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26 Mar 2015 Germany Heckel 4910

I would like to sell Heckel basoon nr.4910. The instrument was made in 1910 year and it is just general renovated. All details are original from Heckel included pads,screws and springs. Bassoon has very nice,warm sound and stable intonation (442 MHz), it is very easy to play. Included original case or case in yamaha style and bocals to chose. More details and fotos I can sent per email. The price is negotiable.

Price: 13,000.00 euro
Marcin Wosinski
Tel: +49 17670330703
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20 Mar 2015 United States Rieger Gouger

This is an older Rieger gouger, same functionality of the new ones just a slightly different design. The gouger has a 116mm bed, which is the reason I'm selling. Other than the fact that 116mm is too short for my reeds, the gouger works perfectly. It has a few cosmetic blemishes (shown in the pictures) but they do not affect functionality. Buyer pays shipping, and I will provide the guillotine that came with it. Email for additional info/pictures.

Price: 600
Travis Larson
Tel: 5032016540
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19 Mar 2015 United States Fox Model II For Sale

Fox Model II Bassoon completely overhauled by Fox in January 2015. All new pads, corks, felts, key alignment. Meets Fox's internal sealing requirements for their new bassoons. Black lacquered body with shiny silver keywork...very beautiful looking instrument. High D key, RT whisper key lock, conventional rollers. Nice even scale with Fox CVX2 bocal provided. Includes new Protec case.

Price: $5900
Mel Toub
Tel: 518-321-5160
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18 Mar 2015 Italy YAMAHA YFG 812

Vendo Fagotto Yamaha YFG 812 in ottime condizioni, corredato da custodia più due esse Yamaha C1/C2.

Price: EURO 10,500
Tel: 0574718215
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18 Mar 2015 United States Used Puchner Bassoon - Model Classic

Used Model Classic Bassoon Curly mountain maple in “Classic Finish”, silver-plated mechanism, waterproofed pads, automatic G ring key, high-D key, high-E key, E-F# trill, whisper-key mechanism operated on wing joint and self-acting from low-E key, B and Bb keys on long joint held in by individual brackets. One Heckel Bocal cc2 XL and Fox Bassoon Balance Hanger. Silver-plated.

Price: 10.000 Dollars
Daniel De Sousa
Tel: 6018181034
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17 Mar 2015 Italy Rieger Gouging machine for basson, lengh 120 mm

Rieger Gouging machine for basson, lengh 120 mm, used but in good condition, blade replaced recently. It works perfectly. Box crafted of laminated wood for transport, including. 500 Euro, + S.S. (Shipping costs)

Price: 500 euro
Andrea Corsi
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17 Mar 2015 United States Fox Bocals

(1) *CTX* R2 #2 $480 As new played 5/6 times (1) *CVX* #3 $280 1 year old (1) *CVC* #2 $250 Older (1) CVC #3 $160 As new played 2 times Bought new CVC R-2's. These are in perfect condition, no dents, no scratches, perfect corks. Prices are shipped in the US. Add $20 for world wide shipping. Will ship 2 or more world wide w/o $20 shipping charge.

Price: $480
Mike McLaughlin
Tel: 4076258382
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14 Mar 2015 United States Heckel #6590

Heckel Bassoon #6590 -high E and D keys -solid silver water tubes -excellent condition and finish -beautiful sound -maintained by Holden McAleer

Price: $32,000
Laura McIntyre
Tel: (703) 932-5809
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09 Mar 2015 Spain Moeck Bass Dulcian 440 Hz.

En muy buen estado con estuche y funda.

Price: 850€
Fernando Arminio
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09 Mar 2015 United Kingdom Schreiber

I have an excellent free blowing Schreiber for sale. About 3 and a half years old, 2 crooks. Like new really with no work needed. Perfect for a secondary student. £3750 ono.

Price: £3750
Adam Mackenzie
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05 Mar 2015 Germany I would like to sell Mollenauer bassoon, nr 360** . The instrument has with very nice,warm and soft

I would like to sell Mollenauer bassoon, nr 360** . The instrument has with very nice,warm and soft sound. The Bassoon is 8 years old but it was only 4 years played. This is full sollist,compact model with e - high key and 8 rolls. The instrument will be general renovated. More fotos I can sent per email. Possible to try in Germany in Stuttgart

Price: 13,000.00 euro
Marcin Wosinski
Tel: +4917670330703
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26 Feb 2015 France 2 Buffet-Crampon Contrabassoons

2 Buffet-Crampon contrabassoons, in very good condition. Made in the 1980's. Played in professional orchestra. #5804 with 1 Buffet-Crampon bocal, 1 Moosmann bocal and case. #5830 with 2 Buffet-Crampon bocals, 1 Moosmann bocal and case. Can be tried in Nantes.

