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05 Feb 2016 Spain Bassoon bocal Paraschos

A very good bassoon bocal, great model whith great intonation and pitch. Great stability in all octave and good high notes.

Price: 480
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04 Feb 2016 United States Guillaume Adler (Paris) bassoon ca. 1840-1850

Maple, 15 keys. Generally in very good condition, tastefully restored only as necessary. The wood is in excellent condition, the keys appear original except for one roller, and there is little wear around the finger holes. Reproduction crook by Paul White works well with the instrument. Tuning slide is tight and operates easily. Numerous interesting features not apparent in the small photos attached here. A=430-435 depending on type of reed and tuning slide position.

Price: USD $7,500
Charles Koster
Tel: 818-731-9829
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02 Feb 2016 United Kingdom FOX Model 660, Red Mountain Maple

Fox Bassoon 660 Red Mountain Maple,  Gentleman's Model. Bought 2011. Has been a fantastic instrument for my job in the Hallé Orchestra, as well as much freelance work on Principal around the country. As expected, has a very even scale and great tone over the whole instrument, and great projection. All standard keyword, r.h. crook lock, 2 Fox CTC R2 crooks, Marcus Bonna case. Has had a complete service every year. Item located in Manchester, can arrange for it to be tried in London or Glasgow.

Price: £19,000
Ben Hudson
Tel: 07951241616
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02 Feb 2016 Germany Bell Bassoons - Reed Profiler - Great Condition

New (2010) design Bell Bassoons reed profiler in almost new condition. Has worked perfectly since it was purchased new, about 4 years ago, and probably hasn't been used as much as it should have been in that time. :) Shipping is included. Price is negotiable.

Price: 1000€
Tel: +491626237227
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01 Feb 2016 Germany Yamaha YFA-X1 8304 (Heckel-Nachbau)

The description will follow in German since there are some repairs to do &I guess a potential buyer would like to see the instrument before the purchase. // Es handelt sich um einen Heckel-Nachbau von Yamaha, vermutl. ein Prototyp. Das Fagott wurde von Fagottbauer Walter Rieger in Rüsselsheim (Tel. 06142/16391) begutachtet; dort kann es angesehen & gespielt werden. Ein Berufsmusiker bewertete den Klang als gut und ausgeglichen. Reparaturen/Anbau (z.B. hohes D) müsste erfolgen. Fotos auf Anfrage.

Price: 6.500 - 7.000 EUR
Annette Pfalz
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29 Jan 2016 Belgium Reed & Tools profiler

I'm selling my Reed & Tools profiler. Hardly used. Brand new condition. IMHO the best profiler on the market. Very precise and VERY fast. Paid more than 1500 euros with the following options. The collar scribing knife and the possibility to add a contra barrel. This is a slightly longer version with additional holes to fit the contrabassoon barrel with its holders. Selling for 1000 euros. If you are interested I can possibly sell the contra barrel as well.

Price: 1000 euros
Karen Gevorkian
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29 Jan 2016 Belgium Leitzinger MD2 platinum bocal

I'm selling a Leitzinger platinum plated bocal in mint shape. MD2 type V. Wonderful, easy blowing bocal with a very even, dark sound. V - offers a very open sound, low blowing resistance and a very rich lower register. M is made of thicker metal. D is a special “Gold“ brass alloy, which favors the uppermost register while providing unaltered playing and tone quality in all other registers. The new price is approximatively 1200 euros. Get yourself a bargain!

Price: 850 euros
Karen Gevorkian
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24 Jan 2016 Italy Reeds'n Stuff Härtetester Fagott

I Sell Härtetester Fagott , almost new.

Price: 300
Alberto Santi
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21 Jan 2016 United Kingdom Puchner Model 23 Antique Finish

For sale we have a stunning Puchner Model 23 bassoon in outstanding condition. This bassoon has been hardly played. Antique finish varnish. A beautiful sound suitable for a professional player. Top specification with divided long joint and silver finger hole liners. Offered for sale by Double Reed Ltd. Contact for more information or to come and try it. More bassoons are

Price: £13,500
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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21 Jan 2016 Netherlands french basson Buffet Chrampon Paris anno 1970/serial no 4822

Buffet Chrampon bassoon no 4822 off 1970. Very nices good working bassoon,exelent french tones off 440 or 442 Comlpeet with original gold brass bocal no 2. History did his job in spanisch opera orchester in the 1968. Beautifull dark pallisander wood off Brassil. Restored and compleet overhauld.

