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09 Oct 2015 Spain Paraschos bocal

After all, bassoon became totally wooden, as the nature of the instrument demands. Paraschos Co. created the unique bocal that greatly improves all aspects of bassoon sound. Players, can now achieve a velvet, warmer and broader sound in all registers. This extremely easy blowing bocal provides a very fast stacatto and an incomparable tuning stability. Handmade, constructed from high quality wood of Palisande

Price: 430 euros
Laura Guasteví
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04 Oct 2015 France RAMPONE reed contrabass (contrebasse à anche, contrabbasso ad ancia, sarrusophone)

Reed Contrabass RAMPONE. Instrument of the family of the sarrusophone (but with a different fingering). With bocal, reeds, and copy of a "method". Lowest note: the lowest D of the piano. Year between 1900 and 1910. It has some small dings and dents but it has been repadded recently. It plays very well. The instrument can be tried in Paris Ugo Boscain

Price: 2600 euro
ugo boscain
Tel: +33652988357
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03 Oct 2015 Switzerland 6 year old Yamaha Gentleman Bassoon in excellent condition (generally overhauled in summer 2014) wit

6 year old Yamaha Gentleman Bassoon in excellent condition (generally overhauled in summer 2014) with a big, round, warm sound and very stable intonation in all registers. The Instrument has been played professionally in different swiss orchestras and comes with the original gentleman case and 3 Bocals (Yamaha CN 1 and CN 2 Bocal and 1 Heckel CCVR 1 Bocal). The instrument can be tried in Zürich (Switzerland) and Leipzig (Germany). The price is negotiable.

Price: 17`000 €
Philipp Hösli
Tel: +41 76 474 17 88
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29 Sept 2015 United States Heckel Bassoon #12,313, circa 1979 for sale by retired professional, NYC

Excellent instrument in fine condition. Lovely tone, very good intonation, scale and projection. Standard rollers and trill keys plus extra ones (see photos/ or email for list). Right thumb whisper lock, red finish with rings, German bell with ivory ring (cannot ship outside USA), nickel plating, orig. rect. GEWA case, Heckel CC0, CC2 bocals,. Serviced by Moening, Sawicki and Liango Lin . Other photos (paste in browser):

Price: US$38,900
D. Marchand
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29 Sept 2015 United Kingdom Schrieber vintage professional bassoon

Sadly no longer played, we are selling this beautiful instrument which has recently been overhauled and is fitted with new Italian premium leather pads. It has a superb rich tone with precise intonation. It is made from superb figured flamed maple wood and the varnish shows little wear even around the finger holes. Has particular high spec key work including 9 rollers for right thumb, high D key, left hand thumb whisper key lock, EF, E flat, C sharp, extra B flat trills, amongst others.

Price: £8000 or v.n.o.
Jane Cook
Tel: 07967087529
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19 Sept 2015 United Kingdom Heckel 4xxx

I have for sale a Heckel 4638, beautiful resonant tone typical of early Heckels. Wonderful deep red orange tiger stripe stain. Updated key work. Bought from Germany and played professionally in the UK. Needs a minor service but plays well. Asking price £6000 but willing to negotiate as looking for a swift sale.

Price: £6000 ono
L Stephens
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15 Sept 2015 United Kingdom Reeds'n'Stuff Contrabassoon profiling machine

Reeds'n'Stuff Contrabassoon profiling machine in perfect condition for sale. Variable ramps allow for a tip to be created whilst profiling. Easily used and adjusted to suit needs of the player. For more information see

Price: £750
Bill Anderson
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15 Sept 2015 Russian Federation Contrabassoon Mollenhauer

The instrument is in excellent condition, with case. Includes 1 bocal.

Price: 7000€
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12 Sept 2015 Netherlands Baroque bassoon after Prudent by Peter de Koningh

For sale, Early copy (nr 31) by Peter de Koningh of the Prudent baroque bassoon in Brussels. a=415 The instrument was made for the Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra but not much used. Exceptionally good bocal. It comes in a custom-made case. Stained maple, 5 keys. You can hear it playing on

Price: € 4.500
Jos Lammerse
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11 Sept 2015 Denmark Baroque bassoon after Denner by Mathew Dart

For sale, wonderful baroque bassoon after Denner by Mathew Dart. Stained maple, 5 keys including extra Eb key, pitch A=415Hz, includes a brand new Thomann case. Built in 2013, good as new, almost completely unplayed. For such instrument, waiting time can be up to four years. Can be tried in Copenhagen.

