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19 Mar 2017 United States Fox 601

Fox 601, serial 31107, in great condition. Recently serviced by Charles Huebner. Has French whisper key, right hand whisper key lock, and Ab/Bb trill key. Comes with a Heckel VCD 2, Fox CVC 2, and a Fox professional oval case with Alteri case cover. For more information and pictures please email.

Price: $20,000
Jensen Bocco
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12 Mar 2017 Germany Yamaha YFG-812

I'm selling my Yamaha 812 bassoon, it's in great conditions and was recently overhauled - great sound and good intonation. It comes with 2 super bocal Yamaha CC1 and CC0. This instrument comes with original Yamaha case. Professionally played. You have the possibility to try the instrument in Germany and Italy. Price: negotiable

Price: 17000 €
Marco Scidà
Tel: +49 15163526103
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11 Mar 2017 Poland Heckel bassoon series 4000!

Heckel bassoon series 4000, serial number 4966 totally renovated is in excellent technical condition and visual. Bassoon have an excellent intonation and a beautiful sound. 4 rollers, 5 metallic water tubes Wing: high D key, E / F sharp trill Boot: c-sharp trill, Bb trill Bassoon before the war played in the Berlin Philharmonic. Later prof. Dzięgielewski played concertos on it, next his graduates and other outstanding bassoons players.

Price: 14900 euros
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06 Mar 2017 United Kingdom Boosey & Hawkes 400

Suitable for beginner to Grade 6.

Price: £750
Stephen Nash
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02 Mar 2017 United Kingdom Reed Machines (Chris van Os)

Profiling machine made by Chris van Os (Reed Machines, NL), with built-in dial-indicator micrometer and all other accessories. Like-new condition. Asking 750 GBP/ 875 EU / 920 USD.

Price: 750 GBP
Rick Yoder
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23 Feb 2017 Czech Republic Heckel bassoons

Nr. 3860 in orig. condition +new polsters,corks, incl. bocals, Nr.8504, renovation by W.Rieger,e2, f2, incl. bocals, super condition!

Price: ask for price
Jindrich Koman
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21 Feb 2017 United Kingdom excelsious sonorus class - hawkes & son makers - piccadilly circus - london - 107

I don't have any history of the instrument. A friend gave it to me in the '70s. It needs to be overhauled, but is in playing condition, and very clean cosmetically for its age. The instrument is low pitch, 132cm tall. Open to offers

Price: Make an offer in £
Alberto Nieddu
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20 Feb 2017 United Kingdom Takeda bassoon model no.5 - for the professional

This bassoon is designed for advanced students and/or professionals. The high E and F keys make the high tones even easier. With a lovely, sweet sound, this bassoon is offered at a very reasonable price which can also be negotiated. Please contact me for any further information.

Price: £5.400
Vangelis Patsalides
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20 Feb 2017 Germany Heckel Crest

Built 2004/overhauled 2013. Typically "big" Heckel sound. Details about the keys: The auxiliary key for B flat (right hand) was removed to ensure a better reachability of the G key (see pictures). It can easily be re-mounted by a repairman. Includes handrest/balance hanger/Marcus Bonna Case/original hardshell case/optional Heckel CC1 Bocal. Can be tried in Darmstadt and Ludwigshafen (Germany)

Price: 21.000€
Victor Riley
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15 Feb 2017 Germany Heckel 43xx

I am selling my Heckel bassoon including a Mollenhauer case and a Yamaha bocal. It was purchased during my student days and played for several years. The mechanics are partly no longer silver-coated but were refitted regularly and also meet the demands of a professional player. A small split at the wing joint has been repaired by Heckel Biebrich. I am selling the instrument because I have switched to a newer modell and cannot keep both for financial reasons. Audios and more Pictures available

Price: 10.000 euro
Adrian von Oppeln-Bronikowski
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14 Feb 2017 France Basson Moosmann model 100

Vends basson (systeme allemand) d'étude Moosmann modele 100 avec en option clé du mi. Toujours entretenu, révision faite toutes les années. Vendu avec sa housse.