Price: 7000€ each
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26 Feb 2015 France Moennig Contrabassoon

Moennig contrabassoon, model 300. Made in 2008, in very good condition. Played in professional orchestra. 2 Moennig bocals and case. Can be tried in Nantes.

Price: 14000€
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26 Feb 2015 Sweden Yamaha model YFG 812 ,gentleman´s model

Selected and purchased from Frank und Meyer, Berlin in 2004. First owner, used in professional orchestra. Fully overhauled in dec 2014 at Walter Rieger, Frankfurt. Excellent condition, stable and good intonation, solid sound. Silver toneholes, balance hanger, original case, Heckel bocal (CC1) included.

Price: 16000 EUR
Linda Vistam
Tel: +46 707705911
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24 Feb 2015 Italy Heckel #13999 for sale

Heckel bassoon #13999 for sale. D/Eb trill keys for left and right hands. With original case.

Price: 39.000 Euro
Matteo Morfini
Tel: +393285379161
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18 Feb 2015 Switzerland I have several Heckel bassoon crooks to sell:CC1 / CC2 / VCD 1

I have several Heckel bassoon crooks to sell: CC1 / CC2 / VCD 1

Price: 550 CHF each
Nelly Flückiger
Tel: 0041797429184
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11 Feb 2015 Croatia Heckel 48XX bassoon for sale

Heckel 48XX bassoon, made in 1909. Useable, but need a restoration since it has a small crack in one of wooden part (shown on one of photos). All mechanical parts are original and working. 1 original Heckel bocal which is damaged but can be repaired, 1 useable bocal from unknown maker. More detailed photos available on request.

Price: Expecting your offers
Ivan Maric
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10 Feb 2015 United Kingdom Mollenhauer Contra bassoon #615

Sale due to retirement from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. In need of overhaul but still plays beautifully with good even tone and intonation. Complete with flight case and gig bag. Can be seen in Bournemouth UK.

Price: £13000
Bob Walker
Tel: +441202421783
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09 Feb 2015 United States Fox Model II

This is my late sister's bassoon. She was a professional musician/teacher until her death in 2011. Bassoon is serial #3007, and was completely overhauled, repadded and recorked at Fox in 2012. Includes C1 and C2 Fox bocals and CC1 (excellent condition) and CC2 (patched; one small dent; technician played both and preferred CC2 for tone Heckel bocals.

Price: make offer
Flo Predko
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06 Feb 2015 Portugal Full overhauled 149XXX Heckel bassoon. Large vibrant projecting sound, excellent intonation. High F

Full overhauled 149XXX Heckel bassoon. Large vibrant projecting sound, excellent intonation. High F key, rollers on C/D (bass joint). Ab/Bb trill (boot joint). Silber antiwater tubes. Please get in touch via e-mail or WhatsApp.

Price: Please, get in touch to know the price.
Eduardo Sirtori
Tel: +351-969-723964
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02 Feb 2015 United Kingdom Bassoon Crooks - Bocals

Nissen Bassoon Crooks A completely new and revolutionary method of producing the highest professional quality bassoon crooks in un-seamed tubing and using modern methods of production. Full details on On sale or return if not completely satisfied.

Price: £290
David Nissen
Tel: 07961123155
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29 Jan 2015 France Heckel 5215 Michel Denize

Hello, I sell my father's bassoon (Michel Denize), having belonged to Popov before... A fabulous Heckel of 1914, serial number 5215. It's a very good instrument according to bassoonists who have tried it, very easy to play, warm, right, beautiful intonation, with a homogeneous sound. I sell it without the original "bocal" (i don't know the english word) but with a box.

Price: 16000
denize Pauline
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28 Jan 2015 United States Puchner Model 23

Puchner 23, Serial 86XX, in excellent shape, with balance hanger and new original Puchner screw system for whisper key mechansm .Serviced by professional repairmen only. Must see and try. Asking $11600.