Price: 2750 euro
sebastiaan van de Ven
Tel: 020-6139164
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15 Jan 2016 Finland Gouging,profiling and tip machines for bassoon by Michel

all 3 machines are in good conditions and working without any problems! Recently the blades was sharpened.

Price: 1450
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13 Jan 2016 Switzerland Yamaha Custom YFG 811

1995, excellent condition. recently revised, good intonation and sound. with 1 bocal heckel cc1, 1 yamaya super bocal 1, 1 yamaha 2. more photos on request. can be tried in lausanne and geneva.

Price: 9500€
Eric Progin
Tel: 0041793078926
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11 Jan 2016 United States Moosmann 200AP - Exceptional Condition

Like new Moosmann 200AP. Beautiful sound, comfortable in hands, and lovely body. High D, E, Ab-Bb trill, rollers on E and low C-D. Rt hand whisper key lock and removable bridge for the A-whisper key. Instrument is in exceptional condition. Can be tried in Michigan and Chicago areas. More pictures and specs available upon request. Recently appraised at $20,000. Asking $18,500.

Price: $18,500 OBO
Tel: 7087122565
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11 Jan 2016 United States Renard 240 in great playing condition. Recently professionally serviced and with remaining 2 year wa

Renard 240 in perfect playing condition! Recently professionally serviced and with remaining 2 year warranty from bassoon repair technician Ross Edgar in Kansas City, KS. Unique, beautiful figure on the boot joint. Minor cosmetic scratches throughout. Wood and keywork superbly maintained. Fox *CTX* double star number 2 and 3 bocals, in perfect shape and BG neck strap, hand crutch, etc. included. This 240 sounds superb and will last a lifetime! Asking only $7500, or make offer

Price: $7500 obo USD
Ross Edgar
Tel: 9137034567
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11 Jan 2016 Spain Tudel Heckel CC1 R

Tudel Heckel en perfectas condiciones, tiene buen sonido y un color muy redondo. Libre en los graves y bueno en los agudos.

Price: 540
Laura Guasteví
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11 Jan 2016 United States This heckel 10573 is for sale and available now for trial in New York .Belongs to Israel Phil. Basso

This heckel 10573 is for sale and available now for trial in New York . Belongs to Israel Phil. Bassoonist. It has a lovely sound and no intonation problems. A very comfortable instrument In all registers.

Price: 33000$
gadi lederman
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06 Jan 2016 United Kingdom Heckel Contrabassoon

1950's instrument immaculately refurbished by Walter Rieger. Fantastic rich and sonorous sound. 2 Heckel crooks, original hard case and soft case included. Played professionally with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and across the UK. Can be tried in London.

Price: £23,000
Fraser Gordon
Tel: +447793240857
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03 Jan 2016 Sweden Original Grenser bassoon for sale

Made of boxwood , this bassoon has a noble, gentle tone and stable intonation. It was built about 1790, and according to Sergio Azzolini tuned to 421 Hz.The instrument is not in original condition but was modernized around 1830. It is thus possible to play up to a high Eb. Included is a fine leather case and two P. de Koningh bocals. Now for sale for € 10 000:-The instrument can be tried and seen in Berlin at: Ludwig Frank & Frank Meyer tel. +49 304948188 Schulstrasse 4 13187 Berlin

Price: €10 000:-
Knut Sönstevold
Tel: 0046707671468
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31 Dec 2015 Colombia Heckel #5539 for sale

Re-varnished by Bernd Moosmann in 2008, all original keys have been re-plated and silver tubes added to the open tone holes, the automatic key added in Heckel fabric. I have owned and played it since 1982 at the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra as Principal Bassoonist and in chamber music and soloist activity. Beautiful tone and easy high notes, perfect intonation. Heckel bocal The instrument can be tried in Europe between 15/06- 12/08 2016.

Price: €25000
Zbigniew Zajac
Tel: +573153124099
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29 Dec 2015 Italy Püchner basson

Number *8395. The instrument has a very warm sound typical of the best Püchner period, it's in perfect condition: the complete keyboard has been renickeled plated, all pads are new and a regular general overhaul has been done.

Price: 16.800 €
Lorenzo Contaldo
Tel: +393391133262
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23 Dec 2015 United States Fox Pro Model 201 ‪#‎49XXX‬ for sale!