Price: 4200
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13 Feb 2017 United Kingdom Heckel 7000 series bassoon

For sale, a Heckel 7000 series 'World System' bassoon in excellent playing order. This is a standard Heckel 7000 series bassoon made of maple, but with some French keywork for the left hand (mainly the low notes for the left hand thumb). It is a superb instrument, with a stunningly sweet sound and excellent projection. Includes high D and high E key, plus many other useful keys. Heckel C1 bocal.

Price: £18,000
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633677729
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13 Feb 2017 Austria Heckel #10431

I am selling a Heckel Series Number 10431. It has a beautiful warm sound and can be tried in Vienna. The instrument is in a very good condition, comes with two bocals and a Wiseman case. For more information (fotos and/or videos) please contact me per e-mail.

Price: €32000
Marcelo Padilla
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08 Feb 2017 Italy Moosmann 150

Excellent bassoon for sale, including 2 bocals, one of which is a fantastic Heckel CC2xl this Bocal was bought 12 months ago, included a Protec case or if you prefer the original case. the instrument was born in 2010. Is also included a new cleaning kit.

Price: €9000
Kevin Nunez
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08 Feb 2017 Finland Heckel 75xx

I'm selling my Heckel bassoon which was recently overhauled - great sound, with much volume and projection, good intonation - I've played (and still playing) on it as 1st and 2nd bassoon player in Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra (Tampere Hall being the biggest hall in Finland). Silver covered keys, new varnish, high e key and wonderful new CCR 1 bocal. The bassoon is great, selling just because I'll get a new one soon.

Price: 23000 €
Alexandru Cozma
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07 Feb 2017 Netherlands Schreiber Prestige 5091, nr. 32244 professional topmodel

This instrument is a full professional model, top of the Schreiber range. It has a round and dark sound and excellent intonation, 9 rollers, thumb Ab/Bb trill, A bridge and high E key. It is in excellent condition, serviced at Max Vera, A'dam Bassoon Center in 2015 and by Christoph Siewers, Cologna Germany in 2016. This instrument comes with a travel case and #1 and #2 Schreiber bocals. It is available for trial in Cologne, Germany. Contact: 0031628644630 or .

Price: € 9.000,- (negotiable)
Monique Oosterbos
Tel: 0031 628644630
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03 Feb 2017 United States Yamaha 812C (compact model)

This instrument was purchased new from Marcus Wieler in 2015. Has been fully serviced at same facility. This instrument comes with compact bass joint and travel case, balance hanger, hand rest, thumb lock whisper key, high E key, body lock, thumb A flat and F sharp rollers, A bridge, #1 and 2 CN super bocals, and a Heckel CC 2 bocal. Pad seat under the B flat key has been milled for greater stability (than standard horn) of A1/2. Available for trail in the D.M.V., Baltimore, College Park area.

Price: Email for price
Samuel Fraser
Tel: 2028485862
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02 Feb 2017 Italy Püchner Superior Professional

The instrument was bought in 2012, used for only 18 months. It's the top of the Püchner range, i bought in Frankfurt with assistance of M° Francesco Bossone, first bassoon in Orchestra of Academy S.Cecilia in Rome. I sell with the original MB case and 2 Püchner bocals. The instrument is in Rome.

Price: € 23.000
Tel: +393398921467
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25 Jan 2017 United Kingdom Soulsby No. 68

A rare opportunity to purchase a beautiful hand made English Bassoon by Jeremy Soulsby, (less than 100 made), this lovely instrument was used during my tenure as Principal Bassoonist of the Hallé in Manchester UK. Offset high E key, also an unusual connection for top A flat to B flat trill. Extra detachable lower "C" plate. This sale includes an "Actus Double Reed Gallery" slimline case with two crooks. Contact: +44 (0) 7939 049091

Price: £10,500.00p (GBP)
Graham Salvage
Tel: +44 (0)7939 049091
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23 Jan 2017 United Kingdom Soulsby bassoon

For sale, a Soulsby professional bassoon, made in the UK by renowned bassoon maker Jeremy Soulsby of Hereford. Soulsby bassoons are suitable for playing at the highest level. This particular bassoon has a stunning velvety, resonant sound and it really sings. Intonation and tuning are excellent in all registers and it is a pleasure to play. High D key, Heckel bocal, overhauled recently, most pads renewed and much more. Questions welcome.