Price: USD
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28 Jan 2015 United Kingdom Adler Contrabassoon for sale

Second hand Adler contrabassoon in very good condition. Descending down to low A. Lovely sound! Good intonation and free blowing. Two Adler crooks/bocals, hard case, tuning slide. Welcome to come and try this contrabassoon in the UK. More used bassoons for sale at Double Reed Ltd. -

Price: £7500 ask for US dollar and Euro
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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27 Jan 2015 United States Beautiful fox 660 red maple bassoon for sale. This instrument was purchased new in 2009 and has been

Beautiful fox 660 red maple bassoon for sale. This instrument was purchased new in 2009 and has been beautifully maintained under its current and only owner. The instrument has a rich, even tone throughout all registers. There is a hole drilled for a balance hanger, a high A bridge and two fox *CVC* bocals included (size 2 and 3). Serial number #48334 RM. Asking $25,500 (negotiable). Please email for more information!

Price: 25,500 USD
Molly Murphy
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26 Jan 2015 United Kingdom Fox 201 bassoon for sale

Made in 2005. Perfect condition - almost like new. Stunning tiger stripe finish. Beautifully maintained. Gorgeous sound. Fox hard case and cover. Two Fox pro crooks. Recently serviced and in perfect working order. Welcome to come and try it. Many more second hand bassoons at Double Reed Ltd. :

Price: £12000 - ask for Euro/USD
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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25 Jan 2015 France Sonora for sale

A Sonora Bassoon for sale. Was kept in a really good shape. Perfect for young musicians. A Heckel S could be added. The case is included.

Price: €3000
Nadia Raz
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21 Jan 2015 Germany Sarcevic Bassoon for sale

Sarcovic bassoon for sale, good condition, fully overhauled 4 years ago, not played for last 2 years, well balanced sound and intonation, very reliable instrument throughout my studies, fully equipped for professional use including pianomechanic, e- key, balance holder, etc... Heckel CC2 bocal included

Price: 10000
Martina Kropf
Tel: 0049176/70327098
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21 Jan 2015 United Kingdom Adler Bassoon model 1357

Originally bought in 2003. 24 Keys 5 Rollers High D key 2 Crooks Also comes with stand The tenor has been replaced but repaired well and is now in good condition suitable for student players.

Price: £2615
Nichola Blakey
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20 Jan 2015 Canada Classical bassoon (A=430 Hz) after Heinrich Grenser, made by Peter De Koningh.

Price is negotiable … It comes with a used Wiseman case, an original bocal by PDK and a fine bocal by Vincenzo Onida. ... Located in Montreal, Canada.

Price: around 5500 €, negotiable
Michel Bettez
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20 Jan 2015 United States 7,000 Series Heckel Bassoon and 5 Heckel bocals.

High D and E keys added by Jim Laslie. Not played much for past 32 years. Cleaned, polished, keys oiled. Email for more photos and information. Local purchase and tryout only. Located in Vancouver, WA about 25 minutes from Portland, OR Int. Airport

Price: $27,500 US Dollars
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19 Jan 2015 United States Fox Red Maple Model II for sale, #53450.

2 years old, RH D-D# and Ab-Bb trill keys, balance hanger, high A bridge, special rollers. Warm chocolatey sound, rock-solid scale, fantastic across all registers. Played professionally in USA and France, includes two Fox bocals. Maintained beautifully.

Price: $25,000
Cathryn Gaylord
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16 Jan 2015 United Kingdom Two Heckel 10,000 series bassoons for sale.

A rare opportunity to try two world class Heckel bassoons in one place. Heckel 10,3** and Heckel 10,5**. Sold by Double Reed Ltd. - many more bassoons in stock. Ask for more information.

Price: £25000
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 0044 (0)1633 677729
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13 Jan 2015 United Kingdom Nice vintage Puchner Model 21 bassoon for sale.

Professional level instrument with a sweet sound. Made in ca. 1972. Nice original matte varnish in good condition for its age. Lined finger holes. Precise intonation. Trials welcome. More information at Double Reed Ltd.

Price: £7950 - ask for Euro/USD price
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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06 Jan 2015 United Kingdom Heckel 10,000 series bassoon for sale SN10,3**.

Made in 1959. High D and E keys. Very good intonation and a sweet sound. Currently an 8 year waiting list for a new Heckel - this is a superb alternative. For sale at Double Reed Ltd, a UK Heckel specialist - more Heckels in stock!

Price: £22500 British Pounds
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 0044 1633 677729
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04 Jan 2015 United States Fox Renard 240 bassoon, serial 325xx (2001).

Second owner, purchased used in 2005, and since then maintained annually by Nicholas Evans and Peter Landy in New York City. Played through university and professionally in theatre and symphony orchestra performances regularly, a very reliable instrument.