Price: 40.000 dkk
Etienne Boudreault
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10 Sept 2015 United Kingdom Schreiber 5071 bassoon

For sale, a Schreiber professional bassoon in outstanding condition. This bassoon has a lovely free blowing sound with excellent intonation. It has been completely overhauled including all new pads, corks and felts. Suitable for playing to a high standard. International delivery possible, just ask:

Price: £4450
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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10 Sept 2015 France Moosmann Profi 222 for sale

Made in 2001, this fagott has a beautiful dark sound and is fully equiped. Only played by a professional. Sold with 2 Heckel bocals (a CDVX and an excellent CC2 !) and a 3 years-old Marcus Bona case. All is in excellent condition. May be seen in Paris

Price: 10800 euros
Adeline Dazy
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04 Sept 2015 France moosmann modele solist

fagott professionnel entiérement révisé avec 4 bocaux 2 heckel 1 leizinger 1 moosman et petit matériel pour gratter les anches boites d'anches vendu cause retraite

Price: 9.000 euros
Tel: 33620358652
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04 Sept 2015 Germany Heckel 79XX and 448X (foto) for sell ore exchage

Heckel 79XX and 448X (5000€) in good condition. Wood in perfect condition. There are no checks or putrefaction traces. Nice focused sound. Exchange to a modern instrument or bocal (difference in price paid if needed) is possible. All negotiable.

Price: 25000€
Tel: +491785347111
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01 Sept 2015 Spain Heckel Bassoon # 11xxx

Heckel Bassoon # 11xxx, enzapatillado completo, ajuste mecánico y ajuste sonoro realizado por el luthier Igor Melero.

Price: 34.000 €
H. Soler
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31 Aug 2015 Belgium Moosmann 200 Professional

I am selling my faithful companion of 13 years (bought in 2002). Beautiful dark sound, well balanced, easy mechanics (all keys), in perfect condition (just overhauled). Suitable for any use - beginner, advanced student, professional. Never had any problem. Come and try in Brussels.

Price: 7,500 EUR
Pierre Dubuisson
Tel: +32472697389
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24 Aug 2015 United Kingdom Oscar Adler contrabassoon compact model

For sale, a compact model Oscar Adler contrabassoon descending to low A. It has a lovely, resonant and free sound. Fully serviced including almost all new pads and full setup. The top joint can be removed so the whole instrument fits into a compact gig bag with back straps. The gig bag is highly padded, lightweight and small. It comes with two bocals, a spike and a new professional gig bag. Keywork includes four rollers, extra keys, tuning slide etc. Available at:

Price: £6500
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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20 Aug 2015 United States Moosmann M150E (Used, 3 years old)

European "Riegal" Mountain Maple Wood Special French Polish Lacquer Finish New "E" Technology Acoustic Design German Silver / Silver Plated Keys High D & E Keys Bridge between A and Whisper Key Rollers on Low C, Low D, C#, D#, Ab, F, F# Hard Rubber Tubes Protruding into Bore RH Whisper Key Lock Balance Hanger Hand Rest 2 Excellent Series Bocals BAM High Tech Case. Extremely flexible, with a sweet yet powerful sound.

Price: $15,500
William Beecher
Tel: 5167768573
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19 Aug 2015 United Kingdom 2005 Fox 201 Bassoon

Made in 2005 (serial #39xxx), the bassoon is in near mint condition with beautiful tiger strip finish. Comes with brand new, three month old Fox R2 *CVX* 2 bocal, seat strap, professional Fox oval round case with cover and has posts installed for a right hand pinky whisper key (key included but currently removed) It has been recently serviced and now has a hand rest installed. Asking £12500 but open to negotiation on price.

Price: £12,500 obo
Anson Hancock
Tel: 07508618094
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16 Aug 2015 United Kingdom Schreiber Bassoon for sale

Schreiber Bassoon, around 10 years old. Valued this weekend by Howarths London at £4000. A beautiful instrument to play, very high quality for a Schreiber. Perfect as an advanced student instrument. Includes reed case, cleaners and 2 crooks.

Price: £4000 ono
Tel: 07969210782
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13 Aug 2015 Israel heckel 10xxx

heckel 10xxx in a good condition. perfect intonation beautiful sound and free blowing. can be tried in europe 20/8-9/9/15 or in the USA 4-18/11/15

Price: 33500€
gad lederman
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28 July 2015 United Kingdom Renard 240 with a Heckel crook

I am selling a very lovely Renard 240 #42971, approximately 8 years old, in beautiful shape, hardly ever played. It has just been serviced by Nicolas Evans in New York (June 2015) who has done a truly fantastic job (new pads and springs etc..) It plays and feels like brand new instrument and looks very well. 3 crooks included: Heckel CD0, Fox CVC2, CVX2. £6800 or near offer.