Purchased new in 2013 this beautiful instrument has only had 1 owner. Horn is in excellent condition and has been taken care of very well, I personally took it to the Fox factory for its yearly maintenance this past summer. It has a beautifully even scale and a dark and rich, but still projecting sound. Currently studying at Juilliard to where I auditioned with this bassoon. -Altieri Gig Bag -Left hand whisper lock -Balance Hanger -Heckel CDXL #1 -*CVX* R2 bocal #2 -*CVX* R2 bocal #3

Price: $19,500 USD
Jorge Pacheco
Tel: 9564595155
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23 Dec 2015 Sweden Puchner Bassoon

Great #7463, even tone and intonation, nice, big, dark sound. Good condition. Added Eb trill, rubber tone hole inserts. I won my first audition with this bassoon (at the Malmö Opera). Has been played in many professional orchestras, chamber music and solo performances in the Malmö and Copenhagen area. Comes with one CC1 bocal, Marcus Bonna case and balance hanger. Can be tried in Malmö/ Copenhagen area.

Price: 11000 Euro
Alexandru Chirica
Tel: +46738744448
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18 Dec 2015 Germany Sarcevic Bassoon

I am selling my Sarcevic bassoon. It is a professional intsrument that has been played in orchestra as well as in solo performances. It is in a good condition. Please contact me if you are interested to try it.

Price: 12000 €
Jakob Fliedl
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17 Dec 2015 United Kingdom Heckel bassoon

Beautiful Heckel 6000 series bassoon for sale. Some modernisation work carried out by Heckel in Germany, including Heckel high D key, Heckel high E key, Heckel silver finger hole liners. Magical sound: big projection, effortless intonation, highly resonant. You will not find a better Heckel bassoon. Newly silvered, all new pads, corks and felts. Pre-war Heckel bocal number 2 included and a great match. Sold by Double Reed Ltd.: More Heckel bassoons in stock just

Price: £19500
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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15 Dec 2015 Italy Mollenhauer contrabassoon

Vendo controfagotto Mollenhauer del 2007 n° 1064, completo di custodia rigida e morbida, 3 esse e una forma Rieger k4. Ottimo strumento

Price: € 19.000
Fabio Alasia
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11 Dec 2015 Germany Yamaha Bassoon-812C

Yamaha bassoon compact model with full and resonant sound. Very good intonation in all registers. Real alternative to Heckel. Played by several solobassoon-players in german orchestras

Price: 16000€
Tel: +491705118683
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11 Dec 2015 Australia Rieger

I'm selling my Rieger profiler. Almost brand new condition, and only processed about 50 pieces of cane. I have not adjusted the ramp heights, it's the stock setting from Rieger!

Price: AUD $1500
Cameron Burnes
Tel: 0414535960
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11 Dec 2015 Spain Original Classic Bassoon

Original Bassoon from the instrument builder Schuster dating from around 1805. The instrument is in perfect condition and has been played in concerts and recordings by Sergio Azzolini. The vibration from the instrument is wonderful, being greater than that of a copy. Natural pitch of the instrument is about 426Hz, and according to the crooks and the reeds used is easy to vary the pitch (Inever did but maybe it can serve as baroque to 415Hz)

Price: 7.000 €
Guillermo Salcedo
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09 Dec 2015 United States Unique Heckel 4995 for sale!

The bassoon has a beautifully free, vibrant, rich wooden sound throughout the entire range of the instrument. Unique French keywork designed by Heckel, played using German System fingerings. The small bass tenon has been replaced by myself, and the wing tenon has been replaced prior to arriving in my workshop. Comes with Heckel C1 and CC1 bocals and high D and Eb keys and case. This instrument would make a fantastic addition to a collection, and would also be suitable for an Adult Amateur.

Price: $10,000 USD
Keith Bowen
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25 Nov 2015 Germany Heckel Fagott

Heckel bassoon, 7000s series, in excellent condition, only recently rebuilt, new silver-plated mechanic and various rollers (see pictures), original tone holes without silver tubes, immaculate wood, original varnish, 2 Heckel bocals (with old stamp) CC1/ CC2, optionally with original oval case or Kölbl-case

Price: 24000 €
M. Kersch
Tel: 00491772858633
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25 Nov 2015 Austria Flexter - flexibility tester for bassoon cane Reeds'n Stuff

Flexibility tester for bassoon cane for a standardized choice of good cane. For the handling, here is a video: "The innovative tool eliminates some of the mystery of why some cane provides much better results. The FLEXTER is simple and easy to use. Sorting cane by flexibility provides the ability to select cane to an individuals liking and eliminates most of the drudgery of searching for those "great reeds". The machine is used but nearly without any traces of use.