Price: $6850 OBO
Tel: 315-430-8418
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01 Jan 2015 Israel Heckel 10573, still in use by 2nd bassoon player of the IPO.

Perfect intonation, very balanced resistance, good condition.

Price: 35000 euro
Gadi Lederman
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30 Dec 2014 United States Fox 220 Bassoon, sn 10453 1983.

Purchased from the original owner. Very nice condition, great bright work and very few dings in the wood. Instrument looks to be a year or two old, well cared for.

Price: $4300
Mike McLaughlin
Tel: 4076158382
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22 Dec 2014 United Kingdom Fox 201 short bore bassoon for sale.

Perfect condition - almost like new. Stunning tiger stripe finish. Beautifully maintained. Gorgeous sound. Fox hard case and cover. Two Fox pro crooks. Recently serviced and in perfect working order. Offered for sale by Double Reed Ltd.

Price: £12000 - ask for Euro/USD
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 0044 (0)1633 677729
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21 Dec 2014 United States Walter Bassoon Serial No.

8434: Wonderful tone and impeccable intonation. Optioned with all the standard keywork Walter offers and extras including High F Key, "French" Whisper Key, Low C#/D# Key, Right Hand Eb/C# Trill Key, and Ab/Bb Trill Key. Comes with a BAM High Tech Case, 1 Walter Bocal

Price: $30000 USD
Shawn Seguin
Tel: 4058301719
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21 Dec 2014 France Vends HECKEL 6267 (1925) avec 2 bocaux CC1.

Très bon état général, toujours joué. Très beau son. Utilisé 14 ans avec l'Octuor de France, il possède une puissance étonnante pour un instrument de cette période. Venez l'essayer, vous ne serez pas déçu(e).

Price: 22000.00€
Tel: +33984147144
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20 Dec 2014 Spain Heckel bassoon 85** series.

En perfectas condiciones para uso profesional. Genuino sonido Heckel y equilibrada afinación. Se vende con funda original y tudel Heckel VCD2. Puede ser probado en Barcelona. Para más información, pedirla por correo-e. In perfect condition, ready to play professionaly. Genuin Heckel sound and a very equilibrated intonation. It comes with the original case and a VCD2 Heckel bocal. It can be tried in Barcelona. Further information on request via e-mail.

Price: 24.000€
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19 Dec 2014 United States Heckel 5909 (1923) with Heckel CD1 bocal and Bonna leather case.

Purchased from K. David Van Hoesen in 2009. Overhauled by Marcus Wieler, tuning adjustments by Ben Kamins. Great condition, beautiful tone and good projection. Price negotiable.

Price: $30,000
Jessica Goldbaum
Tel: 5612719228
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09 Dec 2014 Russian Federation Moosmann 222e Bassoon #7110 for Sale with no.1 and no.2 gold-plated bocals.

Made in Aug. 2011, chosen and bought at workshop. High-F, Ab-Bb trill, rollers on piano-key and C#-key. Excelent condition like new instrument. BAM Hightech case. Routine annual cleaning done by Bernd Moosmann in Dec. 2012.

Price: 11000€
Mikhail Krotov
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04 Dec 2014 United Kingdom Tiger striped 6000 series Heckel bassoon for sale.

Top D, Eflat and E keys. Recently serviced, sold with 2 crooks. Played professionally for many years.

Price: £20000
Gareth Twigg
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02 Dec 2014 United Kingdom Puchner 23 compact (gentlemen's model), 1997, in outstanding / virtually new condition.

Feels like it's just blown in. One amateur owner from new. 'One of the nicest Puchner's I've ever tried'. Just serviced by / full details & photos at . Available to try in Cheshire.

Price: £14000 ovno
Dr Ian Harvey
Tel: 07788 524270
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30 Nov 2014 Portugal Wonderful Walter Bassoon.

Soloist Model Made by R.Walter in 2009. Gorgeous tone, great resonance and projection with highly accurate intonation. 13 rollers. MB Case 2 Walter bocals.

Price: 19500€
Vasily Suprunov
Tel: +351919278748
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26 Nov 2014 United Kingdom Good 6 keyed English bassoon stamped Bilton with unicorn.

About 1820. Compatible crook Olivier Cottet, plays comfortably at A=430. Working springs, new pads 2000. Hairline crack boot socket, superficial hairlines wing joint shoulder. Boot end ring, F key & saddle replaced.

Price: £995 ono
Peter Sneyd
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19 Nov 2014 Netherlands B.H.BELL bassoon #113 (2012).