Price: £6800/€9600
Tel: +447900471840
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24 July 2015 Virgin Islands, U.S. Amati ABN 81

Very little use Stored since new no defects of any kind light color 2 bocals not being played ship worldwide

Price: $3995 USD
jeff bergstrom
Tel: 340 277 1204
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22 July 2015 Czech Republic Heckel Crest

balancer,CD1,gold keys, use in professional orch. - Heckel Nr.4000,orig.condition,bocals,- Schreiber model professional, balancer, high e, 2 bocals

Price: 24 000 Euro
Jindrich Koman
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14 July 2015 France Püchner 23 année 2014

Très bel instrument, en parfait état. Son magnifique et puissant. Très juste. Vendu avec 2 bocaux püchner, 1 bocal heckel cc1, 2 étuis (1 souple, 1 rigide) ; guillotine, pince, mandrin, fraise et plate-forme (le tout de marque rieger) ; boîtes d'anches et partitions.

Price: 21 500
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07 July 2015 United States Beautiful Fox Renard model 220 for sale

This instrument was purchased brand new in 2011 by current eastman school of music student, and has been absolutely babied. The instrument is fully broken in and very responsive, as well as having a very even scale. It has an insert installed in the boot for a balance hanger that is also included. (as well as a harness) The bassoon comes complete with two fox *cvx* bocals (size 2 and 3) as well as the original fox bassoon case. Email me for more info.

Price: 7750 USD
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07 July 2015 Argentina A= 430 HZ. after Truska, Chec 1785. Replica. Excellent condition like new. Good intonation/response

A= 430 HZ. after Truska, Chec 1785. Replica. Excellent condition like new. Good intonation and response with fine bocal di Vincenzo Onida with bag by Tom and Will.

Price: 4,000 Euros
Tel: 00541142024362
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02 July 2015 United Kingdom Heckel serial number 3667, Circa 1890 to 1892 (need to verify)

This bassoon has been restored to a very high standard by Bill McNaughton of The bassoon is as original no modification. No added keys. The lacquer is as original black and is worn in places, the wood has fine patina. The boot-joint has no dry rot. The bocal/crook has the original marked; “Heckel Biehrich” with the initials “GNO”. Original leather case. Concert pitch but see Youtube email for more photographs Price (or best offer)

Price: £18,500 (Stirling)
Bill McNaughton
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01 July 2015 United States Fox *CVC* Bocals #2 and #3

These bocals came with my new Fox 680 bassoon, but I currently use a Heckel bocal and don't need these extra bocals. The Fox Double Star *CVC* Bocal was created specifically for use with thick wall style bassoons. This includes Fox model 601 and 660 bassoons as well as most Heckel bassoons made in the last five decades. Fox *CVC* bocals are available in lengths 0 through 4, with #0 being the shortest length. Lengths #1, #2 and #3 are considered the "normal" lengths. $600 EACH

Price: $600
Laura McIntyre
Tel: 703 932 5809
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01 July 2015 United States J. Puchner Model 6000 Superior Bassoon in Antique Finish #13652

Mint condition. This beautiful instrument was purchased in 2006 by an instrument collector and was never played. A fantastic example of Puchner's top-of-the-line instrument, this bassoon produces a gorgeous tone with extreme ease. Includes two original Puchner bocals, all accessories in original packaging, and a Gewa case. More pictures can be seen at

Price: $30,000 USD
Aria Double Reeds
Tel: 202-810-2742
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28 June 2015 United Kingdom Stunning Mollenhauer Contrabassoon including several bocals, hard & soft cases and Fox contra stand

Mollenhauer Contrabassoon for sale new in 2004 serial #1027. Stunning instrument, particularly good example of this model, beautiful tone, cherry red colour in excellent condition. Metal rings put in the lower pad holes so they seal perfectly & has excellent response in the lower register. Played professionally in UK & abroad. Comes with hard case, soft black Glenn Cronkhite gig bag & several Mollenhauer crooks included, some straightened and some curved. Available to try in London/Watford area.

Price: £18,500
Vicky Crowell
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26 June 2015 Germany Walter bassoon (Solo-Modell) for sale

I sell my Walter bassoon (nr. 8130). The instrument is played in and everything works perfect. Walter did some stuff all over the last year to upgrade the instrument. It has the typical warm Walter sound, which I really like. I sell the bassoon with a new Marcus Bonna case + accessor. The price is negotiable.