Price: £12000
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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11 Jan 2017 Spain Fagot Schreiber Prestige S91

Vendo Fagot Schreiber profesional modelo S91 de la Serie Prestige, en muy buenas condiciones. Excelente afinación y buena proyección del sonido. Muy completo de llaves y rodillos, es apto para estudiantes de nivel medio y superior. Ha llevado siempre un buen mantenimiento (cambio de zapatillas, engrasado, ajuste de llaves, etc...) Precio 10.000 € (negociables). Tiene estuche propio y se puede incluir también una funda Marcus Bonna y un tudel Heckel CC2.

Price: 10.000 €
José Manuel Rausell
Tel: +34666063545
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10 Jan 2017 Finland Yamaha 812C

Excellent Yamaha bassoon compact model for sale, with a Heckel bocal CC1XL and Marcus Bonna case. Professionally played, instrument has round and dark sound and excellent intonation, available for trial in Finland or Spain.

Price: 15800€
Pedro Perez
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02 Jan 2017 United States Heckel Bassoon #6714 with Heckel bocal 2CC

We are selling a prewar Heckel bassoon. It is in excellent, fully playable condition, with a beautiful tone. The bassoon serial number is 6714. The sale also includes a Heckel prewar bocal, model #2CC, which was carefully selected for this particular bassoon. The sale also includes a Marcus Bonna case, with backpack straps and two bocal pouches. Available for trial within 3 hours driving time of Cleveland, OH

Price: $37000
Matthew Englehart
Tel: 4402350308
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30 Dec 2016 United States Heckel Contrabassoon

Heckel Contrabassoon from 1918 with both a Low A and Low C "Opera" Bell. This stunning instrument is the most in-tune and responsive contra I've ever played and was previously used in the MGM Studio Orchestra and the Hong Kong Philharmonic. It sits on a custom-made stand so there is no weight on the hands while playing - also great for doubling. Includes a pre-war bocal and flight case. Available for trial in the Washington, DC area. Sound clips available on request.

Price: 24,000
Joseph Grimmer
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30 Dec 2016 United States Yamaha 812

I am selling my Yamaha with a Leitzinger bocal #1MD.  It is a compact, full professional model and comes with a Marcus Bonna case! The backpack straps for the case have recently been replaced and are like new. I just had it serviced and adjusted this week (12/28/16), and it has been kept in excellent condition.

Price: email
Ida Cawley
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28 Dec 2016 Belgium Leitzinger Platinum S2 bocal

I'm selling a Leitzinger Platinum S2 bocal in perfect shape. This is a top quality bocal in every aspect. Perfect intonation, even scale and beautiful strong sound as one can expect from Leitzinger Platinum series. The news ones cost now 1000 euro if ordered directly from Leitzinger. Great bargain. Available for trial in Brussels. Don't hesitate to write me for more information.

Price: 700
Karen Gevorkian
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23 Dec 2016 Germany Püchner Premiere 9424

Zustand: überholt kaum Macken Original-S-Bogen BD1 Balance Aufhänger Rolle am Daumen Fis a-Oktavverbindung tiefe C-Platte Alter Heckel S-Bogen zur Wahl Recondishioned, very good quality! Beautiful Sound! Please write me for more and photos information!