From Gustavo Núñez. The instrument can be tried in Amsterdam

Price: €30000
Gustavo Núñez
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11 Nov 2014 Italy Vendo fagotto professionale Heckel #4166 del 1900, senza esse originale.

Legno e meccanica completamente restaurati. Chiavi argentate, tamponi nuovi. Custodia originale. Alcuni fori andranno aggiustati per una perfetta intonazione . Altre foto disponibili su richiesta.

Price: 13000
Tel: +393937114173
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08 Nov 2014 Spain Excellent Fox Renard 222, recently revised and improved by important luthier in Spain.

Gorgeous sound, precised intonation and gently played. Fox CVX 2 and Heckel CC1. Includes wood crutch, balance, the original case and a more confortable one. To be tried in Palma de Mallorca preferably.

Price: 7200€
Pau Salvà Martorell
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08 Nov 2014 United States Pre-war design bassoon by G.

Muller. Estimated from late 1920's. Possibly earlier. Very basic keywork, no E-F# trill key or high D. It has a lovely sound reminicent of a 5000 series Heckel. Very light and open. Comes with a Matching Moening Bocal. Nice in its black Bonna Case. Tel. 210-461 7711

Price: $3,200
Aura Marina
Tel: 210- 461 7711
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04 Nov 2014 United States Polisi Artist Model--Great condition, recently cleaned oiled.

Extra keywork including high E and extra low C keys. Perfect for advanced middle or high school students, or jazz doublers. Comes with Fox CVC 3 bocal.

Price: $5,200.00
Shea Hendren
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02 Nov 2014 United Kingdom Baroque Bassoon after JC Denner made by Mathew Dart.

Eb key. New and hardly played. Sale due to change of circumstance. Supplied with backpack case. Made in 2012. Pitch a = 415Hz If bought new cost is £4100 with waiting time.

Price: £3,300
Chris Paterson
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28 Oct 2014 Portugal barock quint bassoon (tenor)complete very

good shape, A3=415 made by Guntram Wolf , copy of a kuteruf 4 keys

Price: 850 euros
Hugues Kesteman
Tel: 351924135844
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27 Oct 2014 Australia Classical/Early Romantic Bassoon.

A copy of a 9 keyed bassoon by Heinrich Grenser, it has a clear tone & is very playable. Supplied with a bocal & hard case, built in 1993 by Guntram Wolf, Germany. In good condition. Pitch a = 430Hz. For more details:

Price: $6,900AUD
Richard Craig
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27 Oct 2014 Australia For Sale: Renaissance Dulcian.

A copy of a 2 keyed Bass Linz dulcian, supplied with a bocal and soft case. This dulcian was built in 1997 by Guntram Wolf, Germany. It is in very good condition. Pitch a = 440Hz. For more details see:

Price: $3,400AUD
Richard Craig
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27 Oct 2014 Australia Heckel bassoon 8000 series, a sweet sounding instrument, high D key, supplied with 3 Heckel bocals.

Played professionally, this instrument played the premiere of Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide for the film conducted by Sargent circa 1948. Overhauled in 2006 by Guntram Wolf, Germany.

Price: Please enquire at
Richard Craig
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14 Oct 2014 United Kingdom Heckel bassoon 4638 gorgeous heckel sound, keywork updated for modern playing.

Played profesionally in the UK. Available to try in Manchester UK £8000.00 email for more photographs

Price: £8000
L Stephens
Tel: +447730652717
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11 Oct 2014 United States BASSOON - Fox model 240

#29111 - red maple body - silver keywork - full pro system with all extra keys BOCALS - Heckel CC2 silver - Fox CVC3 silver CASE - standard Fox case

Price: $7,000
Madison Paxton
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10 Oct 2014 Germany Fox bassoon Modell 601 to sell.

Excellent condition, fully overhauled 2013 at Frank und Meyer in Berlin. Manufactured 1992, high E key, right thumb rolls. Sold with a Heckel CD2 neck part and the original fox neck part.

Price: 7000 Euro
Pierre Weibel
Tel: +491725455901
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02 Oct 2014 United Kingdom Yamaha 821 Soloist bassoon for sale.

Made in 2003. Gently played. Fully overhauled 2014 including all new leather pads. Amazing resonance and projection with highly accurate intonation. Outstanding condition. International customers welcome. Trials welcome.

Price: £9950 - Ask for Euro/USD price
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 0044 (0)1633 677729
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