Price: € 490,00
Kerstin Siepmann
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25 Nov 2015 Russian Federation wiseman Gentleman Bassoon Case

Used case

Price: 450 euro
Tel: +79261277475
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13 Nov 2015 United Kingdom Heckel 5xxx series completely refurbished

Refurbished by Walter Reiger in 2009.The instrument was re varnished, given a new set of keys plated with nickel silver, tone holes all refinished and silver tubes added to the open tone holes, modern Bb tone hole, tenor joint relined with hard rubber, top D, Eb, and E keys added. The instrument has a beautiful singing tone and a good even scale. Comes with 2 heckel crooks, original oval hard case and handmade leather outer cover. Used professionally by Principal Bsn Royal Scottish National Orch

Price: £25,500
David Hubbard
Tel: 07974563621
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10 Nov 2015 United States Puchner 5000 23 bassoon Brand new

Item is brand new. It is a puchner 5000 comes with cc1xl and cc2xl bocal. No signs of wear and is a 30k instrument from most dealers.

Price: 20000 usd
Ryan Smith
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07 Nov 2015 United Kingdom Heckel 7000 series for sale

Newly serviced, professionally played in London and a beautiful mellow tone. Very even scale and extremely easy to play. Available to try in London

Price: £25,000GBP
Lois Au
Tel: 07716312394
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06 Nov 2015 United Kingdom Puchner 23 compact (gentlemen's model), in outstanding condition

Made in 1997. One amateur owner from new. In outstanding condition. It feels like it has just been blown in and has decades of life in it. It has been appraised by one Puchner cognoscenti as 'one of the nicest Puchner's I've ever tried'. It has just had a full service. Includes the 2 original Puchner crooks: CD1 and BD2. This is the compact model with it's divided long joint, so benefits from a shorter case. Includes an Altieri insulated case cover. for details, photos, etc

Price: £13000 ovno
Ian Harvey
Tel: 07788 524270
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05 Nov 2015 United Kingdom Heckel 79## from 1936I have owned and played this instrument for 10 years in many of the orchestras

Heckel 79## from 1936 I have owned and played this instrument for 10 years in many of the orchestras in the UK and also in my job in RSNO. It is in excellent playing condition and has had a recent overhaul. High D and E have been added at a later date as well as a sympathetic refinish of the wood. It comes with 2 crooks and a high quality hard case and cover. Can be tried in Glasgow/Manchester and London subject to arrangement. Contact me for more info/pictures

Price: £23,500 (GBP)
Simon Davies
Tel: 00447734915213
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04 Nov 2015 United Kingdom Triebert bassoon (French-system)

Lovely old French bassoon for sale, made in the early 1900's. It is by the maker Triebert which was a well-known Paris instrument maker of the day. This would make an ideal instrument for someone wishing to explore this alternative style of bassoon system. I have recently had it serviced by Ian White woodwind repairers in Oxford. It's in excellent condition & plays very well. Includes 1 original crook (bocal) & comes in its original wooden box. Can be tried in Cheltenham or London.

Price: £1695
Oliver Galletta
Tel: +44 (0) 7870 658020
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04 Nov 2015 United States Yamaha 821 bassoon

Beautiful Yamaha 821 bassoon with Yamaha bocal for sale. High D and E keys. Typical rollers on a Yamaha bassoon. SN 2004, really nice sound, feels and plays a lot like older Heckels. Right hand whisper key lock, original left hand one would have to be replaced. Original RECTANGLE Yamaha case. Price is negotiable, need to sell soon for a friend. US trials available, Europe, Canada, and Israel must provide details.

Price: 13,500 USD
Daniel Ponder
Tel: 9192609666
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30 Oct 2015 United States Ernst Riedl Bassoon, #9842, One Owner, Fox CVX, ProTec Case, All Good Condition, Kentucky, USA

Purchased new by me in 1974, this is an excellent student bassoon. It has small scratches and plating wear in numerous places, but the overall condition is very good, and it was serviced in 2014 by Paul Nordby. Included is a well matched Fox CVX #3 bocal. Intonation and sound is solid, dark and consistent, and the upper register is exceptionally responsive and free-blowing, making it an excellent bassoon for a 1st chair player. ProTec case is a few years old and in very good condition.