Price: 10500
Jonas Imkampe
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09 Dec 2016 Canada Moosmann 222A

Mon excellent basson Moosmann 222-A, mon fidèle compagnon depuis 19 ans, est à vendre. - Raison pour la vente : j'en attends un nouveau ... Prix raisonnable. Envoyez-moi un message privé. ---- My excellent bassoon Moosmann 222-A, my trustful companion of the last 19 years, is for sale. - Reason for the sale : I'm expecting a new one. ... Reasonable price. Send me a private message.

Price: 18,000 USD
Michel Bettez
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06 Dec 2016 Spain Fox 244D

Fantastico Fox 240D ,balance,Mi sobeagudo,trino re mi bemol etc, Fantastic Fox 240D , fully equipped

Price: 9500 euros
Tel: 637569561
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04 Dec 2016 Italy CONTRABASSOON - Controfagotto CABART (lorè)

Vendo controfagotto CABART sistema tedesco a campana alta. Suono scuro e intonato. Vendo con custodia rigida (flight case) e custodia morbida su misura (artigianale) Attualmente suonato al Teatro Verdi di Salerno

Price: 5000 euro
Tel: 3498759362
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30 Nov 2016 France MOOSMANN Bassoon No.100 Student model

très peu servi. Vendu avec son sac de transport. Prix à débattre

Price: 5800 €
Tel: 0683297833
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25 Nov 2016 Sweden Heckel Bassoon bocal VB 1

Made about 1980, condition as new , very little played

Price: Eur 440
Knut Sönstevold
Tel: 0707671468
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22 Nov 2016 United States Heckel bassoon 8XXX

This instrument has unusual French style key-work for the left thumb keys. 
Most notably, a single key is used for low B and Bb. Depressing this key
alone produces Bb, while depressing both this key and the low C key
produces B. Also, alternate thumb keys are provided for left little finger
 Eb and Db. Other keys are fairly standard. This bassoon plays beautifully in all registers. Once one becomes acclimated to it, it is a joy to play. Belonged to my father.

Price: $35,000
Jennifer Dewar
Tel: 917-446-6057
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17 Nov 2016 Czech Republic Heckel 124XX gentleman

Extras: e2, f2!, silver tubes, balancer, lock for piano, a- bridge, trill: e-fis, d-dis, Cis-Dis, rollers, 2 orig. bocals, etui,

Price: Ask for price
Jindrich Koman
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16 Nov 2016 Netherlands Moosmann 222

Fully equipped professional Moosmann bassoon model 222 from 2004, including two Heckel bocals. I am the original owner and used the bassoon with great pleasure. Unfortunately I had to end my professional career due to an injury, so I am selling my bassoon. The bassoon is in perfect shape and recently overhauled by Maximiano Vera in Amsterdam, where it is also available for trial. Please contact me for further details.

Price: EUR 16.000
Joske van Gils
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13 Nov 2016 Italy Heckel basson 101xx

Beautiful Heckel 101XX played professionally in the "Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia" of Rome on sale. The instrument has been totally overhauled by Jiping Tan in 2009 and keeped with annual maintenance after. Beautiful sound and very good intonation. The price include two Heckel bocals. The bassoon can be tried in Rome or Milan. Eur 32.000

Price: 32000 euro
Alessandro Ghibaudo
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03 Nov 2016 Netherlands Fox bassoon S 13573

"Wholly expressive" (legendary critic Andrew Porter, writing in "The New Yorker") instrument, played for 18 years by solo-bassoonist Monnaie Symphony Orchestra, Brussels. Perfect condition, great intonation, very even, overhauled and re-plated by Jiping Tan of Tutti Fagotti, Hamburg in October '16. Second bell, leg-rest, second case included. Value estimate furnished by Charles Hübner, Florida. Contact via email to try out in Brussels or Amsterdam.

Price: 14,000 euros
Cian O'Mahony
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01 Nov 2016 Belgium Puchner 23 model

Professional Puchner 23 model for sale in perfect condition. Just had a full overhaul. Extensive keywork including a high E, thumb Ab/Bb trill and many extra rollers. It has a dark and singing sound, great intonation and even scale. A fantastic instrument to play. Comes with two Puchner bocals on choice. Available for trial in Amsterdam. For more information contact me via email.