Price: 16900€
Felix Schwamm
Tel: +49/178/6868754
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15 June 2015 United States Heckel bassoon #105XX

Heckel bassoon #10519. Appraised for $39k. Water tubes, low c#/d# trill key, right hand eb trill key, offset high E/Eb keys, Moennig left hand whisper key lock,high A ring key to play high A with the RH F key, extra rollers/key guards. 3 Heckel bocals: 1CC, 2 CDE with a special pin hole to play upper register w/ a specially built piece that covers it for regular playing), 2CCE, original GEWA case and Bona case, swabs, leather seat strap. View it at this link:

Price: $39000.00
Jane Cannon
Tel: 302-355-6064
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14 June 2015 Greece Yamaha Custom Bassoon YFG-821

For sale is an excellent Yamaha bassoon ,(s/n 1010) made in 1995 ,perfect intonation and warm sound , professionally played// some keys need refubrishing, comes with original case, three yamaha bocals(N1,N2,VN2) and balance holder ./ price open to discussion /can be tried and tested in Athens, any questions feel free to ask.///

Price: 11700 euro
vasilis vlachos
Tel: 6972599597
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12 June 2015 United Kingdom FOR SALE - Rieger Bassoon tip profiler

FOR SALE - Rieger Bassoon tip profiler in good condition with only a few cosmetic blemishes/marks which can be seen in the photos. Buyer to pay for postage in UK or shipping for overseas. Available to look at and try in Manchester or South Wales (UK). £780 - Offers considered.

Price: £780 GBP
James Thomas
Tel: +447986559293
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10 June 2015 Germany Selling 3 Leitzinger bocals because of retirement. M-1 platinum plated, 1100 EurosM-2 platinum and

Because of retirement, selling 3 Leitzinger bocals. 1) M-1 platinum plated, 2) M-2 platinum 3) S 2 platinum, special for the high-note register.

Price: 1,100 each
Margaret Dudley
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06 June 2015 Finland Fox 201 Bassoon for sale

Made in 1986. Exellent condition, lovely tone, plays beautifully. Comes 2 good Fox crooks CVX 2 and 3. Hard case.Played professionally in Finland.

Price: 7950 €
Timo Korhonen
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05 June 2015 United States Leitzinger and Heckel bassoon bocals

For sale is an excellent Leitzinger FM1 platinum plated bocal and a Heckel CD1 nickel plated bocal. The Leitzinger is their top-of-the-line bocal with "an extraordinary sound." The taper makes it an amazing high note bocal, while the plating gives it a warm, powerful sound in all registers. This bocal is great for any musical situation. The Heckel CD1 is a wonderful bocal as well, just not well suited to my particular instrument. Asking $1500 for Leitzinger ($1900 new) and $750 for Heckel.

Price: $1500 / $750
Tel: (please email for more photos or details)
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01 June 2015 United States Moosmann Bassoon for sale, Professional Model 150A

I'm selling my Moosmann professional model 150A. It is a beautiful instrument in great condition with amazing tone and all the standard keywork. I played on it throughout most of my undergrad and it worked great, I'm only selling it because I bought a Heckel and do not need a second instrument. I could arrange a local pick-up around the Boston area or I would be happy to ship it as well. Feel free to email me with any questions.

Price: $13,000
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31 May 2015 United States Fox 601

Fox 601 well cared for and maintained with only one owner. Equipped with little finger whisper key, Ab-Bb trill, High E key, A flick-whisper key bridge, whisper key lock, french bell ring.

Price: 18,500 USD
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28 May 2015 Italy Fagotto Schreiber WS 5016-E

Vendo fagotto Schreiber in ottime condizioni, come nuovo. È dotato di un sistema standard di 25 chiavi argentate (re acuto), un corpo in acero, con sonoritá eccellenti e perfetta intonazione. È corredato da custodia e 2 esse Schreiber.

Price: € 4.500
Tel: 3341817461
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24 May 2015 United Kingdom Beautiful Adler 1358/4 bassoon with hard case and 2 crooks

Beautiful Adler 1358/4 bassoon Manufactured in 1983, but in superb condition. Original case (hardly used, so great condition) 2 crooks (1 Adler, 1 Amati) Cleaning pull-throughs included This is a lovely bassoon and is in full working order. Only selling as have upgraded to a Puchner. Owned by music teacher. Viewings welcome.

Price: £3300
Tel: +447715556589
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22 May 2015 Germany Yamaha bassoon 812 Gentelman-Modell

Yamaha bassoon 812 built in 1998.Very dark and resonant sound in all register. Played by Solo-bassonists in german-orchestras (Essen/Hagen). Excellent instrument for professionel players and a good alternative to Heckel. Comes with a Heckel Bocal C2 R.