Price: 2950 USD
Alex Meade
Tel: 859-351-8443
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28 Oct 2015 United Kingdom Mollenhauer bassoon

Fully serviced Mollenhauer bassoon dating from the early 1930s. Looks a little worn but produces a wonderful mellow tone and is a joy to play. Modern Heckel bocal plus two original bocals also included as is an extra gig case. Photos can be provided upon request.

Price: £7,000 o.n.o
Su Pointer
Tel: +44(0)1263 768043
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22 Oct 2015 Italy Pre gouger machine

Reeds'n Stuff Pre Gouger machine for bassoon. used very little, as new. price to be agreed.

Price: 0
Alberto Santi
Tel: 3661735160
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20 Oct 2015 United Kingdom Fox (Renard) 240

Fox Renard 240 bassoon, used, immaculate condition, regular professional maintenance. 3 Fox crooks, seat strap, new Fox swabs. Fox hard case and padded Altieri cover with back-pack and shoulder sling straps. Includes Fox floor stand. Photos on request. Located in London.

Price: £ 6500
Rick Yoder
Tel: +44(0)7501596586
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15 Oct 2015 Switzerland Heckel Crest 2008

A very nice instrument in excellent condition, originally chosen from 4 Crest bassoons at the Heckel factory. It has been played in professional orchestras and in competitions, having won several 1st prizes. The instrument was recently overhauled and has not been played after servicing (as I bought a new Heckel instrument). Additional accessories included are its case and an S bocal of choice. The instrument can be tried in Lugano.

Price: 22.500 CHF
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12 Oct 2015 Switzerland 2005 Yamaha Custom bassoon YFG-811C Gentleman-Model

For sale, Yamaha bassoon 10 years old. Fully renewed and silver-plated in June 2015. Including Compact yamaha bassoon case (see photo), and bocals: Yamaha C1 and Püchner BC2. Stable intonation, nice sound, easy high register. Professional instrument. Selling because of change to a Moosmann bassoon. The instrument can be tried both in Zürich (CH) or Bergamo (IT).

Price: 15000€
Marco Taraddei
Tel: +41 76 722 94 73
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09 Oct 2015 Spain Paraschos bocal

After all, bassoon became totally wooden, as the nature of the instrument demands. Paraschos Co. created the unique bocal that greatly improves all aspects of bassoon sound. Players, can now achieve a velvet, warmer and broader sound in all registers. This extremely easy blowing bocal provides a very fast stacatto and an incomparable tuning stability. Handmade, constructed from high quality wood of Palisande

Price: 430 euros
Laura Guasteví
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04 Oct 2015 France RAMPONE reed contrabass (contrebasse à anche, contrabbasso ad ancia, sarrusophone)

Reed Contrabass RAMPONE. Instrument of the family of the sarrusophone (but with a different fingering). With bocal, reeds, and copy of a "method". Lowest note: the lowest D of the piano. Year between 1900 and 1910. It has some small dings and dents but it has been repadded recently. It plays very well. The instrument can be tried in Paris Ugo Boscain

Price: 2600 euro
ugo boscain
Tel: +33652988357
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03 Oct 2015 Switzerland 6 year old Yamaha Gentleman Bassoon in excellent condition (generally overhauled in summer 2014) wit

6 year old Yamaha Gentleman Bassoon in excellent condition (generally overhauled in summer 2014) with a big, round, warm sound and very stable intonation in all registers. The Instrument has been played professionally in different swiss orchestras and comes with the original gentleman case and 3 Bocals (Yamaha CN 1 and CN 2 Bocal and 1 Heckel CCVR 1 Bocal). The instrument can be tried in Zürich (Switzerland) and Leipzig (Germany). The price is negotiable.

Price: 17`000 €
Philipp Hösli
Tel: +41 76 474 17 88
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29 Sept 2015 United Kingdom Schrieber vintage professional bassoon

Sadly no longer played, we are selling this beautiful instrument which has recently been overhauled and is fitted with new Italian premium leather pads. It has a superb rich tone with precise intonation. It is made from superb figured flamed maple wood and the varnish shows little wear even around the finger holes. Has particular high spec key work including 9 rollers for right thumb, high D key, left hand thumb whisper key lock, EF, E flat, C sharp, extra B flat trills, amongst others.