Price: 12500 euros
Karen Gevorkian
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17 Oct 2016 United States Shreiber & sohne / and C Muller Basoons

made in west germany needs repair i will send images of repair needed if you provide an email address. the second picture is for a C Muller bassoon. I will consider reasonable offers for 1 or both Thank You.

Price: $3000.00
Frank Rubio
Tel: 19092627767
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16 Oct 2016 United States Moosmann 200AP 2007

I am the original owner since 2007. Tuning and Voicing by Mike Hammer and Shane Weiler. Open, free blowing, even scale, resonant sound and great tone. Has all the bells and whistles you really need as a professional or college student. Comes with the original moosmann AW2 bocal which matches well, or the choice of a straight bend Puchner BC1 that I picked and used on the instrument myself. Please message for more details

Price: $14,500 OBO
Daniel Beilman
Tel: 5027582182
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12 Oct 2016 Denmark Fox 601

Fox 601 bassoon in perfect condition. From 2008. Complete service by Keith Bowen from, Washington, spring 2016. High e and f key and Eb trill key, A bridge, low c key, balance hanger etc. Comes with Heckel bocal and Marcus Bonna case.

Price: 15.500 €
Lars Mathiesen
Tel: +4528158131
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07 Oct 2016 United Kingdom Schreiber Professional S71 bassoon

Schreiber Professional bassoon for sale in outstanding condition. For decades the Schreiber S71 Professional model bassoon has been Schreiber's top level bassoon. They are much loved for their singing tone, great intonation and high specification key work options. This particular bassoon has high D key and right hand thumb rollers. Fully overhauled including full repad. A fantastic instrument to play. Ask for more details.

Price: £4950
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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07 Oct 2016 United Kingdom Mollenhauer bassoon

Lovely sounding Mollenhauer bassoon for sale in superb condition. This is the Mollenhauer professional model with high D key, high E key and right hand thumb rollers. A fantastic professional level bassoon for an aspiring bassoonist. Outstanding condition - fully overhauled including full repad and much more. Great sound with excellent intonation. Ask for more information on this fine instrument.

Price: £5500
Double Reed Ltd.
Tel: 00441633 677729
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04 Oct 2016 Germany Heckel Crest Bassoon

Selling my excellent 2011 Heckel Crest Bassoon. Very good intonation, huge "Heckel sound" recently overhauled by Stephan Bösken in 2015. Has an added A bridge, low C plate, balance hanger, Spiri 3D handrest, MB case and original Heckel CC1 bocal. For more information contact me via email

Price: 23,500€
Thomas St John
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03 Oct 2016 France Amati-Rodewald contrebasson

Pour cause double emploi, je vend mon contrebasson acheté neuf en octobre 2014 chez Gerwin Rodewald en Allemagne. Instrument trés facile à jouer, trés souple. modele haute forme qui apporte plus de largeur dans le grave. se démonte en trois parties ce qui facilite son transport, trés bonne intonation, trés souple avec un son centré grace au bocal heckel C0 en Nickel choisi pour cet instrument, housse de transport solide, legere et compacte. n'hesitez pas pour des questions ou plus de photos.

Price: 11500€
Romain Rougé
Tel: +33687043823
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03 Oct 2016 United Kingdom Schreiber & Sons

Schreiber bassoon, would suit beginner. Padded backpack case included.

Price: £1500
Julie Lillie
Tel: 07771348664
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25 Sept 2016 France Mönnig Topas

A vendre basson Mönnig, modèle Topas. Modèle professionnel récent, avec 26 clés, 8 rouleaux, 1 bocal et boîte MB. Instrument en excellent état, acheté neuf il y a quatre ans et entièrement révisé cette année. Prix : 10000 euros

Price: 10 000 euros
Nicolas Renoult
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