Price: 17700 €
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19 May 2015 United Kingdom Heckel Contrabassoon

Early 1950s instrument, immaculately restored by Walter Rieger. In fantastic condition with wonderful resonance. Played professionally in the UK, can be tried in London.

Price: £25,000
Fraser Gordon
Tel: +447793240857
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15 May 2015 United Kingdom Adler Contrabassoon

New price! Oscar Adler contrabassoon for sale descending to low A. Outstanding instrument to play - lovely sound, free blowing with good intonation. Comes with an Adler hard case, two crooks (1 and 2) and the floor spike. Instrument has silver plated mechanism, four rollers, extra G sharp, extra B flat, tuning slide and much more. Offered for sale by Double Reed Ltd., a UK based specialist bassoon and oboe company. Instrument can be shipped worldwide subject to discussion.

Price: £6500
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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12 May 2015 Italy Fox 660D

Andrea Zucco sells his last Fox 660D. Compact model, hi F key. Perfect conditions. Instrument can be tried in Rome or Florence.

Price: Euro 22.000
Andrea Zucco
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12 May 2015 Italy Püchner 8123 year 1974

This bassoon, been produced during the best period of Püchner factory has a wonderful sound and a perfect tuning. Antiwatertubes, original varnish, just revised and has all new pads. The instrument haven't been touched or played for 25 years so it's in perfect condition.

Price: 14000,00 €
Maurizio Orsini
Tel: +393398861742
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03 May 2015 Russian Federation FS Professional bassoon Moosmann 222

I am selling Moosmann Bassoon No. 222 Professional Model. In excellent condition. Was bought from Beranrd Moosmann in 2011 in Germany. Seasoned curly mountain maple wood from Bosnia, stained mahogany; French polish lacquer; 28 keys made of German silver, silver-plated; all fingerholes have hard rubber tubes, protruding inside the bore (nickel-silver or sterling silver tubes also available); pivot screws with lock nut and hardened, high tensile steel ball bearings; 13 rollers. Price $4900 Paypal.

Price: $4900
Tel: 79024361940
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02 May 2015 Germany Heckel-Fagott

Heckel bassoon, 7000s series, in excellent condition, only recently rebuilt, new silver-plated mechanic and various rollers (see pictures), original tone holes without silver tubes, immaculate wood, original varnish, 2 Heckel bocals (with old stamp) CC1/ CC2, optionally with original oval case or Kölbl-case, can be tried in Mannheim (Germany)

Price: 25000 €
Martin Kersch
Tel: 0049621-3974188
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20 Apr 2015 France moosmann bassoon 222 pro E

the instrument is 2 years old , perfectly maintened,routine anual clean done by moosman in december 2014. LOVELY and STRONG SOUND GOOD INTONATION. Fully equipped: Professional bassoon with 29 keys made from german silver, extra heavy silver plating, high E key , high F key ,2 bocals, high tech fibreglass case. i m bassoon teacher i the "conservatoire de musique de Nice" the instrument can be tried and tested in Nice or by Skype. if you need you can ask me more informations or pictures

Price: 17.900 euros
jose castillo leal
Tel: (0033)623423927
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15 Apr 2015 United Kingdom Oscar Adler contrabassoon

Oscar Adler contrabassoon for sale descending to low A. Outstanding instrument to play - lovely sound, free blowing with good intonation. Comes with an Adler hard case, two crooks (1 and 2) and the floor spike. Instrument has silver plated mechanism, four rollers, extra G sharp, extra B flat, tuning slide and much more. Offered for sale by Double Reed Ltd., a UK based specialist bassoon and oboe company. Instrument can be shipped worldwide subject to discussion.

Price: £7500
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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14 Apr 2015 Canada Excellent Puchner "Original" with beautiful intonation

Beautiful Puchner instrument, built around 1970. It has a left hand whisper lock and a high A bridge. Although it does not have a high D or E keys, high C sharp, high D, high D sharp and high E all come out easily. This bassoon was designed to be played without the high D and E keys and is accordingly lovely and free in the highest register. The Altieri back-pack soft-sided case gig bag is in excellent condition – all zippers and straps in working condition. Padded area for two bocals.

Price: $8,000 CDN
Pat Wilson
Tel: 778-432-4040
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11 Apr 2015 France Püchner superior

Puchner superior n° 13391 in perfect condition. Very good tunning and beautiful dark sound. With original case and kolb case. With 2 bocals püchner (BC1 and CC2) played only in professional orchestra.

Price: 27 000 €
Tel: +33 7 77 06 10 12
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