Price: £8000 or v.n.o.
Jane Cook
Tel: 07967087529
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19 Sept 2015 United Kingdom Heckel 4xxx

I have for sale a Heckel 4638, beautiful resonant tone typical of early Heckels. Wonderful deep red orange tiger stripe stain. Updated key work. Bought from Germany and played professionally in the UK. Needs a minor service but plays well. Asking price £6000 but willing to negotiate as looking for a swift sale.

Price: £6000 ono
L Stephens
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11 Sept 2015 Denmark Baroque bassoon after Denner by Mathew Dart

For sale, wonderful baroque bassoon after Denner by Mathew Dart. Stained maple, 5 keys including extra Eb key, pitch A=415Hz, includes a brand new Thomann case. Built in 2013, good as new, almost completely unplayed. For such instrument, waiting time can be up to four years. Can be tried in Copenhagen.

Price: 40.000 dkk
Etienne Boudreault
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10 Sept 2015 United Kingdom Schreiber 5071 bassoon

For sale, a Schreiber professional bassoon in outstanding condition. This bassoon has a lovely free blowing sound with excellent intonation. It has been completely overhauled including all new pads, corks and felts. Suitable for playing to a high standard. International delivery possible, just ask:

Price: £4450
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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10 Sept 2015 France Moosmann Profi 222 for sale

Made in 2001, this fagott has a beautiful dark sound and is fully equiped. Only played by a professional. Sold with 2 Heckel bocals (a CDVX and an excellent CC2 !) and a 3 years-old Marcus Bona case. All is in excellent condition. May be seen in Paris

Price: 10800 euros
Adeline Dazy
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04 Sept 2015 France moosmann modele solist

fagott professionnel entiérement révisé avec 4 bocaux 2 heckel 1 leizinger 1 moosman et petit matériel pour gratter les anches boites d'anches vendu cause retraite

Price: 9.000 euros
Tel: 33620358652
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04 Sept 2015 Germany Heckel 79XX and 448X (foto) for sell ore exchage

Heckel 79XX and 448X (5000€) in good condition. Wood in perfect condition. There are no checks or putrefaction traces. Nice focused sound. Exchange to a modern instrument or bocal (difference in price paid if needed) is possible. All negotiable.

Price: 25000€
Tel: +491785347111
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31 Aug 2015 Belgium Moosmann 200 Professional

I am selling my faithful companion of 13 years (bought in 2002). Beautiful dark sound, well balanced, easy mechanics (all keys), in perfect condition (just overhauled). Suitable for any use - beginner, advanced student, professional. Never had any problem. Come and try in Brussels.

Price: 7,500 EUR
Pierre Dubuisson
Tel: +32472697389
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24 Aug 2015 United Kingdom Oscar Adler contrabassoon compact model

For sale, a compact model Oscar Adler contrabassoon descending to low A. It has a lovely, resonant and free sound. Fully serviced including almost all new pads and full setup. The top joint can be removed so the whole instrument fits into a compact gig bag with back straps. The gig bag is highly padded, lightweight and small. It comes with two bocals, a spike and a new professional gig bag. Keywork includes four rollers, extra keys, tuning slide etc. Available at:

Price: £6500
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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20 Aug 2015 United States Moosmann M150E (Used, 3 years old)

European "Riegal" Mountain Maple Wood Special French Polish Lacquer Finish New "E" Technology Acoustic Design German Silver / Silver Plated Keys High D & E Keys Bridge between A and Whisper Key Rollers on Low C, Low D, C#, D#, Ab, F, F# Hard Rubber Tubes Protruding into Bore RH Whisper Key Lock Balance Hanger Hand Rest 2 Excellent Series Bocals BAM High Tech Case. Extremely flexible, with a sweet yet powerful sound.

Price: $15,500
William Beecher
Tel: 5167768573
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16 Aug 2015 United Kingdom Schreiber Bassoon for sale

Schreiber Bassoon, around 10 years old. Valued this weekend by Howarths London at £4000. A beautiful instrument to play, very high quality for a Schreiber. Perfect as an advanced student instrument. Includes reed case, cleaners and 2 crooks.

Price: £4000 ono
Tel: 07969210782
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13 Aug 2015 Israel heckel 10xxx

heckel 10xxx in a good condition. perfect intonation beautiful sound and free blowing. can be tried in europe 20/8-9/9/15 or in the USA 4-18/11/15

Price: 33500€
gad lederman
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