound and powerful projection. High D, High E, 9 Rollers plus more. Buy a bassoon you can trust from the experts:
Price: 11500 British Pounds (Ask for Euro price)
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 0044 1633 677729
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